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Welovedante's Avatar Welovedante 09:26 PM 03-06-2004
Oh dear. Being a first-time mom, and a scaredy-cat to boot, I'm having a hard time cutting ds's little fingernails and toenails. But, if I don'tdo it, he scratches himself - especially his sweet face! Do you mamas have any advice on how you cut the little one's nails? He flails his arms and legs about when I try, and I don't want to hurt him...

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/empathy.


ccohenou's Avatar ccohenou 10:00 PM 03-06-2004
When Simon was tinier I would wait until he was fast asleep to trim the nails. Then hold the finger and pull down on the finger-pad a bit so that I don't accidentally snip his skin. I've also done it while he was relaxed nursing -- but then I have to do it one side at a time.
I stopped slacking on nail-trimming when he actually drew blood from his ear! Ouch!

Hope this helps
tuscany123's Avatar tuscany123 10:19 PM 03-06-2004
This may seem wierd, but I actually "peel" off her nails. I work at the side of her nail with my own finger nail, and peel the protruding part of her nail right off. It works even better if you do it right after a bath, when the nails are soft. Good Luck!
Daffodil's Avatar Daffodil 10:24 PM 03-06-2004
I always do it while Lindy is sleeping. I can't imagine how I could ever manage it if she were awake, but I guess at some point she'll stop being able to sleep through it and I'll have to learn to deal with it.
buddernoodle's Avatar buddernoodle 10:27 PM 03-06-2004
I cut them when she is on the changing tablre now . But when she was little I would jjst bite them off . No danger of cutting there!
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 02:11 AM 03-07-2004
I bit them off the first few months, now I trim them while she sleeps.
lovebugmama's Avatar lovebugmama 02:15 AM 03-07-2004
I agree with the sleeping method. I wait about 20 minutes into a nap, when I know he will be really out. I also pull gently on the finger pad to expose just the extra nail. There is no way ds would let me attempt this while he is awake, he's just way too curious and active.
ndmom's Avatar ndmom 03:15 AM 03-07-2004
Dh does it, he's much braver
Poddi's Avatar Poddi 01:05 PM 03-07-2004
DH holds baby on his lap and I cut the nails with a nail clipper. DH usually distracts him with a toy or something. I don't know how to do it by myself. I am very skilled with nail clippers so it only takes a minute, even if they try to fuss or move I can still get it done.

My first always fussed when I clipped his nails. Once he turned 18 months he would run to me to ask for nail clipping. He would stay still the whole time and be very interested. My second never fussed about nail clipping, actually he never scratched himself, either. Everybody is different I guess.
SMPH's Avatar SMPH 03:32 PM 03-07-2004
I always do it while DS is nursing. Have to do them one hand at a time (he nurses on one side eash feeding) but he doesn't care what I do to him at that point.

When he was first born I used a teeny file and it worked great because they were so soft.
boycrazy's Avatar boycrazy 03:35 PM 03-07-2004
Peeler here but you have to start cutting at some point or they will think that how you do it when they are big! I learned this the hard way.One day I had a broken nail and wa son my way to clip it when I got distracted and Zacha said to me oh here mom I'll fix that and tore my nail down to the quick! Thanks I said as the blood is coming out:LOL
angela&avery's Avatar angela&avery 08:12 PM 03-07-2004
i lay her on the floor or sit her on my lap or do it while shes nursing..... i pull down the pad and run the clipper under the nail from the side of the nail so i know have just nail and no skin......and once i get it there i clip before she moves...did this also with ds, the nice thing is that he is now used to it and sits for me to do it np, if i did it while he was sleeping and had to do it awake one day he would prolly have freaked out!!!
Sugar Poppy's Avatar Sugar Poppy 08:15 PM 03-07-2004
I also wait until DS is sleeping either in the swing or in his carseat. It helps that the nail clipper I bought has a little magnifying glass on it.
sweatpantsmommy's Avatar sweatpantsmommy 03:15 AM 03-08-2004
Naptime is just too precious to risk waking babe up for nail cutting!! I just bite 'em.
natashaccat's Avatar natashaccat 02:18 AM 03-09-2004
I used to take my dd to a more experinced mama friend who has a gift for trimming tiny nails, no shame in asking for help right?