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CrazyCatLady 03-03-2011 06:51 PM

It has been suggested to me by a new doctor to consider trying out a very low dose of seroquel.  I am bi-polar and 16 weeks pregnant.  I haven't been on meds since my teens and I really do ok with out them the majority of the time.  Things could probably be easier for me if I ever found the right med that didn't have too many side effects.  But I definitely don't feel like I need meds.  And so I'm torn about experimenting while pregnant, when I don't really even feel the need to be on anything in the first place.  I got the feeling that seroquel was his "pet" drug and that he suggests it to many of his patients, pregnant or not.


I did take a VERY high does of seroquel as a teen for a couple of years and it made me fat (I gained 70 pounds).  I was also a teen though, with crappy lifestyle habits and was on a cocktail of other psych drugs.  So my experience could be difference this time, but it still makes me nervous.


My internet research has me more confused than ever about the safety of this while pregnant or breastfeeding.  Anyone have any experiences or advice?  Thanks :)

Learning_Mum 03-03-2011 09:41 PM

I don't know about pregnancy and breastfeeding, but I started Seroquel a few weeks ago and it's been awesome! No weight gain here and helps me sleep really well! I'm feeling really good. I really didn't want to take it after feeling really groggy and out of it the first day but I'm so glad that I kept on with it.

Oubliette8 03-04-2011 12:51 AM

I think it is a tricky issue. If you are not currently having issues, and dont feel you need any medications, and have a safety plan in case you do start to have problems then I would not take the medication. On the other hand, if a mother is having serious mental health issues while pregnant, the health and safety of the mother may come before the baby. And, of course, having a mother who is sane and rational may be of greater benefit to the baby than the potential risk from the drugs. I would not start medication though just because a doctor read your chart, saw you had issues in the past, and therefor wants you on medication because that is the conventional wisdom. Even if you've had issues triggered by pregnancy, I might be inclined to make a safety plan and wait until the meds are absolutely necessary. A safety plan might include having a key person or people that you contract with to tell you and help you if you begin having issues, since I know they can sometimes be hard for persons to recognize by themselves, a plan for hospitalization if necessary, etc. All of which you hope you dont have to use.

As far as antipsychotics and the fetus, I came across this a few months ago-
They used an SSRI for fetal exposure and antipsychotics for early-age exposure, and in both cases there were effects on the offspring.

I also found this abstract-

A quick google search for anitpsychotics fetus turns up several results.

a13xandra 04-07-2011 02:30 PM

I have experience with PRN Zyprexa during pregnancy.  It has a shorter half-life then Seroquel.  The problem with anti-psychotics and pregnancy is that very few studies have been done.  The few that have been done have tiny sample sizes, so it is impossible to get a feel for whether your baby would be affected.  It is better than nothing to have meds on hand, though. 

baillee 05-24-2012 03:04 PM

Hi Everyone:


I hope there is someone out there who can shed some light on my problem with Seroquel....


When I was pregnant with my daughter I took a low dose of Seroquel and she is now experiencing some behavior problems..


She is 3 and she is only now just starting to talk...she has anger issues etc...


I was wondering if it was the Seroquel that did it or something else...


Looking forward to hearing from other parents who may have experienced these systoms after using Seroquel in pregancy...





Dalal 07-04-2012 01:33 AM

hello there


i am now planning to get pregnant and i am 24 years of age and diagnosed as bipolar 5 years ago i have been on and off meds to find the right one that fits me and that was Seroquel. im really worried about the out comes of the pregnancy when it occurs as studies suggest that it could cause birth defects and misscarriages ... im really haveing a hard time making a desition wheither as to take it through the first trymester or engage on it on the 2nd i really want whats best for the baby the the consious not to feel guilty if anything went wrong because of the meds can anyone enlighten me on any peice of info that would help me make my desition with a guilt free consious

ps i dont do fine without my meds

NovaCova 09-20-2012 10:26 AM

Hi Dalal , hi all ,
I ve been married for 20 yrs and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2005 and since then I ve been on different meds till I settled on Seroquel ,I never felt better ...I ve a nine yr old girl and I wish I can ve a boy ...I had infertility issues and spomtaneious conceiving is considered hard .

Dalal , I wanna hear ur experience w Seroquel ...did u conceive ?

This is my first post, and I am glad I found that site .

LizzieBlue 09-26-2012 12:29 PM


I took a low dose of Seroquel during my last pregnancy in 2011. My daughter was born healthy and has no side effects. I am trying to conceive again and I am already taking Seroquel again. (I was taking something else before) My doctor has had no issues with it during pregnancy. She says the idea is to take the lowest dose possible. She has been practicing for a while and I really trust her.

emmaglason27 11-27-2012 10:44 PM

what dose were you on during pregnancy? I too am on seroquel 150mg at night.  its such a relief to hear your baby is healthy and happy.  im just wandering now if this is higher than you were on though.

Ashleynoyes763 03-12-2014 09:44 AM

I was on seroquel my entire pregnancy. Initially I was taking 600 but by the third trimester I was taking 1400mg plus lamictal 150mg. I had a level two ultra sound that confirmed no health problems .I delivered 2 weeks ago and today Isabella is perfectly healthy. No withdrawls or defects. High apgar tests too.

Lins21 06-19-2014 05:13 AM

We all know antidepressants can cause potentially serious effects on the unborn child. Nobody knows the long term possible side effects these drugs have on the child born to a mother on antidepressants say 10 years down the road...even if there baby was born healthy at birth. Anxiety/depression/panic attacks, ocd, etc... is debilitating, I know :( So I guess you have to make an informed decision, know the risks and know that you may see a commercial on tv 5 years from now on lawsuits because of that drug, it happens alot, and also know of the possible benefits the drug may have. It is a hard decision.

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