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My DS has his first tooth coming in! Lately he has been biting, HARD, when nursing. Any suggestions for getting this to stop? I don't want to scare him by shouting "no" or something... but it is hard to not yelp a little bit.

My mom said now is the time to ween him. I'm not into that idea... and neither is baby!

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Put your finger in his mouth detach him from nursing, say 'biting hurts mommy'. I give my daughter three tries and she's done nursing and I put her down to accompany the 'biting hurts' statement. Now that she's got real teeth though YEOCH! If you don't think he's actually hungry, I'd try giving a toy for chewing as an alternative.

I also found earlier that my baby was chomping down because my let down was too much for her, so I changed nursing positions at night when it was worst to me lying on my back and my baby on top of me face down. Then she stopped chomping. Just something to consider

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We have had trouble with this, too. It seems like the biting starts every time DD is working on a new set of teeth-- around 6 months when she got the bottom two, she started chomping. I had heard that you could smoosh their face into the breast to get them to pop off, but I never seemed to have the presence of mind to remember to do that. Somehow, when trying to break the latch with my finger I always managed to poke her gums and make things worse.

My advice would be as calmly as possible to break the latch (gently in whatever way works for you!) and maybe set your baby down beside you, saying, "no, we don't bite mommy." I usually resumed nursing after a few moments and it did take a few times.

I thought we were over it, but then along came teeth #3 & 4, and we had a couple more instances of biting, and a couple more reminders. Things have improved, though.

I would definitely not wean at this point, especially over a little biting. (Even though it DOES hurt!). My MIL stopped nursing her first after being bitten (and didn't nurse either of her other 2 children at all)...she's been asking me pretty regularly whether I've been bitten yet, and I just reply, "oh, yes, and we've had a little talk about it!"
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Same problem here. I put my finger in her mouth as well and tell her "ouch! that hurts!" She always looks up at me surprised and a little confused. lol. Hopefully she'll get it soon enough.

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