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nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 05:35 PM 03-13-2010
DD will be turning 1 next month and I want to make a baby friendly cake for her little party she will have. It has to be also gluten free because DH and I are GF. But I don't want to use a gluten free cake mix (even though I sometimes use it for us adults) because it has xanthan gum and I want a totally whole foods cake. So does anyone have any ideas for a gluten free but still whole foods (and sugar free) baby friendly cake!?

hakeber's Avatar hakeber 07:13 PM 03-13-2010
My first thought was Ice Cream cake! You could even make it with breastmilk if you had an ice cream maker.

But then I don't really know if that's any better for your LO.

Then there is this website:

Which looks REALLY yummy!

I'm noy even GF and I want this one for my birthday: God that looks good!

Good luck!