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Your favorite natural supplement for Depression???

GuavaGirl's Avatar GuavaGirl (TS)
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08-26-2008 | Posts: 1,443
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I've recently started taking an antidepressant. I have noticed a difference, but I just don't like taking prescription drugs and I was wondering which natural supplements you've had good luck with.

Thanks a lot!
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If you've noticed a difference on the anti-d, then why would you want to go off of it? Stick with the treatment and you will feel so much better. Nobody LOVES taking meds, but if you are feeling better and noticeably so, I would keep taking them. It's so worth it to feel better.
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I struggled with severe depression for YEARS, and it wasn't until I cut out food allergies and starting taking 2 TBSP a day of Cod Liver Oil when it disappeared. That was my experience... You might give it a shot! I'm now down to 1 TBSP a day of Cod Liver Oil, but will never go below that. And I have to eat very few grains - mostly good fats and proteins - to feel my best. Oh, and of course, running and yoga. Good luck!
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08-27-2008 | Posts: 2,670
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I have found 5-HTP and fish oil to be the most helpful. I personally wouldn't go off meds and on natural supplements without a professional's help. I see a naturopath for my depression and it has helped a lot.
leewd's Avatar leewd
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08-28-2008 | Posts: 983
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L-Tryptophan (yep, the stuff in Turkey).

Got it from The Mood Cure by Julia Ross.
DanishMom's Avatar DanishMom
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08-28-2008 | Posts: 879
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I love St. John's Wort. Its effect has been very well researched and compared to the effect of different kinds of SSRIs.

Here's a link:
Sileree's Avatar Sileree
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08-29-2008 | Posts: 1,011
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I second the fish oil. I don't respond to anti-depressants without them for some reason.
perl's Avatar perl
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08-29-2008 | Posts: 897
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Exercise and natural sunlight!

SleepyMamaBear's Avatar SleepyMamaBear
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08-29-2008 | Posts: 8,849
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i take 5-htp and it keeps me from going under
Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne
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Unfortunately it depends on *why* you are depressed, your specific biochemical processes. St. John's Wort is only effective if you have the neurotransmitter imbalance that is helped with SJW. You really need to know what's going on to treat it naturally, but it CAN be done. I just don't want you to try the supplements recommended and feel badly that you didn't have success. Depression is an imbalance. But you need to know of what and everyone is different.

I can absolutely understand you wanting to get off meds. There are things you can do that would be beneficial to anyone (more time outside, exercise, better diet etc.) but even in that-the diet you need may be very different than the diet *I* need. You really need to customize your plan to get the best results. An ND would be great for this, as would a holistic health counselor with the right training. Best of luck!
abomgardner417's Avatar abomgardner417
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09-08-2008 | Posts: 876
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I take fish oil, an adrenal fatigue fighter, and use Standard Process supplements including Drenamin (for adrenals), Thytrophin PMG (for thyroid support), and Prolamine Iodine as well as the multi-vitamin Catalyn. Very expensive but well worth not being on anti-depressants, which I did use as a temporary fix. And I second the exercise and sunlight. Iodine is extremely important but do not start a regime by yourself. You must see a chiro or naturopath...someone who can guide you through it because it has to be started slowly and weaned off of slowly.
FrannieP's Avatar FrannieP
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09-10-2008 | Posts: 936
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St. John's Wort & Passionflower are my favorites.
I absolutely LOVE MindSoothe which is a combination of both herbs in a therapeutic dosage. It's kinda spendy - but sometimes it's worth it!!!!
LadyMe's Avatar LadyMe
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09-11-2008 | Posts: 1
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Cut out refined sugar. On top of that, being the most important, I take fish oil and eat as naturally as possible. I've been diagnosed bi polar, being hospitalized three times and had a ton of different meds shoved down my throat. Making the changes I've made has made a drastic difference.
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