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I was at a training yesterday about PTSD, trauma and grief. The presenter discussed numerous treatment techniques and one really sparked my interest- EFT emotional freedom technique. I started researching and WOW, if it works, it is like a godsend for many things! I'm curious to find out how effective it really is for people, how difficult is it to remember how to do the tapping as you are going and do you need to have a therapist to help you do it? Also, any good websites? I was looking at emofree.com

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Here's a good article summarizing the EFT process -- HTH! Emotional well-being and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
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I've heard tons of information on EFT and researched the website as well. I went to one session where a woman explained it, how it worked and that was basically it. I've done it on myself and haven't noticed any changes at all. I've often thought, maybe I'm not doing it right and need to go see an EFT practitioner and just have them do it. I guess that's my next step...

If it does work though, I'll be estatic and post everywhere about the positive results, especially since there's no medication involved in it.

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I find it's very helpful, but you have to be consistent. It's one of many tapping techniques that uses acupressure points, and I've had varying success with most that I've tried.
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With any type of bodywork or energy healing, intention and consistency is the most important factor in the success of the treatment. The client must be relaxed and open to the energy, and the therapist must be clear-headed and grounded. If it is done with "wandering" intentions or a foggy head, it can do more harm than good.

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I went to see an EFT specialist in the Bay Area once and it was amazing. Beyond belief she brought me out of a very deep and profound sadness and made me feel like I was walking on clouds. She gave me some affirmations and taught me how to do it on my own. I have yet to duplicate her results. I lack discipline and never really committed to learning it. I don't live in the area and it was very expensive so I haven't been able to go back. She said it usually takes a few sessions for people to really learn to be able to do it on their own. If I had the money, and could get there, I would go because I am having a terrible time lately. But that's another story.
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I've had some minor success with it on my own. Watched a lot of youtube videos & as much of the Tapping World Summit as I could manage to fit in. I think it takes multiple times & wordings even for fairly minor issues. I haven't really tried it for my depression, but it would probably take months. Or maybe I just don't have enough experience with it.

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a wonderful tool for stress reduction as well as for greater physical health.  We live in a very stressful world, and learning how to effectively reduce our stress is helpful to learn both for ourselves and to teach to our children.  I have taught EFT to a variety of groups including a chapter of "Holistic Moms."  I have helped a 5 year old overcome a painful bullying experience in school in one session and helped a woman who could not leave her house for years, get out of her house and driving again in only 5 sessions.  Sometimes, for more complex situations, it can take longer.  However, EFT is much more effective than traditional talk therapy because it directly accesses the part of your brain that holds your unconscious fears and irrational beliefs that you have developed in childhood and also as an adult. 

I have my clients tap between sessions, which greatly accelerates progress, and gives you a tool that you will always have to deal with any future challenges.  EFT can seem miraculous at times, very effective for many, but it is most effective when you have the intention to change and willing to face the resistances that may arise.  You may be ambivalent about change, in fact most of us are, but ultimately you need to decide to get the support and make the changes that will lead to a more fulfilling life.  EFT can help you to do that.

In terms of working on your own, versus working with a Practitioner, I would describe it this way.  EFT can be learned to help with everyday stressors.  You can also, if you are very committed, use it to work on some of your more challenging issues.  However, for serious trauma, or long term challenges, it helps to have a Practitioner's support.  I compare it to massage.  I am grateful that my partner and I can give each other a good massage.  AND, when I get a massage from someone professionally trained and with years of experience, it goes a lot deeper and is more effective.  I don't have to choose one or the other, I enjoy both at different times.  It is often hard to see your own irrational beliefs or dysfunctional patterns, without an outside perspective. Distorted beliefs like:  "I'm no good" "I'm too old to succeed" or "My partner doesn't really love me" may be so habitual that you don't even register what you are telling yourself.  This is where the outside perspective of a Practitioner can be invaluable to develop healthier more loving ways of relating to yourself.

If you do choose to work on your own, a few things that can help are to:

1.Tune into specifics about the issue (i.e."Even though I am anxious about the meeting this Monday with my son's teacher" rather than "Even though I'm anxious")
2.Tune into body sensations ("Even though I'm anxious & It feels like this knot in my stomach")

3.Tap on your resistance to Tapping ("Even though I don't feel like Tapping, and it couldn't possibly help, I'm open to the possibility that I could_____")

Just like learning how to cook, or learning massage, you get better with EFT over time and also by studying and taking classes to learn more about how to use it effectively. 


I personally used EFT to overcome being declared completely disabled and completely "unrehabilitateable" after being struck by a motorcyclist in a foreign country.  I succeeded in rehabilitating myself with EFT, overcoming all the overwhelm and despair, working primarily on my own, but I did already have 25 years of experience working as a Psychologist. Even then I used other really skillful EFT Practitioners at certain points in my healing journey.

So yes EFT is helpful on your own and yes it is great to work with a skilled Practitioner either for just a session to learn how to work with it more effectively, or for a series of sessions to work on specific challenges.  One great thing about EFT is that the founder, Gary Craig developed it so that it is as effective by phone as in person. Thus, you can access someone skillful and dedicated from anywhere in the World. When I personally need an EFT session, I make it a phone session.

EFT isn't a magic bullet, it isn't perfect, but it is extremely effective and worth learning.  You can get a free Tapping Chart to teach you the points at my Website.  I also offer a free 10 minute consultation, if you are interested in learning more about EFT and what it can do for you.  I love EFT and Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT)  and I am very dedicated to this work.  I saw your comment and wanted to share, I hope this has respectfully given you some helpful information about EFT.


Warm Regards,

Suzanne Lerner, PhD
www.MakeYourLifeShine (dot) com

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I learned the form Faster EFT from a 2-hour workshop, and have used it maybe a couple times/ month, I guess it's been close to a year now. (I recall I had poison ivy on my face at the time I went to the workshop, and tapped my embarrassment at the disgusting disfiguration it presented, and it healed completely in 10 days instead of the solid 3 weeks it used to take.) The teacher who presented it was great and I think I'd benefit a lot from working individually with her, but until then, I am using the tool to help myself. (lots of youtubes by Robert Smith and Grace Jones on faster EFT) (and it only uses 5 points, I found it very easy to learn)


One benefit is that it helps me work with issues that began when I was too young to remember. I've had dreams after tapping, and feelings that surface, which I trace to very early experiences, such as learning to potty. Before EFT I had no way to access these issues, and I was stuck with them. Now I can actively heal myself and release baggage I didn't even know I had. I've been recommending it to just about everybody I know.

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