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Barefoot~Baker's Avatar Barefoot~Baker 10:18 AM 12-23-2009
I was going to take the high chair at my mom's house for my boy, but when I put him in it it makes me nervous, the sides don't look like they contain him enough. I put the belt on him, but his upper body is still wobbly (he's almost 5 months, not sitting up on his own yet).

Like I said he's almost 5 months, and he's around 20 lbs now.

Any recommendations?

sunshynbaby's Avatar sunshynbaby 01:44 PM 12-23-2009
We skipped the high chair and got this: http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-H...1583090&sr=8-1

He's four months (and 18 pounds!) and already likes to sit in it to watch his daddy work in the kitchen. I like these booster seats (we had them for my nephews too - all big babies) because they are easier to clean and portable.
pumpkinhead's Avatar pumpkinhead 01:49 PM 12-23-2009
I used a booster seat instead as well. I got one of the First Year type that can recline for teeny ones and ds "sat" at the table with us from about 6 weeks on. I'd just swaddle him up, recline it as far back as it would go with a blanket underneath him and it was a great place to put him for a few seconds or minutes while we ate. Later, it was a place for him to play while we ate. He didn't actually use it for eating until he was over 7 months .
Barefoot~Baker's Avatar Barefoot~Baker 08:47 AM 12-24-2009
I'd never thought of using the booster for him until later on lol! I asked my dh to get our old one out of the garage, I think it will be perfect and will save us spending $$$ on a highchair! Thanks!
Barefoot~Baker's Avatar Barefoot~Baker 11:01 PM 01-01-2010
Well I must say he has a pretty big gut lol but he's getting on ok in it:


lach's Avatar lach 11:10 PM 01-01-2010
The $15 molded plastic one from Ikea is the BEST. It's small, sturdy, the easiest thing in the universe to clean, and both of my kids have been huge and happy in the high chair for ages. There's a separate tray which I like when they're really little, because it's easy to clean, and then it snaps off and the high chair comes right up to the table for when they're a bit older and neater.

We had another high chair and hated how hard it was to clean and how huge it was. We have a big kitchen, but somehow the old one managed to take up 1/2 of it. We'd always used this one when we went to Ikea and ate in the cafe, so one day we bought it and haven't looked back.
pumpkinhead's Avatar pumpkinhead 06:13 PM 01-02-2010
Originally Posted by Mrs. Turner View Post
Well I must say he has a pretty big gut lol but he's getting on ok in it:


That's the one we used with ds. Your little guy is a cutie pie .
Barefoot~Baker's Avatar Barefoot~Baker 11:34 PM 01-02-2010