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katmann's Avatar katmann 02:10 PM 01-27-2009
The first is, 2 week old DS has developed what looks like a tiny blister on his upper lip, right in the middle. Could this be from nursing? It doesn't seem to bother him, and I have no intention of bothering it, but it's a little worrisome anyway.

Question 2 is about his belly button. It seems like our MW cut the cord a ways out from his belly, like a fingers' width. So it sticks way out, and we're wondering if it will go back in.

Thanks in Advance!

lifeguard's Avatar lifeguard 02:38 PM 01-27-2009
My ds used to get a little white spot on his top lip right in the middle. Usually it would fall off after a few days & then start again. He no longer gets it. My Mom called it a nursing tooth?!

I'm not sure what you mean by the belly button. The umbilical cord is usually cut an inch or two from the baby's body & then clamped & tied. With time the umbilical cord falls off & the "opening" left is the actual belly button. Does that help?
chambom's Avatar chambom 03:00 PM 01-27-2009
My DD got the same white on her upper lip. It would seem to peel and then come back.
blind_otter's Avatar blind_otter 03:04 PM 01-27-2009
DS had the blister on his upper lip. I think that a lot of newborns get that because their mouths are so tiny that the latch can be hard. Once DS got bigger, the blister went away. No biggie.

The umbilical stump should dry up and fall off, leaving a cut little belly button behind. Make sure to clean the area with a little witch hazel when you give a sponge bath every now and then, and make sure the area gets open air and isn't covered up by the diaper.
katmann's Avatar katmann 08:59 PM 01-27-2009
Well, his cord already fell off, so it's just the actual belly button now, which is healing nicely. It just sticks out so far (like, farther than an actual outie) that we were wondering if this is unusual and if it will recede into his belly.

Thanks for the blister feedback. Mostly he's fine, it's just that he's our first so we are curious about all these little things going on with his body.
Bluegoat's Avatar Bluegoat 09:53 PM 01-27-2009
Mny babies have a bit of an umbilical hernia, could that be what you are describing? If so it's not a big deal as long as the baby is not uncomfortable. Point it out to your doctor who will monitor it, but most close over on their own by the time the child is 3 or so. If it stays open, it can be closed surgically.
wild fire child's Avatar wild fire child 08:01 AM 01-28-2009
My DS's cord stump was very far out from his belly, when the stump fell off it was between 1 and 2 centimeters long, and looked very open and seepy. The doctors did say he had a tiny umbilical hernia that they expected would heal within a few months. Now (7 weeks) it is farther in, but still sticks out more than an outie. I expect it to recede the rest of the way, though I do think he will always have an outie.
leosmommy's Avatar leosmommy 08:21 AM 01-28-2009
IDK about the belly button thing, but as PP said, the blister on the top lip is perfectly normal for a BF baby. DS gets them all the time...and he's 9 months!