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Hello womyn
I am 31 weeks pregnant, a first-time mother...somebody tell me which diaper pail to buy!
I saw a few at the store; my desire is for one that really reduces stinks because my apartment is very small--nowhere to run or hide.
I will be using disposable diapers until I figure out if cloth ones can work for me; there is no laundry machine in this building, and diaper services are very expensive around here, so please forgive my choice.
Give me your opinions on the pail!
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My Mom bought us the Diaper Genie II, which seems to work pretty well--at least until DD started her "real-people poos", as the smell can get a little overpowering whenever you open the lid. We just empty the bin a little more often now.

Must warn you, though. They sell the bin relatively cheap because the dang refills cost a fortune. We're fortunate that my Mom keeps supplying us with refills from wherever she finds a bargain.

The disposables aren't ideal, but for our own reasons we opted to go that way, too. It's all about the healthiest balance for your family.

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Unless you have jerky dogs, an open pail (we got like 5 at the dollar store) works just fine for newborn breastfed poops.

They're especially nice bc you can set them up in the living room bedroom- everywhere you'll change a baby.

I mean, not that I've actually only used our changing table a dozen times in almost 8 months or anything...

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We used an open bin for the pee diapers but for the poo ones we trashed them down the shoot right away because the smell is sour. We didn't buy any of the special baby diaper things because the reviews were all kind of bad.

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For newborn/exclusively breastfed sposies, they just go in the regular trash. For toddler poo - we tie them in a plastic bag first, then the trash bin. Our garbage gets emptied every other day - so that works for us. We mostly use cloth though, so I don't know how that method would work with fulltime disposables.

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we had a diaper champ and if I needed another one that is what I would get, we had a diaper genie before but got rid of it due to the expensive refills.What I love about the diaper champ.

1. Uses any brand tall kitchen bags. Dollar stores sell those scented bags and that helped. easily put in new bags

2. One handle operation which is pretty dumb proof. literally pull handle to one side.

3. very washable. I often hosed it off (im a little ocd about keeeping things sanitary though)

the thing about diaper pails is that any diaper pail will smell if dirty dipes are left too long no matter what.
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We just use a regular step pedal garbage can. When Cecilia was first born, we used disposables because she was too teeny for any of our cloth diapers, and we just used regular kitchen garbage bags. Now we use a reusable liner that we wash with the diapers. Either way, the trash can seems to work just fine, and there is no odor until you open the can to get the diapers out. Even then it's really nothing since she's still EBF. But like the PP said, if you leave anything too long, you get odor. If you're vigilant about taking out the trash, you will be just fine.

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congratulations on your pregnancy, not much more time till your holding your precious little one! I picked the diaper genie original after using it at a childcare position. I had to go to a gently used childrens store to buy it though because they discontinued making them. They still make the refills though, theyre about $7, I only use it for poopy diapers and now that LO is almost a year, the pail goes on the back deck, it started to get stinky because I dont need to empty it much. Ive only had to buy one or two refills in 11 months. I like it alot

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We use the Diaper Dekor and we're very happy with it. The refills are pretty cheap and they're biodegradable which is nice. You can also use kitchen bags, but the nice thing about the Dekor refills is that its one long refill that you can tie up at whatever point you want, so we take out the bin of diapers every night, no matter how full it is, without thinking about wasting a bag every time.

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I have the Diaper Dekor also. Like it just fine. Although now that the poos are getting smelly it does seem to retain an odor even when empty, but I believe that all plastics will do that eventually. I know the same happens to the Diaper Genie. In the beginning the dipes are really never that smelly (if you are EBF) so an open pail is just easier.

I also started out with sposies for similar reasons to you and then transitioned to CD when we moved to a house with a washer and dryer. I love CD, but you have to do what works. I'd recommend Earth's Best brand diapers though. . .if you are going to use sposies try to use the chlorine free, bio degradable ones. I tried most brands and like Earth's Best the most--never a leak unless he is about to outgrow that size.

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We use cloth, but it is just a metal trash can with a step and tight fitting lid from target, I think it is called "Simple Human" brand. You could use it for sposies as well, it really holds the stinkies in (for breast fed baby, and "real" poo). That way you don't have to get a different pail if you switch to cloth, and it can work as something else after baby is out of diapers. It has held up very well as a diaper pail for 4 kids

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Just did an open pail until she started solids, then I got the Diaper Genie II Elite. It works well so far (just over 2 months).

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for disposables (we did this until ds turned 7 months) we used the DG Elite II; like one of the other brands, you can tie it at any point and toss the bag. That is indeed useful!

Once we switched to cloth, I just use an open pail with a planetwise pail liner.

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Honestly, you don't really need anything special. Just get a small trash can and be sure you take out the trash every day. That's what we did at first when we were using sposies and there was no smell. You could also sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the trash can or even IN the trash can and that'll help cut the smell, too. But really, if you're just diligent about taking out the trash, it's not going to smell bad. Not in my experience, anyway (and I have a super sniffer, lol!).

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Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post
Just did an open pail until she started solids, then I got the Diaper Genie II Elite. It works well so far (just over 2 months).
same here. never felt the need for a pail until ds started actually consuming solid food. we sort of randomly picked the diaper genie elite II but it works fine.
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None. We did all the research and settled on the diaper champ when I was pregnant. We used it for about a month and a half. After that we just went through too many diapers a day. We would have had to take it out everyday, which both of us are way too lazy to do. A $14 dollar "kitchen" trashcan with a flip lid works great. You can't smell the diapers and we take it out about once a week. Btw our baby is now 7 months and breastfed/eating solids. hope this helps.
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