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limette's Avatar limette 09:12 AM 05-24-2011
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My 2 red sex link hens are soooooo mean to my 5 EE girls. I let them roam the yard despite hawk issues,but the meanies still chase and attack the others. Got a rooster thinking he would put EVERYONE in their place.Nope.Meanies are still mean,and they don't even submit to his sexual advances. And now the rooster crows all day long in our residential setting. I want to get rid of the roo and the 2 meanies.With my luck the EEs will start getting mean with each other! Despite these issues I still like having chickens.

Our brown layers are evil. They will attack any chicken that comes close to the fence. One of our chicks got stuck in the fence the other day and the other chickens came racing over to peck at it's head. My EEs are lovely. They give the odd peck to show authority but generally they leave everyone else alone.

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