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Mommyintraining2's Avatar Mommyintraining2 07:04 AM 11-23-2008
She is 8 weeks but has had gas problems since birth. Exclusively breastfed. I have found some relief from her waking all night long with gas pains by giving her Colic Calm ( But her poops still often smell like skunk, not the sweet buttery popcorn smell my other two kids had.

Any thoughts?:

Patrick's mummy's Avatar Patrick's mummy 06:09 PM 11-23-2008
Could your baby have an allergy to something? My DD's poo smells weird when I eat dairy and has intolerable gas. We've cut out the dairy
mama_tigress's Avatar mama_tigress 06:38 PM 11-23-2008
I also second the allergy thing. It could be that. It could also just be random. All of my babies have at times had stinky poops, and DS1 almost always had green poop. It is probably related to what I eat, but not an allergy. I did a strict elimination diet with DS1 and nothing changed at all. But if she's uncomfortable, it can't hurt to try to pinpoint a dietary reason. Good luck!