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My Baby Refuses to Crawl, HELP!!

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My 9.5 mo DS has never liked tummy time. He cries and I pick him up. Flash forward to now - he still hates being on his tummy and has no interest in crawling. He has started cruising on the furniture and will walk if I hold his hand. I really wasn't that concerned until my MIL got really upset with me for not forcing him to crawl. She says he will be developmentally messed up by not learning to crawl first. Does anyone know about this? or have a babe that walked before crawling?? How can I force my baby to crawl? I dont want to leave him by himself in a room and let him "figure" it out like my MIL suggests! Advice Please!!!
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eh, chill.

I never crawled- went straight to walking. Lots of babies do. It's fine.

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From all that I read when DD was little, crawling is not important. It's developmentally important for babies to figure out a way to get from place to place, but the HOW doesn't matter. My mom never crawled--she rolled. My friend's baby scooted on his bum instead of crawling. Sounds like your babe is skipping straight to cruising--that's just smart! Don't let anyone tell you it's the end of the world if your baby doesn't crawl. Why would it matter, if he's already getting the hang of walking?
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my daughter walked before crawling. i heard about developmental issues too. i did do some cross over exercises with her (like, matching right hand to left foot, etc) while changing a diaper or other times.
she's only 3 now, but i haven't noticed any developmental problems or anything with her. she did eventually crawl- just not in the "normal" order.
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I *could* be a sign of poor hand eye co-ordination but most likely is perfectly normal. Not all babies crawl as PP's have said, what is important is that they figure out some way to get around. I have a niece that never crawled and she happens to be legally blind in one eye and also in the gifted program at school. Not sure if any of it is connected though.
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You can't really force a baby to crawl. What exactly does your MIL propose? I don't get that.

There was a belief at one point, and probably when she had little kids, that if your baby skipped crawling that there would be terrible consequences. But then people followed the non-crawlers, and apparently it wasn't the case after all. But I imagine it's based on something she heard 25 or 30 years ago.

Both my mom and MIL made comments about what good crawlers my kids were (and still is in one case) because they said it showed they'd have good coordination. And #1 has painfully terrible coordination anyway. If she hadn't crawled, I imagine they would have blamed it on her not crawling. I rolled my eyes at them, but yes I would have been beside myself if I'd been in your position. I think all you can do is let it roll off your back. You won't change her mind, so I don't know if it's worth arguing, and one way or another the point will be moot pretty soon.
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don't let your MIL cause you to worry.
it's AOK.
your LO is not "refusing" to crawl and sure as h*ll doesn't need to be "forced" to do it.
babies develop in all different ways and, as others wrote, some roll or scoot & skip crawling.
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I read that all babies follow the same basic developmental progression (albeit on their own time scale) EXCEPT for crawling. Because of the whole "back to sleep" campaign, babies get less tummy time/floor time and therefore some go straight to walking and skip the crawling phase. I've heard something vaguely about left-right brain coordination and crawling, but I'm sure you could a) look up if that's actually true; b) do other games/exercises to develop that. But I really wouldn't worry. And you certainly can't FORCE your baby to crawl. AND, btw, 9 1/2 months could just be early. I remember thinking my daughter was going to skip crawling and go to walking because she was cruising before she was crawling (so was my son who is your baby's age). But she just crawled late and for a short period. I think she started crawling at 10 1/2 months or so and started walking a little after 11 months. My son was cruising by 7 months but only started crawling about a month ago; now he crawls everywhere. Your baby might just be taking his/her time.
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Some children just like to do other things - DD liked to be upright, she cruised furniture at 5 months, but didn't crawl until close to 9 months, and didn't sit DOWN (from crawling, on her knees) until after that. First a couple of months later did she actually sit down on her bottom. Her coordination at 19 months is better than mine, and she is an excellent climber, crawler, roller etc!
She really hated tummy time, btw.
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I know several children who have never crawled. Hasnt been an issue all the kids ( who are now older) are smart and athletic. You cant MAKE a baby crawl just like you cant make them walk sooner than they are ready.
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I have heard that a lack of crawling can mess with neurons in the brain and right and left brain coordination. But, lots of kids skip it and they turn out just fine. My brother skipped it and he's healthy and smart to this day.

If you're really really concerned I'm sure you can create games when they're older that involve crawling, it will still do that same thing. Also 9.5 months is young still and crawling may still happen! Don't worry and ignore your MIL. If she's really stressing you just calmly explain that you don't need to hear that right now.
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My DS didn't crawl until well after a year and it did turn out to be kind of a big deal, BUT he also had other things wrong - he wouldn't bear weight on his legs, couldn't sit unassisted, couldn't even army crawl until close to a year, wasn't cruising along furniture, etc. Turns out he had a gross motor delay, is in physical therapy, and is catching up. As long as your DS isn't showing other signs of delay I'd just let it go. If anything, check and see if your county has some sort of an evaluation program for babies, our is called the Follow-Along Program and when you sign up they send out questionnaires about what they're doing and they have county health evaluate them and let you know if there's something that needs following up. That's how we ended up with PT.
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I never crawled either. I rolled until I started pulling up on things and progressed to walking. My 7 month old DD army crawls and rolls everywhere but hasn't crawled yet. I wouldn't be surprised if she does the same thing I did. She seems to prefer to roll everywhere and try to pull up on things.
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From what I have read, the main concern with crawling is developing those muscles... to support the body. As long as your babe is able to support himself off the ground, I wouldn't worry. I have heard of people doing the opposite... forcing their babies to work on walking from an early age. As in, skipping tummy time alltogether and going straight to forcing them to stand. I know of one case in particular where the baby did have poor muscle development because of it. But I don't think you're forcing your baby to do anything. I wouldn't worry about it! All babies develop in different ways.
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Neither of mine crawled and at age 5 and 8 they are both brilliant
They preferred to scoot to where they needed to be - pretty smart. They were able to travel and hold something at the same time.

Anyway, crawling is not a developmental milestone, despite what grandmas try to tell us.
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My youngest sister preferred to scoot. she maybe crawled once or twice but mostly went straight to cruising furniture then walking. She's turning 19 now and was never developmentally delayed.
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[QUOTE=bronxmom;14532745 Because of the whole "back to sleep" campaign, babies get less tummy time/floor time and therefore some go straight to walking and skip the crawling phase. [/QUOTE]

Makes sense. I switched my DS to his belly to sleep at 6 weeks (sshhh don't tell my ped, lol). He just has never been a fan of "floor time." He always preferred to be worn or held and I preferred it that way as well.

Thanks for all your responses and for reassuring me that my LO will be just fine!
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Glad you got some peace about this.

I "crawled" on my hands and FEET (no knees). My sister didn't crawl. It happens. We are totally normal. Your MIL needs some Dr. Spock and a glass of chill.
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My first child's pediatrician had some great advice for first time parents I want to share with you.

1. Nothing but breast milk for the first 6 months
2. Read to him every day
3. Don't listen to your mother
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Originally Posted by artgoddess View Post
My first child's pediatrician had some great advice for first time parents I want to share with you.

1. Nothing but breast milk for the first 6 months
2. Read to him every day
3. Don't listen to your mother
I love it!!!

To the OP: my baby is a wicked fast crawler at 8 months, but she never wanted to sit up until now. I always felt weird that she wouldn't sit up, but I think it's ok. As your baby is obviously fine too.. one thing my mom likes to say (that I listen to) is that babies are not like cans of peas on the shelf, they are all different!
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my son rolled and cruised (walking on furniture) all over the house for months before crawling. He only actually crawled for about 2m. Ever since he started walking, the day after he turned 1, he has always had exceptional fine and gross motor skills. He's almost 5 now and extremely physical. And he's still a really good roller! I wouldn't worry about it.

And the title of the thread makes me laugh, like the baby sat up and said, "I refuse". LOL, that sounds more like a toddler than a baby!
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