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Hey mamas! What are you and the little ones up to now? My DS has been crawling, pulling up to standing and cruising for the past few weeks. He's still toothless and not really interested in solids but I suspect that tide might be changing soon.

I think 9 months is an interesting age for us. He's definitely more interested in things that are not me so he's pretty happy to crawl off and explore on his own. He continues to be pretty laid-back and a big flirt everyone, women especially.

I finally got an Ergo (with a birthday gift card) and we've been having fun with that.
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Congrats on the Ergo! We were lucky enough to have inherited a used one when DS was born, and I love it! Uncle Sam facilitated us getting a ring sling so we've been getting used to that. Mine likes the ring sling better than the Ergo so far because he can see more of what is going on around him. He's a curious one.

My kid is also mr.mobile. All he wants to do is stand and try to walk, but there is not much cruise-friendly furniture in the house, so I have been letting him pull up on me, over and over and over again...

He loves solid foods, especially pasta and anything covered in tomato sauce. I've been lazy lately about steaming veggies for him though. Usually he just eats what we eat, but he has a hard time with things like artichokes which are so deliciously in season right now.

The most exciting thing in my book is that he has learned how to play. He can clap his hands, and bang things together. He squeeels with laughter when I chase him around the room to give him raspberry kisses. And he actually "runs" away (well crawls), but he totally gets the point of the game. He knows what all his toys do now, and he can make them work on is own. Its been really fun to watch him figure these things out over the last month or so.

He just got his 5th tooth three or four days ago. The first four were all in by 4 months, so its been a long time comin!
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charlie is still a mellow baby. quite content to sit & play with a basket full of toys. loves the vacuum cleaner, giant exercise ball & daddy's guitar. i can not nurse him if any of these are in the room. he seems on the verge of crawling. although, most attempts from sitting to crawling result in a face plant. he prefers to stand & walk while holding my hands. he isn't interested much in food. loves to drop all food & toys on the floor from the highchair. 3 teeth are in & 1 is on the way.

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Graysen is such a laid back little girl. She is not crawling yet, but seems to be on the verge with a lot of face plants, just like Charlie. She is also starting to pull up and stand up unassisted. I have a feeling crawling won't last long if she figures out she can cruise/walk too. She has 2 teeth and is working on 6 more!! 2 of those teeth are breaking through as we speak and the other 4 are not far behind. She loves food and pretty much tries everything that we offer her. Unfortunately anything with tomato in it causes a horrible diaper rash so we have to watch what she is eating and hope that she will outgrow that reaction.

Lindsay - Mum to Logan (May 3, 2007), Graysen (June 26, 2009) and welcoming somebody new in September 2011!
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My little girl is a bundle of energy!
She loves to pull all of the toys out of her box, zip around the room pulling things onto the ground, and last week she learned how to empty a bookshelf... lucky me

She has been cruising with the help of the couch for about 3 weeks and I'm just waiting for the day she lets go and the walking begins. She loves standing up with her stuffed animals and watching everyone smile at her.

She has 6 teeth now, and 7/8 are on their way in. She loves her cheerios and bananas, but doesn't have a huge interest in much else.

What do you all do for play time? I took her to the nursery at church last week to nurse her, and we ended up staying the whole time and she loved all of the toys. It made me feel like I have been underestimating her, all of our toys are still pretty basic...

Working, freshly graduated! mama.  Loving life with DHguitar.gif , DD 7/09energy.gif, and DS 06/11 babyboy.gif.

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Miles is crawling and cruising and acts like he really WANTS to walk, but the balance just isn't there yet.
He has two teeth on the bottom and has learned to adjust (i.e., soften) his "baby kisses" that involve biting our noses accordingly. He still bites toes pretty hard, though.
At about 8-8.5 months, his interest in solids really picked up, and he will try/eat just about everything we offer him (veggies, fruit, hummus, bread, tofu, meat, beans, cheese, yogurt, etc.). He is very smiley and playful and still loves his crawl-through tunnel. He also finds creative ways to play peek-a-boo, like grabbing and hiding behind curtains if you the person holding him is standing near them. Cardboard boxes are another favorite toy. He hasn't figured out clapping or waving yet, but he has a good time. Also, he is showing some interest in books other than just eating them. He also "talks" a lot in that way babies do where they seem to know exactly what they are saying, but we silly grown-ups can't understand their "words." Wrangling him can be tiring, but he is so much fun!
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My little man is just as active as ever. He wants to conquer the whole world. He's been crawling and cruising for a few months now. He's never been content to be still or do anything calmly. He would be standing I think, but that's too calm of an activity. He'll stand for a few seconds if he's distracted by something.

I took him to the pool for the first time on Thursday. It was hysterical. He thinks he can swim. He'd fight to get out of my arms so he could swim after another girl in the pool. Over and over he tried to swim away, but he'd choke on the water and come right back for help.

Until he was nine months, he had no teeth. Now, he's still nine months and he has six! Talk about a miserable 3 weeks of no sleep for us. He's still determined to bite my nose, like batsister's little one, but he's only succeed once because I see that little glimmer in his eyes right before he pounces.

Oh, food. He's almost 10 month now and just on Thursday did he start to really eat, trying everything and hanging around for more than 3 bites. He actually ate so much he wasn't hungry to nurse and I had to pump. That was a first.

We upgraded all his toys to bigger baby toys and he loves them. Consignments sales are our friends. It was sad to see all of his little baby tucked away in a box. Actually, they're in a corner so he can discover them and empty that box one by one instead of my drawers or bookcase, which he empties both of those regularly.
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Anna will be 10 months on the 9th. This past month has been very exhausting for me. She's discovered that she can roll in bed (we cosleep), and now rolls all around the bed at night. I haven't had a decent (3 hours in a row) night sleep for about 3 weeks now. Night time sleeping has just really taken a turn for the worse.

She is pulling up on me. Loves to stand and has figured how she can move her feet so now she "dances" when she's pulled up on me. She loves loves loves to walk with assistance. She will stand by herself if she doesn't realize that she's not holding on to me. The moment she realizes shes all by herself, she comes crashing down.

She is semi interested in food. She tries everything I'm eating willingly then decides if she wants a second bite or not. She loves yogurt, tomatoes, sweet relish (she grabbed some off my moms plate once), and other really random things. I'm surprised by her very adult tastes in food. She hates anything pureed.

We started a baby swim class with her that she thinks is so fantastically fun. Our first class was yesterday and she was in such a great mood afterwards. Which is not typically normal for her because she's a very fussy, high needs baby.

Slightly dysfunctional mommy to DD (07/09), step mom to DS (04/11) and loving wife to DH (12/16).
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It is so great to hear how everyone's LOs are doing! It is amazing the range of personalities and acquired skills. Kaya Rose is now 9 months old and is only about 15 pounds (if that) and still has no teeth!! I am waiting for all of them to come in all at once and make everyone's lives miserable!!!

She is not crawling yet but I can tell she really wants to. Her balance just isn't there yet. She does not pull up and stand on things yet, either. DS didn't do any of that until he was well over a year old and didn't walk until he was about 15 months so I have a feeling we just might be "late bloomers" over here.

I have never seen a baby eat as much as DD, though - for having no teeth she really goes for it! She loves, loves, loves whatever I am eating but I have to be careful because her will is a little stronger than her gums! Her favorites so far are beans, hummus and sweet potato.

How are all the mamas feeling? Is everyone healthy and happy? Any big summer plans?

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Our DD Arden was born on July 10th, 2009.
She is great! I am her daddy, and I just started a stay at home stint for at least the next 8 weeks.

She has been getting around on her belly since 6 months. And fully crawling since about 8 months. She also pulls herself up to standing on everything. She tries to cruise but doesn't realize she cant let go and falls. She LOVES to walk holding our hands.
She is also into everything. Her toys are in a basket and she has a small book shelf with books and toys on it. She loves to pull everything out snd scatter them.

She LOVES books. It is her favourite toy. She sits in our lap and turns the pages as we read. And then she makes us to it again.
She loves to be outside. We have to spend a couple of hours each day walking or at the park as she is happy. She socializes with anyone we see in the street or on the transit.

She loves to eat. All veggies, most fruit, cheese, yogurt, toast fingers, cheerios.

She has 6 teeth. 2 bottom came in together at six months and then 4 top came in together at 7 months.

Me 40 eat.gif. Partner to mamacolleen 33 superhero.gif. DD born July 2009 blahblah.gif. Twin boys born Nov 2012.

We are a family that loves cold.giftreehugger.giffamilybed1.giffemalesling.GIFcd.gif

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