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featheryurt's Avatar featheryurt 10:42 PM 02-19-2013

Hi! I am giving a shout out again for feed back and input on toilet ideas for when we move to the Yurt this spring. When my boyfriend and i amped out it was a bit easier than now, as we will be there every other weekend with a 4 yr old and a 14 yr old. We need easy and safe for a very independant 4 yr old and a very fussy 14 yr old. Im all ears :) My boyfriend is very handy so anyone with buildable ideas are welcomed as well!!!

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JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 06:44 AM 02-25-2013

I'd go with the bucket and compost pile style of composting toilet over the expensive machine ones, that are a pain to empty despite their high tech price and style. Build a wooden frame of some sort a bucket can fit in and toilet seat can attach to (loveable loo style), a set of 3 compost bins, and cover what's in the bucket with wood shavings or something similar after each use, once it's fullish dump the bucket in the active bin outside and cover that with straw or leaves or whatever really well. When that's full start filling another bin. 2 years later the first bin will be great compost, supposedly safe for food gardens but I'd stick with flower gardens with that stuff unless I had it tested.

wrenmoon's Avatar wrenmoon 07:17 AM 02-25-2013
We live in a yurt and have the bucket system mentioned above... I recommend getting the Humanure book and reading up, that guy has the system pretty dialed in. Some things we have learned;
Use fine sawdust- planer shavings are too fluffy and don't keep smell down, and do not break down very fast at all. Like three years not broken down.
We use four bins a year, one a season- family of four
Get a rat wire cover for the top of the active bin
A heavy layer of straw will blanket the active bin really well, no smell ever, even in summer time.
Diaper wipes do not compost well
Get a long compost thermometer- our last active bins usually hum along at 140 degrees for weeks.
We have five- seven buckets in rotation- after awhile they get a little funky like old diapers and need a few days in the sun or get retired.
Varnish the living daylights out of the wooden frame so it can be cleaned. We did ours in a hurry and now know that a single varnished coat on plywood still soaks up pee. (We moved in when the kids were 2.5 and 4.5)

With good fine sawdust there should be no smell- ours is inside and I just made it through a bad first trimester without a problem. I cannot however empty the buckets because I gag the entire time so my dear husband does what we call the poop chores. He's my hero for doing it.
Outhouses can contaminate groundwater, I wouldn't go that route unless you had no other options.

The only complaint I have about it is that my kids 5 and 7 are really messy with the sawdust and so our bathhouse is always very very dirty. I don't know the solution to that one.
Good luck!
owlhowl's Avatar owlhowl 03:37 PM 02-25-2013
How exciting! We are moving into a tent in a few weeks and plan to do the bucket/sawdust/compost method mentioned above.
featheryurt's Avatar featheryurt 07:44 PM 02-25-2013

Thank You EVERYONE!!!!! We cant do an Outhouse sadly because actually the land gifted to us is in city limits of a tiny little town, in a heavily wooded area, but none the less in city limits! My guy is building a mini yurt/ potty hut right off the main yurt so it will be relatively warm for the girls. And YES we are doing the bucket system, actually i just bought a padded toilet seat so its not so cold to put on our bucket! I have ordered the book as well! I am soooo excited for our new life to begin! Just weekends for now, but this spring and summer I will be there 4 of the 7 days.It has been my dream since I was a little girl to live so simply and naturally. Thank You all for sharing!!!! Blessed Be!

1stimestar's Avatar 1stimestar 09:56 PM 02-26-2013

So where are you going to empty it?

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