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rebeccalynn's Avatar rebeccalynn 05:07 PM 09-10-2008
is gone!!!!!!!:::::::

I have been so sick this past week so I have not posted my victory. However, last week, I finished decluttering the main part of my house. I still have the attic full of boxes (phase 2), but phase 1 for everyday living is complete!! I wanted to share and thank you guys for your help and encouragement. This has been a 7y ordeal that I really did not find pratical solutions for until I started reading here about 9 months ago.


Life is so much easier. Even this past week when I was soo sick. The mess that the girls could make was minimal b/c they only had access to a small number of toys which I switched out after the current toys were picked up. Meals, dishes and laundry has not been a big deal this week since I have my system and I was only maintaining. Every night, the girls and DH helped put everything back in it's place before bed and I could veg and recoup in a cleaned and uncluttered house for a few hours till my bedtime.

I will never, never, never go back to living like that ever again. I still have decorating to do. I really do not know what my style is and what would fit our house. I also am going to start pulling a box or 2 from the attic in the evening to go through. We have some landscaping to do outside and need to clean out DH shed, but it has to stop all of the raining before that can be done.

Blessing to all of you on your Journey, You Can Do It!

DTmama1 07:32 PM 09-10-2008
Congratulations!!! Post pictures if you can, both to us and in your house, so you can see how nice this looks and will be motivated to keep it like this!:::
lovemyfamily6's Avatar lovemyfamily6 09:55 PM 09-10-2008
That's awesome! It's such a great feeling!
miss_sonja's Avatar miss_sonja 10:34 PM 09-10-2008

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NicaG's Avatar NicaG 01:11 AM 09-11-2008
Congratulations! Glad all your hard work has paid off. Give us pix!
doubledutch's Avatar doubledutch 11:44 AM 09-11-2008
that is so wonderful!!!
sewsew's Avatar sewsew 02:34 PM 09-11-2008
Whoooooo hoooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
Ellien C's Avatar Ellien C 06:44 PM 09-11-2008
That's so awesome and thank you for posting. I'm in the completely overwhelmed phase of things right now. Except it's not a phase, it's my life!
rebeccalynn's Avatar rebeccalynn 03:45 PM 09-12-2008
Thanks everyone. Yes, I need to take pictures. DH will have to do that - he has the digital camera and I do not know how to work it I really have not asked to learn b/c it is sooo heavy. He would probably go all camera geek on me too and give a 2hr lesson.

Ellien C - You can do it if you just can figure out the method that works for your situation. I finally got the job done when I started really looking at my attempts, what failed and why. Sometimes you have to get creative and go back to basics. I read a lot here and then posted a few question for help/ideas.
tresleo's Avatar tresleo 03:54 PM 09-12-2008
Congratulations! :

I'm right there with you, and its IS a wonderful feeling. :
nummies's Avatar nummies 04:56 PM 09-12-2008
Wonderful!!! Way to go!