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I have a couple of mesh hampers. I have buckets for the wet diaper/cloth pad laundry. I bring one upstairs each day and all dirty laundry goes in it. I gather up stuff as I go down stairs (I toss the downstairs laundry behind the door to the basement) and seperate it into piles down there.

I hang everything up to dry. When things dry, I put all the diaper/cloth pad stuff, bathroom and bedroom linens (towels, facecloths, sheets, ect..), kitchen linens in a small laundry basket then I have regular laundry baskets which I put each person's clothes in. If I'm on top of laundry, one basket will be fine for two people (DD and I have less clothes than DH and DS so I have the kids clothes in one basket and the grown up clothes in the other). Dry laundry gets brought up as the baskets are full (or if we need something, which ever comes first ).

If I'm line drying, it gets put away right away after they're dry. I hang everything up and out by person so it's easier to put away.
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It's just DH and I (and the 2 dogs).
I have 7 laundry baskets - 4 for dirty clothes, 3 for clean clothes.

There is a dirty basket in our bedroom, a dirty basket in the basement outside the second bathroom, and two dirty baskets in the laundry room (for sorting purposes - one is for whites, one is for everything else).

The 3 clean baskets are much smaller and are used to shuttle the folded items back where they belong or for me to toss the whites into until I get them folded (which I do about once every couple of weeks - I hate folding socks!)

I usually end up doing a load of laundry about every other day so I just gather the two catch all dirty baskets and sort into the sorting baskets in the laundry room and then take the empty dirty baskets back to their locations (and all my baskets are color coded also so I know which baskets belong in which locations). Since everything is already sorted, it makes throwing in a load of laundry so much easier as I always know if there's enough for a load.

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I like my system, I have a hamper whereever I am picking up dirty clothes. So one in each of the kids rooms, one in our room, one in the bathroom closet (since its at the other end of the hall), one on the first floor in the pantry closet (for dish rags, and kids clothes) and one in the basement playroom (I plan to at least).

I prefer the pop up hampers because when they aren't in use they take up no space (I generally don't completely fold them down, just fold them flat and stick them between something). When I want to do a load, I grab an empty pop up hamper and go around to each of the stationary hampers and pick out whatever I'm doing (whites, colors, darks are my categories). I prefer it becuase I don't have a huge pile of dirty laundry anywhere and dirty clothes tend to make it to a hamper rather than staying on the floor.

I think I have about 8-10 popup hampers total. But I'm using the pop up hampers in the stationary places.

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I have three laundry baskets, and one hamper. The laundry baskets usually only have clean, folded, to put away clothes. And the hamper has become the home to our socks. As for dirty clothes, they go right into the washer, until its full then it gets run. (Except for dh's clothes - he's a mechanic, and he gets greasy dirty every day.)

The laziest way ever to do laundry.
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Me, DH and 1 year old DD. One hamper, in the bedroom (although I'm always picking up clothes in the bathroom to put in the hamper, but a hamper won't fit in the bathroom). One laundry basket. That helps me from leaving things in it. Every Tuesday and Friday I do laundry. I separate the stuff in the hamper into hot wash/cold wash piles (basically whites and towels/everything else), which is two or three loads.

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There are 4 of us, me, dh and our two boys. We have all the family's clothes in our room, there's more room there so that's how it ended up that way. I have 2 baskets in there, one for colors and one for lights. Downstairs by the washer I have another basket for dh's work clothes that get washed separately and one for the towels.

I have a laundry system that works for me. I wash all clothes on Sunday and on Wednesday. As soon as its dry, I take the load upstairs and fold it on my bed. Everyone has their own piles and I just add to them until everything's clean. I do it there for two reasons 1) the room and the fact that its right where it will be put away so no extra moving 2) it forces me to put the laundry away before I go to bed. I can't do the laundry every day thing, I need time off from it. I wash towels on Friday or Saturday after I've cleaned.
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Do you wash your kids' clothes separately from yours and DH's? If so, ignore my advice.

We have one tall hamper in the bathroom linen closet for towels & washcloths. The rest of the laundry goes in mine & DH's walk-in closet. I have 3 laundry baskets, 1 large rectangular one and 2 small round ones, side-by-side in the floor of the closet, up against a wall. Darks go in the big one (because we have more darks than anything else), reds go in a small one, and whites go in a small one. If the kids take their clothes off in another part of the house, they just know they need to bring their clothes to my closet and put them in the appropriate basket. Even my 2-year-old generally puts her stuff in the right basket. I love this system, because when I'm ready to wash a load, I just grab the basket I need and take it right to the washer without any sorting.
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Family of six here.

You will laugh. I have eight large plastic laundry baskets that I bought years ago when the kids were babies. Turns out I'm not great at getting stuff folded and put away, so it's good to have so many - clean laundry lives in laundry baskets until it can get dealt with. I also use the laundry baskets for decluttering and temporary storage. When we used cloth diapers, I mostly kept them in laundry baskets. It took me years before I realized cloth diapers, wipes, washcloths, underwear, etc. didn't have to be folded. LOL.

We also have three smallish wicker laundry basket which function as hampers. There is one in each of the two bedrooms and one in the hallway (where dirty clothes often get dropped!) My DS1's daily job is to empty them down in the laundry room and bring them back up for refilling.

In the laundry room, I have five 18-gallon Rubbermaid tubs: whites, darks, delicates (mixed colors, and then I sort into light/dark when I wash them), linens, and a tub for "yuckies" which means kitchen cloths, family cloth, anything wet or super-grungy, etc. The yuckies are always the priority so they don't get moldy.

So DS1 sorts the dirty laundry into these bins, then he starts a wash, empties the dryer, starts the dryer with the new load, and brings the clean laundry up to the bedroom DS2 sorts the clean stuff into "kids' clothes" and "everything else" - and then sorts and puts away all the kids clothes. I've posted about this before, but I use the "dot system" where kid#1's clothes have one dot on the tag, kid#2's clothes have two dots, etc. Hand something down and add a dot. Every kid knows their place in the family and how many dots are "theirs," so any of my kids can identify and put away kids clothing.

We get backed up because of the grownup clothing and linens. Sometimes I can stay on top of it, and sometimes it piles up. I try really hard, but it turns out to be A Very Good Thing that I have lots of laundry baskets and a couple of willing laundry helpers.

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I have myself, DH, DD, and DS; DS sleeps in our room, but his clothes are in "his" room, and DD's clothes are in her room. I have seven baskets -- one in mine and DH's bedroom, one in "DS's," and one in DD's, plus three in the laundry room, and one "floater" that generally waits in the laundry room but can be holding clothes to be folded or sitting next to the clothesline. The three in the laundry room are for regular wash stuff (jeans, DH's t-shirts, etc.), gentle wash stuff (mostly kids' stuff, my nice shirts, etc.), and anything with stains that needs extra attention. Oh, and my laundry room is close to my kitchen and a bathroom, so any towels/cloths that need to be washed get hung in the laundry room until they're dry, and then they get put into the regular wash basket (or sometimes they just get tossed right into the washing machine if I'll be doing wash soon.)

Twice a week, I bring down the basket from mine and DH's room and wash it and anything else in the regular wash basket. Twice a week (different day from mine and DH's laundry), the kids bring down their baskets, put their stuff into the gentle wash basket, and then take their baskets back to their rooms. One of those days, I do light colored gentle stuff, and the other I do dark colored gentle stuff. Stained stuff gets done as I have time in the evening, when there are a few items to wash, as I like to soak it overnight. I do one load most weekdays, plus often an extra one (towels, sheets, catch-up if stuff doesn't fit, etc.), but more than two a day is pretty rare. I will have a couple of loads of diapers, plus probably one more gentle wash load, per week come the fall when the baby arrives, but it still shouldn't be more than two a day most of the time.

Really, laundry is pretty easy to keep up with in my house. I try to fold it immediately when it's done (either in the dryer or on the line) -- if I don't have time right then to do it, I don't take it out/off. The kids sometimes help put away their own clothes but not always. It usually takes me just a few minutes to fold and put away the laundry once, sometimes twice, a day, so it's hardly noticeable. I've tried doing one big laundry day a week, but one, we always seem to need stuff later in the week anyway (only so many cloth diapers, DH has specific shirts he needs for work and only has a few, etc.), and that makes it pile up too much. Plus, I like using my clothesline as much as possible, and it only holds one, maybe two, loads at a time, so that really keeps it from piling up. I do notice when it takes me an hour or more to fold/put away all the clothes, but I really don't notice a few minutes here or there.

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We are a family of 5 in a small apartment. We have 3 laundry baskets (darks, whites, colors) in the kitchen (only place they would fit). We wash across the street when the baskets get full. Clothes are folded and put away when they come in from the wash.
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We have 3 large baskets in the upstairs closet for everyone's dirty laundry--lights, darks, & sheets/towels. Dish rags, kitchen towels, napkins, and any other rags/towels that get used downstairs go in a bin on top of the basement stairs or hang on a hook there if they are wet. I empty that bin usually daily into a hamper in the laundry room in the basement. By the dryer I have 2 laundry baskets. When one of the baskets upstairs is full I do a load, or when I notice we're low on napkins/rags/kitchen towels. I take the basket of dirty laundry down to the basement, and the empty basket goes right back up. Then the clean laundry goes into the laundry basket waiting for it until it gets folded. I try to fold the same night, but occassionally it sits in the basket for a day or two. But that doesn't affect my laundry "flow" since all the baskets for dirty laundry are still in place. The only time I get jammed up is if I have 2 (or more) loads waiting to be folded and another load clean in the dryer/clothesline--then I don't have an empty basket to put the clean clothes in. But if I get that far behind we're sort of in trouble anyway because by then the clean clothes are completely wrinkled from sitting unfolded for so long.
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Me and dh.

Basket in the living room near the kitchen, basket in the bedroom. Two baskets to hold clean clothes if and when I get behind on laundry, plus laundry baskets are good for gathering and putting away clutter.

I don't sort.

After Aka_chan gets here, there'll be some sort of separate thing for rinsed off poopy diapers and wipes that were used on poopy baby bottom, but everything else will continue to just be dumped together.
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My "system" of sorts. Three baskets in my closet, all of the laundry gets sorted and tossed in there. 5 people, one of which is in cloth dipes. There's a wetbag hanging that you can't see for those. Towels get washed 1x week, taken from the bathrooms and returned. Same with bedsheets.
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We're a family of 4 as well (DS 2 years, DD 11 wks). I have a 3 mesh bag sorter in our room plus another tall basket. There is a tall basket in the kids room. The sorters in our room are lights, darks, delicates (delicates being anything that needs to be hung right out of the dryer so our work clothes-I don't iron, DH wears khackis and knit polo shirts and I wear scrubs). The tall basket in our room is towels/washcloths/burp clothes. We go through a ton of washcloths since I use them on DS after every meal and snack plus general spill wipe ups etc. I hang them on the edges and push them down when they are dry (sometimes they overflow and hang on the edges of the mesh too). I do laundy once a week and fold and put away as I go. I find that that is the only way not to feel that I do laundy all the time and to have baskets of laundy everywhere. I have 1 basket for clean clothes which I only hold clothes in if I fold at night after the kids are in bed and I put their clothes in there to put away the next day. The kids clothes I sort on laundy day (monday) into our mesh bags. It does take all day (and sometimes into Tues) to get it all done but then it's DONE. I do all the main clothes first and then he towels and then thed delicates last. And then diapers. So usually 5 loads, sometimes 6 if I'm changing sheets (once a month or so, crib sheets go in with towels). I pile clean unfolded clothes into the tall hampers temperarily until I get to folding them.
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Family of 6, 2 laundry baskets; DH's parents have 1 in their bedroom, we have 1 in ours (that we share w/our 2 kids). I do 1-2 loads of laundry (washer & dryer in garage) daily, toting baskets out with dirty, bringing back in with clean, dumping clean on bed in room of origin. That way, stuff gets folded & put away before bedtime. I don't separate stuff much, although I might do an impromtu sorting as I load the machine. Mostly run jeans, t-shirts, socks, towels, bibs, toddler & baby playclothes (often pre wetted & spot treated w/dishsoap on food stains), PJs, & loungewear clothes (ILs - their stuff I wash separate from ours, as they like scented detergent). If I wear something delicate (like a bra, good shirt, or sweater) I fish it out & hang on the side of the basket or hang overhead on a hanger, or on a chair on the back porch to dry.

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