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Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade View Post
I'm not quite a neat freak, but I'm a reformed messie I think that us former messies are the best at helping others get organized, because we've been there and know how overwhelming it can be to get started. I fought organizing, was dragged to it kicking and screaming after I had a few kids, and now that I've got 4 boys I've realized that really, the only way to keep my sanity is to keep my home organized.

I've posted it here before, but it's probably way buried now, LOL! I posted my home management binder on my blog, It's got details on my binder and my "brain files" which is my daily/weekly/seasonal chore list. I've had several friends IRL (and tons online since hte blog post, LOL!) use it and love it
Wow! Thank you!
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INFP here, too

I love to make lists... that never get checked off.

Valrico, FL
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Originally Posted by Savoir Faire View Post
We thought out everything that needs to be/I want done during the day, such as: Wake up early, everyone brush teeth, go somewhere in the AM, clean up and such.

Yes, I have to schedule in brushing teeth. And making beds.

Seems to be working!
We have a schedule to brush teeth too... and floss and shower. My kids are old enough to do plenty of chores, so I wrote out a list that has to be done before they can play video games (the only thing they care about doing)- if they don't do their chores then they are grounded from video games for a week. It's kind of funny, b/c now they catch themselves and ground themselves! And I would never have known they didn't do their chore that day.
None of it would get done though, if it was up to me to remind them or to come up with a job for the day and it would be late at night before I remember to ask if they have showered, etc.
It helps me to stay on task as well, things like dishes: #1 is dry dishes 7 am-noon, #2 is noon-5 pm #3 is 5 pm-bedtime. So if I wash dishes during their "time" they are to dry and I don't want one person do have to dry all of them that I wash that day, nor after they have piled up- so I am more prone to actually wash after Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And each one has a day they fold clothes-- which means I need to do 1 load each day so one poor child isn't folding 7 loads.

I knew I needed something that helped them learn to keep up a house b/c their bio-dad's mother did everything for him and he was so sloppy- he would leave clothes, pop cans, dirty dishes etc. all over the house and then complain that it was messy/never clean.
My mom did alot for me too, so I could clean, but was never in a habit to do things when they needed to be done- like the laundry. Sure I could wash it, but then I would leave it on the couch and use what we needed from there, rather than folding it and putting it away right away.

Rachel, wife to Brian, mother of 5. Lover of birth.
Blog on profile.
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Myers Briggs: Crayfish, the real tests are actually much more sophisticated that what you can get for free on the 'net . The questions are set up as either-or, but of course we all know that we all fall some place on a gradient between the poles -- some sitting closer to the extremes than others. Even some of the 'net tests can tell you how strongly expressed some of one's tendencies are.

sharing life with | 10 yo ds | 8 yo dd | dh (since 2012)
"I am not what happened to me...I am what I choose to become." ~ Carl Jung
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i'm glad i found this thread! (while procrastinating cleaning my house and packing for camping...) i feel like this issue is debilitating to me right now! but it isn't just disorganization.... it feels like almost lethargy or something. i just feel so laaaazy all the time. or at least during the baby's morning nap and at night, which are the times i could actually get something done. i just want to relax all the time. when my grandma was here (any company, really) last week i kept the place so neat for two days but without that incentive it quickly clutters and messes so that i feel overwhelmed and don't even want to start. also when dd (9mos) is awake she has been wanting my full attention and doesn't really want to ride on my back in the ergo while i do dishes. well, maybe sometimes, but not alot. oh and i'm so slooowww. i can easily motivate to cook or go meet someone out somewhere (tho it does take a while to leave the house!) or hang out w/ the kids playing but when it comes to housework.... i'm going to have to check out the resources on this thread. i want to try the 21 day habit thing but i am skeptical that i'll discipline myself or even not procrastinate starting! lol. well, we're leaving for camping tomorrow but maybe monday.... i haven't read the meyer's briggs thing yet but it is a relief to know i'm not totally alone in this (messy) boat!
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Originally Posted by Ksenia View Post
Myers Briggs: ....The questions are set up as either-or, but of course we all know that we all fall some place on a gradient between the poles....
Problem is, I don't even see how the two choices can be things to choose between.

It's sort of like rating the statement "I value carpentry over hammers". Well...carpentry is an activity and hammers are a tool. Hammers can be used for carpentry. They can also be used for other things. You want me to decide how much I value carpentry minus hammers (that'd be hard) as opposed to how much I value hammers without the existence of carpentry? (That'd be hard, too.) Say what? Those are two pretty strange, very artificial situations, so I don't think that's what the question means, but I can't imagine what the question _does_ mean.

That's pretty much my reaction to "I value compassion over analytical reasoning." Well... compassion is a value and analytical reasoning is a tool. Analytical reasoning can be used to help with compassionate activities. It can also be used for other things. You want me to decide how much I value compassion minus analytical reasoning, as opposed to... (etc., etc.)

The question just seems inherently illogical. Maybe the better tests have fewer inherently illogical questions.


Edited to add: But I do appreciate your responding to my ranting.
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Crayfish - I think the test is about how you approach situations - not the outcome. The fact that you have analyzed it points that you are very logical. You use your intellect and logic to judge, not your feelings. There is nothing wrong with either approach and you could very well arrive at the same conclusion.

have a great day!
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