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spunk's Avatar spunk 04:27 AM 03-30-2010
My 5.5 month baby always fights going to sleep and the only way I can get her to go to sleep is when she is on this chair:

In her crib, she will cry if she is about to go to sleep - she is fine in there when she is awake, but when she is tired she will just cry and cry - I have tried so many things to get her to see it is ok to go to sleep in her crib, and always no dice.

Same thing with her swing.

The chair in the picture above it is also the same thing, until I rock it, I have to rock it in swift movements otherwise she gets upset. The char vibrates, but she wants that deep rocking motion. I thought since she likes movement, her swing would be agreeable to her, but it is not, she wants the swift movement of this chair. Though every once in a while, she allows herself to fall asleep in the swing and she seems to sleep longer in the swing than anywhere else, but I can't always get her to fall asleep in there.

She sleeps instantly in the car, but once the car stops, she will often wake up.

So with the rocker, now my arm feels like it is going to fall off - does anyone know of any other products that may have that same sort of movement - or does anyone have any tips for babies who seem to only go to sleep in movement?

Pavlovs's Avatar Pavlovs 10:46 AM 03-30-2010
I used to wear my baby in a wrap and bounce on a yoga ball - it felt good to both of us!
illumini's Avatar illumini 01:06 PM 03-30-2010
Buy a wrap and take up walking. If I were you I would buy a woven like a Bb-slen and bounce or walk or sway. Whatever motion that makes your LO happy.
Alisse's Avatar Alisse 01:47 PM 03-30-2010
Every night my husband has to wear our son in the ergo and walk around to get him to sleep.
CalaRei's Avatar CalaRei 12:51 PM 03-31-2010
I have two of those bouncy kick n plays for my babes, too. They're 5 months old now and still will only nap in them. They will sleep in the cribs, though. I keep them directly in front of the couch and put my foot on the bar/leg and bounce them. Almost like you were pedaling an old tredle style sewing machine. I don't use my arms for it at all - or are you doing this from your bed? At least this way I get some semblance of me time - I use naps to spend time on the computer or to knit.

There was a good week around 3 months where sleeping at night was rough for some reason. maybe a growth spurt or something. I let them sleep in the kick n plays then, too, and laid on the couch. I could sort of swing one leg over the side of the couch and bounce while still laying down. I'd sit up to nurse, but then bounce them to help them through the change in sleep cycles I guess.

At night in their cribs, sometimes it helps me to roll them on their side so that I can pat their backs while they fall asleep and then gently roll them to their backs. They also like squishing blankets up against their faces these days, so I introduced small lovies that have soft textures and silky edges.