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This seems so silly now... Before DS was born, I was insistent that we would steer him from any commercial icons, particularly anything by Disney. Today, he was watching his favorite DVD - Thomas the Train, while wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas and holding his favorite lovey - a Tigger. Oh well, I can still hope to avoid Spongebob. Eek!

Married to Tony 6/07. Mommy to Jude 4/08 and Gemma 4/11.
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Exclusive breastfeeding. I fought long and hard, but in the end, I lost.

No TV. I never plop her in front of it or anything, but it's always on, and dang, the girl loves football! (And Deadliest Catch!)

I'm Kellie :, married to Chris , and mom to one baby girl (7/12/09).
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I think the limited plastic toys lasted till Grandma went shopping,
The no sugar lasted till DD discovered toast with jam, but she only eats that once in a while.
No dairy till at least a year, turns out she loves yogurt and cheese, she really loves cheese.
Planned to BW all the time turns out DD hated the wrap I got but I made a Mei tai and use it when shopping, it was awesome in Mexico.
Wanted to start saving $ for her, so far she is almost 10 months and haven't saved more than a few dollars.

I did EBF till 6 months and plan to continue BF till at least 2 years I would love to try BLW but I have to family support for that, they all think that 6 months to a year is plenty, and have desided I'm insane.
Started cloth diapering at around 3 months and started EC at 6-7 weeks together they made an awesome pairing for me.

I'm sure there is more thats all I can think of for now!!

Proud nursing SAHM to EC'd DD March 25/09! Wife to Truck Driving DH March 1/06!
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paci's - we got one in the hospital, and thankfully, DS goes really well from binky to breast, to bottle

I thought I wouldn't pump until I returned to work at 7 weeks PP; Had to break it out 3 or 4 days PP to get through engorgement; I was so full my nipples were flat and he just couldn't latch. I also thought I would just pump so he COULD latch, and still do all the feedings by the breast; that lasted only one day beyond breaking out the pump. He still gets most feedings by breast, but he does get 2-3 bottles a day when I am at work, and 1-2 when I WAHM, or on the weekends.

co-sleeping - we have the arm's reach, and I thought I would use just that and not bring the baby in with us. and the baby would nap in his crib. Yeah right. he does use the co-sleeper alot now, but does usually end up in bed with us towards morning for his first feeding. I am just surprised how much DH loves co sleeping. I thought it would freak him out. and the DS naps on his playmat on the living room floor. The crib is gorgeous; my dad built it for us, I think we will use it eventually . . . I really hope so!

This is our first, so we'll see how we progress with the next ones!

Katrina - Mama to Gabriel 11/20/2009 and Norah 10/11/2011 and Theo03/11/2013- married to Wayne -
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Off the top of my head?

Free time, sanity, staying on top of the laundry, concerts, high heels, my hair, staying the he!! away from my mother, not ordering takeout all the time, promising my dogs that they would get just as much attention as before, ditto the cat, studying for finals more than an hour before they're due to start, traveling, going to the bathroom alone, showering more than once a week, never bringing store-bought anything to the bake sale.

The last one kind of hurts the most.
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Mine are older now, but I gave up on cloth diapers. I was all gung ho, but could never get them not to leak poop, and it became a choice between disposable clothes (because I couldn't get them clean) or disposable diapers. Diapers won.

And soothers. I swore blind no child of mine would have a soother (pacifier). Lasted 4 weeks with dd1 and 2 days with dd2. Neither child would nurse for comfort, food only.
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