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I am on a province-funded drug plan now because my DH is in school full time. I have been on Wellbutrin SR for over 3 years for bipolar disorder. They won't cover the Wellbutrin so they gave me the generic version Bupropion SR. I am worried that it is not working. I am feeling like I do when I am unmedicated. I have no patience with the kids, I keep yelling at everybody and I feel like I'm going crazy. I had to leave the house last night because I couldn't handle anything. Is it possible that the generic version doesn't work the same or as well? If it the same why is it only not working for me now?

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I have heard that generics can act differently than brand name meds in some cases, but there really isn't a lot of data on the situation yet.

Are you on a mood stabilizer as well? Have you added that to your Wellbutrin before? That's a pretty common approach.
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You can always get a RX for the original brand. You'll pay more.

Perhaps switch to the XL? They just barely released a generic for that one. I have made the transition and have done ok.
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I'm taking generic XL... haven't noticed anything I can tie to the meds. Alot's been going on, so I think any changes are more environmental then medicinal.
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There definitely can be a difference between name brand and generics. Up to 10% either way. For most insurance, the doctor can specificly prescribe the name brand. Or may be able to try a different generic.

Some drugs are notorious for this and it's common knowledge--Synthroid and Ritalin are two that spring to mind. Definitely call you doctor.
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The last time I refilled my prescription they gave me the generic and I thought it was a mistake. The pills are like 4 times the size, a different shape and different color. It didn't even say Bupropion, it says Budeprion (not sure if I spelled that right). After confirming that it was the new generic for Wellbutrin XL, I started looking around online. I found quite a few message boards with people saying that they were having problems with their symptoms coming back and having new side effects when they were switched to this generic. So, you are not alone in your experience.
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I found some types of generic gave me bad, bad heartburn and others were fine. I definitely think the absorption was different. Some are shiny and purple and some are white and rough.

You can talk to the pharmacist about ordering a different type of generic, there are more than type. Pharmacists are the go-to for that information.

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Generic version have to be bioequivalent to the original drug to be approved by the FDA. Generic drug must release its active ingredient into the bloodstream at the same speed and in the same amounts, and produce the same levels of drug in the blood over the time as the original drug. However, it is likely to have inactive ingredients that are different from those of the original drug. Also, LEGALLY, bioequivalence of different generic versions of a drug can vary up to 20% from the original drug.

I read on other boards that generics for Wellbutrin do not work as good as brand-name drug.
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I could take one of the generics but not the other. I think it was Budeprion is the one I can't take, but I could take Buproprion. It was crazy. My pharmacist said there should be no difference - but my body knew there was a difference.

Because of my trouble, my insurance company will cover the Well-Butrin XL 150. I don't have to take the generic.

Good luck!!!! I know this is frustrating.
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I've taken 3 different generics and the brand. Budeprion is the worst. After 2 weeks on it I was crying every day. By week 4 I was fighting with every one and then just quit taking it and have gone back to cutting myself and refusing therapy or any meds. If I'd been on even just bupropion for the last month, I wouldn't be the way I am right now- the impossible stuck place. Wellbutrin worked wonders for me, bupropion is better than nothing, but I need a ton of it, and budeprion should be taken off the market.
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My husband has been on and off wellbutrin. He is on it now and it is bupropion. interesting what you're saying about the budeprion, because that's what he was on when the episode happened that caused his diagnosis to be changed from depression to bipolar.

According to his doc, the budeprion does have more isses than the bupropion. You can always ask your doctor to write for brand name only if you think that's the issue. But you might need something other than just wellbutrin if you have bipolar. I haven't heard of it alone as a treatment
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I have been on the generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion) for about 6 weeks now and I have not noticed a difference at all!! I never thought that it could be the fact that it is generic, I thought maybe it was b/c I was on such a low dose? (75mg)

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