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Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 10:53 AM 06-08-2011

We decided on milking twice daily.  In the morning, we get almost a full quart.  12 hrs later we get squat.  Are we doing something wrong, or is she just w/holding for her kid? We don't wanna be greedy, lol.

limette's Avatar limette 06:30 PM 06-08-2011
You're milking twice a day while she's nursing a baby? If she still has her kid you'd only milk once a day after locking the kid away from her for the night. She's feeding her baby the rest. If she's not nursing a kid and only producing a quart a day then try increasing her feed.
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 07:27 PM 06-08-2011

We can't lock her away from her baby at night right now.  Yes, she's nursing her.  I had asked some milking questions in another thread in the past and I think I misunderstood.  Thanks for the advice!  Eventually we'll have stalls in our small goat barn.  We have enough room for 2 or 3.

forestrymom's Avatar forestrymom 05:54 PM 06-09-2011

You are probably milking before her baby gets everything in the morning, and at night they baby has nursed all day long. I have one doe who gives us about 3 pints, and another who gives us 3 quarts (she's our second freshener). I don't milk at night. :D