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Polishbabies 11-19-2012 05:18 PM

I'm going back to work tomorrow after several sudden days off from last week.  It was only four days but i told them nothing but have a doctor's note that she recommends I be off for a few days for health reasons.  I am choosing not to tell work what happened - a combination of a physical health issue cause by stress probably and depression.


Problem is, normally my boss and closest co-worker (we all share an office) talk a lot and discuss illnesses (we are in the health field).  Furthermore, I have a consultant like position in the building I work and talk to several people daily - my absence will be noticed and questions (friendly intention) will be asked.  I dont want to share my problem with anyone at work but don't know how to say this when they start asking "what did you have?"  etc etc.  I guess just say its personal?  I want to handle it with class and tactfully.


The reason I dont want to disclose information is mostly because my boss has this image of herself as a perfect type person (she doesnt get sick often, works out a lot, always is well groomed, has the latest clothes, etc) and kind of looks down on people who are not as good as her.  She has commented on a couple of staff members with depression with snarky remarks as well.  My depression is not obvious to her. 


Also worth noting is that I will have to take it easy the next few days, I'm still able to do my job but I won't be able to work much longer hours or take the stairs etc.


Please give me some feedback!  Thanks in advance!

Polishbabies 11-19-2012 05:23 PM

Oh yes and to add to this my doctor is a naturopath and this is who i got the note from.  I will likely get comments about my doctors note.  Help!

rightkindofme 11-22-2012 08:13 AM

Sorry I didn't respond sooner--I wouldn't say anything. I would say, "Personal stuff" and smile. It's a job. You aren't friends. You shouldn't have to be more vulnerable than you want to be.

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