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We were mostly fine with the practice of waiting until DD was in deep sleep (limp limbs) and then putting her in the crib. Now, she wakes as soon and put her down, if not when she's 6 inches from her mattress. When I say crib, I mean anywhere that is not in arms or on us (sling or wrap).

Putting her in the crib awake or sleepy but awake does not work, as she still needs considerable help from us to fall asleep.

This translates to hours and hours of cycling through soothing, having her sleep in arms, and attempting to put her down. Plus, on the lucky occasion that she does not cry when we put her down, it is often only minutes before she is upset. Or she sleeps for 20 minutes and is upset and won't go back to sleep!

We use white noise, swaddle, sometimes prop her up on her side, try to soothe her while she is still in the crib, tried the paci. She is in a terrible cycle that causes overtiredness and we don't know what to do! We will not do CIO, and we will not co-sleep. DD's crib is a portable sized one that is pushed right up against our bed, but she sleeps perpendicular to us. We live in a very small apt and it won't fit any other way. Our bed is also very small, there often seems there is not enough room for DH and I, LO cannot safely join us.

I have referenced the following books without gaining much:
Dr. Sears' Sleep Book
Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child
No-Cry Sleep Solution
Sleepeasy Solution
90-Minute Baby Sleep Program
The Happiest Baby on the Block

We are at wit's end! Please, if you have any advice at all, chime in!!!

-Me(35), DH(37), DD1(10/21/08), DD2(4/30/11)
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From my experience, co-sleeping, which is recommended by Sears and Pantley (no cry sleep solution) really would be helpful. Unfortunately some babies need to be near an adult heartbeat and breathing rythms in order to stay asleep.

I hope you can find a solution soon. Maybe one of those heartbeat bears? or record ourself or DP sleeping, and play it next to the crib?

Also, if you put your bed on the floor, and the crib matress on the floor next to your side, you'd have more space, but could still sleep close enough to make a difference.

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do you have a bouncy seat? my guy slept in his vibrating bouncy seat for the first two months or so. i was worried he would never sleep in his crib but he transitioned just fine. also, since your LO isn't rolling over yet have you tried laying her on a cushy blanket and then swaddling? I know you are not supposed to but it could be the mattress is too hard for her and she isn't cozy.

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Nursing to sleep and not moving is really the only thing that works well with DD. We did NOT intend to co-sleep (I was terrified of sleeping with a tiny newborn), but we were exhausted and she fell asleep there and stayed there!

If you really don't want to, try putting your child on a mattress on the floor. You can lie down next to her and nurse to sleep and then creep away (at least see if that works, DD needs us right there with her, or she wakes up again) Otherwise, as PP said, your mattress o the floor as well, so you can just roll away, but still be close enough for breathing and heartbeat.
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put an air purifier in the room - the white noise worked well w/DD1. Do you have a mama bear? The womb sounds thing. Unfortunately w/ DD2 we ended up cosleeping. I didn't want to I was scared to death she'd get smothered or fall out of bed, but we were not getting any sleep. Usually in the middle of the night she would finally be asleep enough we could move her. Also are you making sure she is totally fed. Sometimes you have to wake them up a little to get them to keep eating until you try to rouse them and they sleep through it.
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do you have an infant carseat? ds2 will sometimes stay asleep for some time if put in his infant carseat. he won't stay asleep for as long in his bouncy seat (and not at all with the vibration on.) or a swing. if you have the budget, you could try one of those floating bassinet type deals. i don't know what exactly they are called, but they hang either from the ceiling or from a stand and they move in response to the baby's motion. i have seen one advertised here on mdc that can be used for several years, iirc. another option, if nothing else works, is to just put your mattress on the floor and get a twin size to make room for more sleeping space. i know you said you live in a small apartment, but i think even if it means having to move your dresser out to the living room or something for the time being, it is worth it for a good night's sleep.

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Mine was like this in the beginning. Seriously, getting her put down asleep was impossible. Honestly, what we did was stop trying to put her down. We hadn't planned on co-sleeping, but it's what worked so thats what we did.

She slept on me till I was ready to go to bed, then she came to bed with me. I slept with her tucked up next to me. Her head was about boob height and I kept the covers away from her face.

Now at 9 months, if we wait till she's deeply asleep, we can put her down. That whole put them down while drowsy but awake thing, so not working here. Now I nurse her to sleep and put her down in her bed thats right next to ours. She wakes between 1-3, I wake long enough to pull her into bed and latch her on, then go back to sleep. She also nurses around 5-6, I sleep through that most nights.

, hope you find something that works for you. Not sleeping is very hard.

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Our DS is 7 months now and we have always coslept, however at around the one month mark I was ready for him to be able to take his naps in his crib (instead of on me). He goes through phases where he is very easy to put down, sometimes even falling asleep on his own after playing quietly in his crib for a while, to days where he is literally screaming when we try to put him down, even waking up and screaming after being fully asleep. I've realized that at least two things seem to affect this: 1) If he is overtired he is MUCH harder to put down, so we try to make sure he gets enough sleep throughout the day (including car rides, etc.). And 2) He needs a certain amount of physical contact with us. In the beginning I would basically nurse him and carry him around in the sling all day, so when it was time to put him down he went willingly. Now that he's more active and awake longer, I've noticed that if I haven't been carrying him in the carrier as much or spent enough quality time cuddling and playing with him he refuses to go down at all. It's like he knows what he needs from us and will not go down for a nap alone until he's secure again. Not sure if I'm making sense, but we basically try to listen to him and give him the physical affection he needs each day, and he is a much happier baby. Plus it forces me to slow down and really enjoy him at each stage that he's in before he moves onto the next!

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