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laliu's Avatar laliu 01:34 PM 04-22-2010
Hi there,

My son is almost 9 months old. We started with some solids at around 6 months but he never really showed much interest after a few bits. Other than that, he is EBF. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar picky eater and if they outgrow it? Right now, I'm having visions of a 2 year old being sustained by nothing other than mother's milk and need some reassurance

He likes some fresh fruit (namely mangoes) but never eats more than a couple of TB a day... that and a few mum mum rice crackers.

Any advice? Thanks!

Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 01:46 PM 04-22-2010
My DD will be 1 next week and 99% of her diet is still breastmilk. She won't let me feed her, and she only likes to feed herself crunchy things, so it's been challenging! She'll get there eventually, as will your baby.
July09Mama's Avatar July09Mama 02:00 PM 04-22-2010
My daughter's the same age and that sounds about like the amount she eats. Fortunately for us, she's not very picky, but we're doing baby led weaning and a few tablespoons full is just the amount she picks for herself. If it's something she really loves she might have a bit more, but not too much. So far we've only given her fruit and veggies, though, so I'm not sure if that affects anything. It's hard to get as full-feeling on that stuff as on carbs, you know? But yeah, she still nurses a lot. I'm sure it won't last forever!
half-pigeon's Avatar half-pigeon 03:55 PM 04-22-2010
my 9 month old has no interest in food. we have tried lots of things, but he'd rather play with it or ignores it entirely. at this age, it is entirely normal to be ebf. they will eventually figure it out. how many adults do you see that sustain themselves on breastmilk?
laliu's Avatar laliu 04:46 PM 04-22-2010
thanks everyone... that is more or less what I was thinking...

just needed a little bolstering to stay strong with family/9 month pediatrician appt. He's 75% percentile for weight.... so nothing lacking there.

Appreciate the feedback!
amydiane's Avatar amydiane 12:14 AM 04-23-2010
DS took a while to warm up to solids at all, and he had some pretty serious texture aversions until he was about 2. (He's a former micropreemie and that's not uncommon for them, but I wouldn't worry about it with a FT baby.) He's almost 3 now and he'll eat just about anything, though he definitely has his preferences.

DD is 9 months old and I'm having kind of the opposite problem with her....she LOVES food, and I'm worried about giving her too much and decreasing her nursing.
LindsC's Avatar LindsC 01:03 AM 04-23-2010
DD is almost 10 months old and I would say that 75% of her diet, if not more, is still breastmilk. We offer her solids at breakfast, lunch and dinner and she usually eats something, but the amount she eats at any given time varies from meal to meal. We follow baby led weaning so she eats what she likes and is able to regulate the amount she eats.
bajamergrrl's Avatar bajamergrrl 01:23 AM 04-23-2010
My 9 month old hasn't shown any great interest in solid foods either. I let him taste things but he usually spits it out. He's perfectly happy to nurse instead.
Llyra's Avatar Llyra 04:09 PM 04-23-2010
From my experience, with my own kids and from knowing other parents, I'd say normal at this age can be anything from quite a bit of solids (my DD2 nursed avidly at that age, but also had a big appetite for solids, and some days ate more than my then-three-year-old) to nothing at all. (DD1 at that age barely ate one mouthful of solid food in an average day.)

I wouldn't worry about it, at all. He'll eat when he's ready, and in the meantime he's getting just what he needs from your milk. Just keep offering, in an offhand way, you know? I think when we make too big a thing out of food, even in a positive way, they can get balky about it. And make sure of course that you continue to offer only good healthy choices.