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We have been feeding Similac Organic, but I'm wondering if that's the best choice really. I had to stop BFing at 6 1/2 months due to medical reasons and DS is now 7 1/2 months. I''ve noticed that while he takes the formula just fine (now, it was a HUGE struggle for awhile!) and while he still does poop almost daily, he's straining and irritated throughout the day... reading amazon reviews are showing that this could be from the Similac...

So here is what i have been looking at

It looks like the big 3 for organic are:

Similac Organic (but that has a high amount of sugar, however it's cane sugar unlike other formulas which is often HFCS so that IS better, but not the best. Also causes constipation issues. I think that's what we're having. DS still poops daily, usually, but he seems like he's irritated and trying too hard most of the day, which makes me wonder if he's having an issue with this b/c we are currently using this formula)

Earth's Best: Good ingredients, sugar is from lactose, however they source from Horizon milk which is headed by the Dean company which may or may not have truly the best organic practices, etc. I don't like that, but I do like that a lot of the reviews like this formula. Another downside is the DHA that's added to it (and I guess all formulas, so the similac one too) the way it's processed or something is toxic. That really freaks me out.

Baby's Only: (Which we actually have a can of and bought from Whole Foods, but DS has never actually taken it. We tried this first when trying to get him to take a bottle to no avail, but he refused both this and the Similac organic at the time) This uses brown rice syrup as it's sugar source which says it's harder to digest than lactose... however, they claim that their % of lactose is closer to breast milk which makes it most like breast milk and easier for the baby to deal with the milk part. That's interesting to me! There is also no DHA in it (don't like that either, but I guess that's better than toxins?) but I guess they have a DHA supplement you can add? (Does that mean their supplement is safe or no?) This is also called a toddler formula, but I *think* that is only b/c they really want to promote BF for infancy and really, what toddler drinks formula anyway so that doesn't make practical sense...just political.

So now I am completely confused. I can't find my can of Baby's Only, but I am definitely thinking of switching from Similac to EB or BO, just not sure which I feel more comfortable with.

What are your thoughts/experiences?

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Congrats on breastfeeding your little on for 6.5 months. (We are at the that point now, and so proud!).

I don't have much info on which formula is best-- but have you considered donor milk? There is a site (www.milkshare.com) that helps match up donors and recipients. Perhaps that would help your little ones tummy issues?

I know it sounds odd-- I thought it was weird at first as well; but lots of mom's do it! You can pasturize the milk at home, and request a blood test from the mama that you are getting it from.

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My experience is that both Earth's Best and Baby's Only stopped up my little guy. His poo came out like little balls of play-doh - fully formed at 2 weeks old. If at all possible, I highly recommend looking into donor milk. It can be difficult to get enough though, since a baby of that age will be drinking 30 oz a day. We've been on donor milk since he was a month old, and by this point I've established relationships with donors, so we can keep up, but if I were starting at this stage, I'd really have a tough time finding enough.

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We tried Earth's Best and she would take it when very hungry...but a few ounces in she would stop drinking and when you'd give it to her again she would balk, grimace and stick her tongue out like she was going to gag. I thought it was the nipple at first, then realized it was the formula she hated. So we stopped immiediately. Later we tried Baby's Only (yes, it says Toddler Formula for "political reasons" in order to promote breastfeeding). I compared the two formulas just by smell and realized that Earth's Best had kind of a carboard fishy smell and Baby's Only actually smelled like sweet milk. When we gave her the Baby's Only she LOVED it. I don't use it regularly. I was only trying to get a break in order to pump so I could freeze some milk and trying to avoid a foremilk/hindmilk issue when I pumped after each nursing because it was apparently causing a reflux issue. However, the few times we gave it to her, she did end up with actual pieces of poop! At only 5 months that made me uncomfortable. I'm sure that was hard to pass and I have since stopped giving her Baby's Only as well. I appreciated being able to pump and having something to fall back on, but it's true, breast is best! So I guess considering my experience, I would also suggest the donor milk if it's available to you. I have no idea how that works though.
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I second Milkshare, it's a great resource for donated breastmilk.

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we used Baby's Only and didn't have a problem with it. I did have to make a big jug of it every day otherwise it would be chunky as opposed to making individual bottles each time. the longer the formula sat in the fridge the chunks would break apart. i was told to do this by the company when i emailed them to ask why it wouldn't dissolve completly. something about since it's organic they don't put an ingredient/chemical that makes it a smooth consistency like regular formulas have. i also felt the most comfortable giving my son this formula since they do promote BF the first year. i felt like maybe they put more thought into making a good formula versus a profit.

As for the DHA can you start giving LO fish oil? i started DS on fish oil when I started the formula. just a teaspoon a day. now he begs for the fish oil when he sees it in the fridge!

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