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caedmyn's Avatar caedmyn 01:03 PM 06-26-2008
I'm trying to come up with ideas...

rosegirl's Avatar rosegirl 01:41 PM 06-26-2008
personally something bright and happy- yellow, apricot, light blue. I can't stand a dark one when I seem to spend some time in there.
Noisette's_Maman's Avatar Noisette's_Maman 01:59 PM 06-26-2008
I vote for light blue with white trim! Crisp and clean.
Vanessa's Avatar Vanessa 02:02 PM 06-26-2008
Any happy color that you love. Something that will make it seem light and airy. I'd probably go with periwinkle or apple green, but pick what YOU love!
miss_sonja's Avatar miss_sonja 02:42 PM 06-26-2008
yellow...rose...something clean and cheerful, with white trim
creektownmama's Avatar creektownmama 02:57 PM 06-26-2008
Another vote for yellow. I'm actually gonna paint my laundry room this weekend, and yep..it's yellow!
KnockedUpButtercup's Avatar KnockedUpButtercup 04:21 PM 06-26-2008
Oooh, I'm painting mine this summer! Lime green...happy and bright.
hollyvangogh's Avatar hollyvangogh 04:33 PM 06-26-2008
I picked a very light purple for mine, with white trim. It's also a bathroom.
b&c'smama's Avatar b&c'smama 04:44 PM 06-26-2008
I also vote for whatever color you love. Also if you like wallpaper border they have some very cute ones with laundry themes...clothes on a line, old washboards, etc. Just go to any wallpaper web site and do a search for laundry or laundry room. I would love to do that at about chair rail height!
flowmom's Avatar flowmom 05:08 PM 06-26-2008
There's always white .
Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 05:14 PM 06-26-2008
All of the cabinets in my laundry room are cream colored and I have this washer and dryer. We're going to put a light sand colored formica countertop over them. So I'm leaning toward a light blue, almost white color for the walls. I agree with everyone else: the lighter the better. My laundry rooms have always felt like caves and I REALLY want something light and airy for once!
doubledutch's Avatar doubledutch 06:11 PM 06-26-2008
i would do a fun color i'm too scared to use elsewhere in the (more public areas of the) house! probably something citrus-inspired. tangerine? lime? something crisp and bright.
texaspeach's Avatar texaspeach 06:54 PM 06-26-2008
we recently looked at a house that had a red laundry room (ok, it was more of a closet than a room!) and it looked great.
Fiestabeth's Avatar Fiestabeth 06:54 PM 06-26-2008
I would do turquoise, because it's my favorite color. But you should probably do your favorite color. If I wasn't going to do that, I'd go with sky blue or a fern green.
Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 07:40 PM 06-26-2008
I agree that you should go with a- something you love and b- something light, clean and fresh!

I have a medium green in mine, it's connected to the kitchen and it's the same color. 3 years and still makes me very very happy when I see those rooms!
Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 08:59 PM 06-26-2008
I'm soon to paint my tiny mudroom/laundry room in Bonny Cream (a pastel yellow), by Behr paints. It's the same color as my kitchen and dining area, which connect to the laundry room--bright, happy, and ensures continuity instaed of "choppiness."
1growingsprout's Avatar 1growingsprout 09:16 PM 06-26-2008
mine is a lime green but looks more like 'granny smith apple' green I LOVE IT
KBecks's Avatar KBecks 10:18 PM 06-26-2008
A happy color. For me those might be yellow or blue.

Have fun!
kellid's Avatar kellid 01:58 AM 06-27-2008
i just painted mine a color called lemonade........it looks a little more like limeade to me, but i loooooooooooove that room now. it's little and i spend so mch time in there. i put up some shelves and a hanging bar and my laundry life is soooooo much better now. i love my laundryroom.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 02:19 AM 06-27-2008
Grey and then the lint won't show

I'd probably do a pale yellow with white trim.
cjanelles 02:22 AM 06-27-2008
My new laundry room was painted a darkish slate-grey color because I thought it looked good with my cherry red washer and dryer.

The laundry room is off the office and the office is painted the same color. I thought I would like it, but honestly, I find it oppressive. It is heavy and dark.

We're going to repaint both the office and the laundry room very soon...probably a watery blue or a silvery moss green...something much, much lighter than the dark grey we have in there. It was a bad choice, really, especially since there are no windows in either room...
cjanelles 02:23 AM 06-27-2008
Originally Posted by Ksenia View Post
There's always white .
Um, your laundry room makes me green with envy!!! How beautiful.
flowmom's Avatar flowmom 06:27 AM 06-27-2008
Originally Posted by cjanelles View Post
Um, your laundry room makes me green with envy!!! How beautiful.
Sorry, I should have made it clear that it's not mine!! Check out that woman's flickr photos of her home...it is sooo beautiful and clean and decluttered.
lovesdaffodils's Avatar lovesdaffodils 04:00 PM 06-27-2008
I vote for something bright and citrusy. My laundry room (okay, it's a closet) is off-white and it just looks dingy and dirty. If it weren't a PITA to get the machines in and out, I'd repaint it in a bright yellow or orange!
myac99's Avatar myac99 01:14 AM 06-28-2008
I vote for a light yellow..
minta's Avatar minta 06:45 AM 06-28-2008
Mine is light yellow. It is a tiny little room that follows on from the bathroom and leads out to the backyard / garden. The bathroom is cobalt, and the previous owners had the laundry navy, I guess to make it disappear, but I wanted it brighter and lighter. In my ideal world it would be an art deco peppermint green with black and white enamalware and that sort of thing, but that looked clashy with the cobalt so I'm doing the front entry that way instead.
libba's Avatar libba 09:47 AM 06-28-2008
Mine is bright apple green! it makes me smile and not much about laundry makes me smile!
Purplehaze's Avatar Purplehaze 10:44 AM 06-28-2008
Me? that would mean purple, light, beauuuutttifullll lavender : ) :
holidaymama's Avatar holidaymama 06:31 PM 06-28-2008
Well fall is my favorite season and was an inspiration in color choices...I painted my craft room a bright pumpkin orange with white trim and black and white accesories...

I am going to use the rest of the pumpkin color to paint my laundry closet!
Blucactus's Avatar Blucactus 09:14 PM 06-28-2008
Originally Posted by Purplehaze View Post
Me? that would mean purple, light, beauuuutttifullll lavender : ) :
I am wondering if you have an example of what kind of lavender color you like? I love the IDEA of lavender colored rooms, but have yet to see a color swatch or picture that I would be satisfied with. Everything is too pink...or blue..or grey...
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