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nerdymom's Avatar nerdymom 02:20 PM 05-14-2009
Coffee is my vice. I love love love coffee. DH is Dutch and we're both addicted to strong coffee at all times of the day. I drank 1 cup every morning throughout my pregnancy, I just couldn't give it up. DH makes it so strong that we have known Americans to choke and sputter on it, and my parents won't drink it. DS loves to taste what we eat, and he really likes to sip out of my glass. Surprisingly, he enjoys the strong black coffee more than just about anything else! I actually have had to start limiting him, because he will just drink and drink and drink which while adorable is probably not the best thing for him. And it doesn't seem to affect his morning nap at all, since he is has been asleep for about an hour now. DS also appears to enjoy food with lots of garlic and ginger. Anyone else have an LO with more "grown up" tastebuds?

katiesk's Avatar katiesk 02:51 PM 05-14-2009
yes. mine love to dip her fingers in my coffee and lick them...or offer them to me to lick. she also loves strongly flavored food.
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 06:22 PM 05-14-2009
If you eat something through your entire pregnancy and BF relationship, the chances are good that your child is going to like it too - it's familiar to them.

That being said, I'd be worried about caffeine, because it takes a LOT longer for caffeine to flush out of a baby's system than it does out of an adult's.
hrsmom's Avatar hrsmom 06:57 PM 05-14-2009
My babe eats things I don't even like- green onion and pickles to name two. She enjoyed the pickled garlic we let her try on Easter also. (That was yummy!) I figure she's either too little to be a picky eater or just isn't.
battymama's Avatar battymama 01:31 AM 05-15-2009
Mine loves wasabi, and curry, hot curry too.
butterfly_mommy's Avatar butterfly_mommy 04:47 PM 05-15-2009
My babe has always loved strong flavours. Last night he enjoyed an all natural hot Italian sausage with garlic tatziki sauce :
calebsmommy25's Avatar calebsmommy25 04:54 PM 05-15-2009
Originally Posted by battymama View Post
Mine loves wasabi, and curry, hot curry too.
My lo loves curry too, any spicy food for that matter. He loves black beans, and loves to drink our homemade juice--his favorite is our mix of carrot, celery, beet and apple! Most of my adult friends won't even touch it.
hrsmom's Avatar hrsmom 10:35 PM 05-15-2009
Wow on the wasabi! I wonder if my babe would... probably! I wanted to add that she also likes green olives, which I don't care for either! My friend made me a salad the other day, and my babe at all the goodies that I didn't like (the olives and the onions) and so I was able to return an empty bowl!
frontierpsych's Avatar frontierpsych 10:37 PM 05-15-2009
My DS loves saurkraut but does not care for bananas, which is kind of strange. He hasn't gotten his hands on any coffee, but he sure tries!!
kalamos23's Avatar kalamos23 11:54 PM 05-15-2009
My baby loves strong food flavors too - and I just have to say how much I miss strong Dutch coffee!
boringscreenname's Avatar boringscreenname 12:54 AM 05-16-2009
DS is dying to get his hands on our Starbucks. He tries to steal our cups, and then whines when we don't give him any. We only get it when we go grocery shopping and the last grocery trip was long, because he wouldn't stop whining for coffee. He was finally satisfied by holding the empty cups.
vixenicolet's Avatar vixenicolet 06:02 AM 05-21-2009
wow. Im addicted to coffee too, have to have it every day. I would never let my baby even get a lick of it though. Caffeine drains the body of water. Not good for your growing baby at all!!
averlee's Avatar averlee 06:06 AM 05-21-2009
my daughter loves coffee too! I order a decaf whole milk latte and let her have as much as she wants.
Ola_'s Avatar Ola_ 02:41 PM 05-21-2009
Originally Posted by averlee View Post
my daughter loves coffee too! I order a decaf whole milk latte and let her have as much as she wants.
Are you aware that decaf coffee is not caffeine free? If I recall correctly decaf coffee has about 10-15 mg vs. about 85 mg for regular. It depends on the coffee of course.
nerdymom's Avatar nerdymom 02:47 PM 05-21-2009
I think a couple of teaspoons sipped out of a parents cup is fine. It's not like you are filling their bottles with it.

Averlee, I would be more worried about potential dairy sensitivity than the tiny bit of caffiene that decaf contains.

And I am really surprised about the wasabi too! Lol maybe in a few months DS will be eating sushi like his parents...the spicier the better. That would be funny.
crabbyowl's Avatar crabbyowl 02:13 PM 05-22-2009
I've got a budding chocoholic here - it's actually one of only two foods she hasn't gagged on so far! : (The other is a "normal" baby food.)
Hannah Frye's Avatar Hannah Frye 06:50 PM 09-26-2012

I know this is an old thread but my baby loves coffee too! I don't let him sit there and drink it or anything.... It started as me just giving him a taste because he seemed curious one day when I was having a cup and he loved it so much he wants some every time I have some. I'm glad to know that other moms have let their babies taste coffee because I felt bad at first! lol. But he's getting a bit from the boobs anyway, and I drank it some when I was pregnant. So I give him a sip or two if I'm drinking it and he wants some. Sometimes he doesn't even ask for any.

Ratchet's Avatar Ratchet 07:33 AM 09-27-2012

My DD is curious about coffee, probably b/c we drink it so much.  She was born 3 month early and they gave her 7mg/kg/day of caffeine- which, by weight, was more caffeine than the 2 mugs of coffee I drink each day.  And she still slept all the time.  Some people are really sensitive to it, and I guess here in our family we are not.