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This was never an issue with dd1. we never did wbv with her, she was ebf til she was 8-9 and was always on the larger side for her age

dd2 is very different. i believe she takes after my husbands side (MIL and 2 SILs are around 5ft). She was in the level II nursery after her birth 6m ago for a while and had some nursing issues (a few strikes at a very young age), she's also very high needs. for those reasons, and because we now have MA, we've been taking her for her scheduled wbv just to monitor her and her growth. at 2 and 4m (i can't recall the exact weights off the top of my head) she was right around the 50th %tile (8lb6oz at birth). we took her in yesterday on her 6m birthday and she's dropped down to the 16th %tile, weighing in at 14lb3oz. the dr wanted me to start her on solids right away (i wanted to wait) and said if she doesn't pick up by 9m i am to put her on formula - i guess this is why i didn't do wbv with dd1, who thrived on my milk. he's concerned because she's crossed 2 'curves'. when i got home i did a little research and saw some ebf curves, and according to them she's only crossed one. she's meeting milestones ok (not sitting yet though) and her lenght and head circ have more or less followed the curve she was on

i tried a little baby food with her, she's clearly not ready. I am really worried that if i don't take her back, and if we do and he's not happy with her gain, that we're going to be flagged for FTT (we don't vax either).

anyone btdt?
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I'm in the same boat...my DD, now 7mos, has been dropping down at every WBV. She is currently in the 14th percentile but started in the 80's. Dr hasn't been concerned yet but did say at the 6mo check that she has plateued and we will watch to see if it goes back up at 9mos.

Breast milk has more calories per ounce than other food. So adding solids will not necessarily help weight gain. The exception is avocado, which does have more calories than breast milk. My DD LOVES avocado!! (My son did not. lol)

For the sake of introducing solids (not for the sake of weight gain) I would continue introducing solids here and there. It can take several introductions fo ra baby to "get it" and like something and want to keep trying. At first, it seemed like my DD wasn't much ready either. After a couple of times she was for it. I don't do baby food or spoon feeding though. We let baby self feed so I give her little chunks of soft banana and soft avocado to pick up and "chew" in her mouth. I have also given a whole soft pear and she holds it agaisnt her high chair tray and mushes peices off of it to eat. Soft sweet potato is a good food to try too. But don't let her first introduction lead you to think that she's totally not ready. She might be ready or she might not. But the first introduction is so new and foriegn that its almost always going to look like they aren't ready because they may not quite get it yet.

Good luck. I'm interested in your next WBV. Mine too! DD is developing so well and is social and happy so all signs point to that she is a-okay. Her weight just isn't "normal". I've explored it lots and so far don't feel the need to look into things any more than I have. So we'll see.
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I think it's normal for babies to slow down on their weight gain especially once they become mobile, crawling, etc. As long as they are not loosing weight. And solids wouldn't solve the "problem" since bm is so caloric and nutrient rich.
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I wouldn't worry too much, but I would start paying attention to if she's wetting enough, if her urine seems a little dark or strong smelling, etc, just to make she she's getting enough when she does nurse.
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I was just wondering if your wee one had grown taller during this time. At DD's 6-month she'd fallen in the weight percentile, but gotten taller the same percentage that she'd "lost" in weight. I just tell people she's putting all her energy into talking, scooting, sitting, and just taking in the world.

Unless your mommy gut is telling you something is wrong, it's okay to smile and nod and just take the advice the pp gave you.
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Originally Posted by J2 View Post
Breast milk has more calories per ounce than other food. So adding solids will not necessarily help weight gain.

I would try boosting your supply and making sure she's nursing PLENTY. Fenugreek, oatmeal, plenty of water and good nutrition for you can all help get your supply up, and of course frequent nursing/pumping too.

While I'm not one for WBVs or growth curves, that does sound like a pretty steep drop-off, so I'd work hard to make sure she's nursing a lot. They're very distractable at this age, so try nursing in a dark boring room...or even pump and give her a bottle (as an experiment).

I would NOT give solids just to get her weight up.

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We're in the same boat, but possibly worse. DS is 7 months, and at his last check up we discovered he'd fallen way off the curve, and this was off of a curve that was already well below the 5 percentile range.

In the weeks following birth, he had gone from the 15th percentile down to below the 5th, but after that he chugged right along on that curve, and so the ped felt everything was okay. Note she has certification as a lactation consultant and has never once mentioned the word 'formula.' But this time he gained only 3 ounces in two months! She said we'd have to call it 'failure to thrive' at this point.

(He's thriving in every way except weight. He's super happy & social, meeting his developmental milestones, his height is in the 15th percentile, head circumference is somewhere between the 25th and 50th...)

Still, no mention of formula. Just advice to get as many calories into him as possible, to start introducing solids, and to come back in a month for a weight check. There was no way I was going to wait a month to find out if he was gaining - I went onto Amazon and bought a baby scale right away (the Health o meter for kids in case you're interested - I really like it!).

After he turned 6 months I'd given him a little banana and avocado on occasion just to gauge his interest level. At that time he didn't seem very interested and so I figured I'd wait a few more weeks. After this doctor visit, I tried the solid foods again, and he's really into them now. I've given him banana & avocado, carrot & apple puree, and today, sweet potato & broccoli blended with a little breast milk and butter. I mash some things and the rest I puree with my hand held immersion blender. I know the purees aren't very popular here, but I just want to feed my little guy in any way I can at this point, and it worked. I'll offer him finger foods soon as well.

We're breastfeeding more, not less now. I'm staying home and nursing through the day instead of taking him out for hikes or errands. (While I'll nurse in the car or in public, when we're out and about I find we go longer between feedings, and the feedings sometimes aren't as long.) About twice a day, in between nursing, I offer solids. They are in addition to the breast milk, not supplanting.

So far it seems to be working. At our appointment last Friday he weighed 11 pounds 7 ounces. Today he weighed 11 pounds 12 and a half ounces, so he's gained 5 and a half ounces in just a week.

By the way, as a baby I was also teeny tiny, only slightly heavier than DS at this age. And I was formula fed, so it wasn't an issue with milk supply. So I believe genetics really plays a role. He's so happy and healthy in every other respect, I'm not convinced there is a problem. But nonetheless, I feel like I need to get more calories into him just to be sure that he is able to do the growing he needs to do.

As for your concerns about the next visit, I recommend getting a baby scale. That way you'll be able to monitor whether whatever you decide to do, is having the effect you want it to have. I find it very reassuring. And there won't be any surprises at the doctor's office next time. We paid $70 something at Amazon for the one we got, but there was another highly rated scale for $50 something as well, if the money is a concern.

Though some here might disagree, just based on our experience, I suggest you continue to offer solids - your little one might not be ready this week, but this can change fast. And the solids can boost your LO's overall calorie intake if they supplement rather than replace breast milk, as illustrated by the graph on this page from Kellymom. Good luck! I'm sure everything is going to be fine.

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thanks so much for all the replies.

her head circ has remained pretty constant in terms of growth. she's growing in length, but that too is falling slightly. however, i would expect that from looking at dh's family (i mentioned they are all pretty short). she's a very high needs baby, but doesn't seem to be failing milestones. she can only sit for very short periods but sitting, like most other things, piss her off after a while so she doesn't get much practice

part of me feels like she's ok, but i was very shocked to hear how her weight gain had dropped. dd1, when we finally took her to a doc for preschool entry exam was in the 95th % for height and close to that for weight, she's always been a big girl and it seems so odd to have such a small baby after her. we tried regular baby food with the little one (never did that with dd1 as she was older when we started and went straight to 'food') and she's not all that into it, she spits out most of it and tonight, after i tried some of the banana - holy cow is that stuff sweet! - i decided to lay off the jarred stuff altogether. I mashed some steamed sweet potato with bm and she wasn't into that either! maybe i'll wait a week or so and then try some avocado or organic whole yogurt

eta: J2, your dd sounds a lot like mine. glad your ped is ok with it. i loved my fp doc, note LOVED. he was my OB and was very laid back about all my 'strange' birth plan ideas. he's not atall happy with her weight gain and when i told him about her high needs nature, his solution was to "put her in daycare...." : maybe i just need a new doc...
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