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Basylica's Avatar Basylica 08:14 PM 09-19-2005
I've always dreamed of a OTG type lifestyle, but being a geek...I'm sure i'd never be completely off

Lately though i've been having more and more dreams of living in a smaller home and just simplyfing *Everything* down to bare essentials.

I think the biggest reason this is haunting me is right now my DH works as a pre-press graphics artist and unfortunately doesn't make anywhere NEAR the average salary for that type of job. his takehome pay is about 400/wk

This means I absolutely need to work. Our mortgage is very low, and our house isn't anything fancy, but that alone is well over half DH's income.
I end up working in my field, which means 80-100wks sometimes, and I'm getting paid less than HALF industry standard for my job.
I'm working on getting a new one, but part of me wishes I could just say forget it and stay home. I've been racking my brain for a way (like doing daycare AND working on computers over the weekend) because right now, I see my kiddo about 10hrs a week

And we really want to expand our family again, soon.

My DH promised me we would sell and move in 5yrs (4 more now) to another state. I can't STAND this heat much longer.
I keep thinking maybe a place like I grew up, a small town....get some chickens..ect.

The hardest part of this senario is money though
If we move into a area cheap enough to live on DH's current income, he wouldn't be able to find a job (pre-press is kinda specialized)
If we move to a area that'll have a job in that area for him, it'll be MORE expensive!!

DH isn't even sure if he wants to be in pre-press much longer, but I cannot fathom him working outdoors or anything that would be easy to get work in a smaller town. (Dh is a big burly guy, but has knee/leg/shoulder problems, overweight, asthma, eczema, severe allergies...ect)

Does anyone else have a DH who works? where??
I grew up with 2 types of providers. My dad was in computers as well, and my stepdad worked outdoors at a grainery.
I know we can't live in a small town with option #1 (which is where we are now) and I can't fathom my DH doing option #2.... *sigh*

Wabi Sabi's Avatar Wabi Sabi 09:08 PM 09-19-2005
Would your DH be interested in doing freelance graphic design? It could take a while to get started-up, but once he got a good client base he could work from virtually *anywhere.*
Basylica's Avatar Basylica 09:42 PM 09-19-2005
Unfortunately thats one of the big problems with trying to work towards me staying home.

He doesn't like his current job. He never wanted to do "graphics" persay, but did one of those quickie 2yr courses on it (he was #1 in his class though!)
But he can't draw, can't do anything imaginative graphics-wise.
He's basically good at taking other ppls work and making sure it's clean, and prints right. hence the pre-press.
I want him to find a job working for a DnD book publisher, or gaming book/mag publisher since he LOVES vidiot games and DnD...
He finds some reason why he "cant"

He hates his job and they treat him like crud and pay him poorly (average prepress = 50k entry level, he makes 30. ) but he won't even LOOK!!

He doesn't know what he wants, just what he doesn't want

I'm working on building up some side-clientele for networking/pc (what I do) but unfortunately that can't be done remotely for the most part. But it does make me feel somewhat better that I can continue to work with computers a little even when we move...I'd be happy bringing in a little extra cash and doing simple pc repair and such

It's very frustrating to have a DH who is opposite of you in the work-manner. He wants a single job for 50yrs. Me, I get a job and 6m - 12m in I quit because i've grown all I can and i'm ready for a new challenge.
I also have this habit of getting thrown in WAAAYYY over my head, and later training other ppl who have been doing it for years I catch on quick. hehe.

So no, he doesn't do "graphics" he "can't".
Pariah's Avatar Pariah 02:02 AM 10-05-2005
Graphic design definitely isn't a great field to be in at the moment. I got my degree in it last August, and the job market is incredibly flooded in the graphics area. Nearly everyone knows someone who can make a website and/or make graphics, so why would they pay more for someone who has a degree in it when they can get even high school kids to do it for cheap? My FIL teaches, and two of his 8th grade students run a webdesign business. *sigh* So much for that degree I got to make "good" money...
kandkrose's Avatar kandkrose 06:47 AM 01-02-2006
how about DH retraining for something he would enjoy more? it sounds like he's a fast learner too... if he had the motivation to get a concrete base for something he would enjoy doing for the rest of his life that WOULD fit your new lifestyle, that might help. how about something like medical transcription that he could do from home, or maybe home inspector (my uncle made a killing in that business)
madrone's Avatar madrone 01:13 PM 01-02-2006
Change what isn't making you happy in life. There is no time like the present to start a change. If you aren't happy living in the area where you live, sell your house now, before the bubble pops.