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what does gastro poop look like?

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Hi, messy question i know, but I read in the Sears baby book that diarrhea from stomach bugs/gastro is supposed to be green and runny, but my 14 m.o. has had semi-solid kind of 'sticky' poop the last 3 days that is more yellow than normal. normally it is brown and pretty solid, falls off the diaper in one piece. Now there's so much of it! She went off eating for one day, then the next day ate a little, then the third day ate heaps and her poop was normal. but the fourth day, though she was eating normally again her poop suddenly went back to the funny yellowish sticky semi solid stuff. What's going on?
Could it be allergy? We did give her sprouted wheat bread for the first time, her first wheat, which we haven't given since. My dh and I have also had what we think was food poisoning but perhaps it was gastro. We got it after dd.
What do you guys do for such things, if it is gastro? Does it go away without treatment, just simple food? How long does it take to heal? I'm worried she may be losing weight.
Thanks in anticipation of your replies,
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