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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post
I would go - I like to have the baby weighed
we bought a baby scale on CL for $15

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I would go, but then again, I like my ped and am probably less crunchy than most people here. My babe was breech, so my ped kept a close eye on her hips to make sure they were ok. He is very pro-breastfeeding, and I like to know where she falls on the height/weight/head circumference scale. I don't quite understand how a baby could get sick from going to the visit (certainly, there is no more of a chance than if you take the babe anywhere else). DD stayed in her carseat in the waiting room, and no one touched her except the nurse and doc, and they washed their hands/wore gloves.

Plus, my ped's office has a lactation consultant on staff, so I was able to see her as well for some breastfeeding issues we were having early on. Peds are trained to look for things that you might not think to look for, and if you have a good rapport with your doc (and if you don't, you should find one that you do!) then the WB visits are a chance to really talk about things and get any random questions answered.

Oh, and vaccines were never talked about during our WB visits. It was all developmental stuff.
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I'd go to the first few for the "documentation" purpose. Getting their head circ. measured, length and weight measured and recorded into a medical file is really impt IMO. The also gave me the results of the PKU test from the hosp at that visit as well as kept tabs on the jaundice. The check for lung and heart sounds, check the hips and check pupil dilation among other things. My pedi only looked at DS's penis and peeks for any diaper rash. The whole vaccine battle doesn't happen until 2 months so I'm getting the 1 week, 3 week and 2 month visit in. From there, I'll make my own schedule to hopefully avoid the vaccine debate. I did this with my first DS because we've been threatened with CPS for not vaccinating but having DS's medical records showing he was growing fine on a reg basis showed I wasn't taking his health lightly.. I'm not saying everyone will go through that and I'm not knocking anyone who doesn't go- what I do know is they couldn't prove me neglectful towards my sons care.
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I like well child visits because it helps build the relationship with the doc. so if you have worries/sick kid in the future it feels a lot more comfortable calling/bringing the baby in.

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I like WBV for all the reasons already mentioned-- good relationship with my ped, the weight/height/circumference charts, and to let her make sure there are no underlying issues with my girl. It helps that my ped is awesome and never pushes anything.

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I also like the WBV, especially the first one. One of the thing that surprised me about going to the ped was that they wanted the baby stripped naked and looked at him all over. I didn't get it, but then I started thinking that they probably do that so they can see EVERYTHING about the baby. I know it's really grim to think about, but they don't want a baby to be abused and have bruises but to be hidden behind a diaper or t shirt. Alot of babies have extra fluid in the genital areas from birth and I think they want to check it out to see if it's going down.

I think you might have to change your attitude about going to the doctor. You shouldn't view the pediatrician as a negative experience waiting to happen, or a fight waiting to happen. You should see your pediatrician as another person in the team of raising your son. If you're not feeling positive about the experience going in, you should find someone you really vibe with. Like the previous posters, I always leave the WBV relieved or happy.

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I UC'd my youngest 2; with my son, we went in at 8 days for his first WBV. With my new baby, we took her in at 3 weeks because we needed the newborn exam to get her birth certificate. The ped. wants to see her again at 2 mos. We've never followed the schedule exactly but I don't really mind WBV; once they get to a year it's only once a year and we actually like going. We delay and selectively vax; neither of my bigger kids have had a shot before 4 and Edie won't be having any for a good while. We have not had issues with my uncirced boys either.
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Originally Posted by SeattleRain View Post
I know it's really grim to think about, but they don't want a baby to be abused and have bruises but to be hidden behind a diaper or t shirt. Alot of babies have extra fluid in the genital areas from birth and I think they want to check it out to see if it's going down.
They also like to look for hernias, symmetry of the whole baby- esp the hips and pelvis, enlarged organs, birthmarks, tenderness/swelling, etc.

Doctors aren't out to kill you or your children. Childbirth isn't inherently safe. Science is actually smarter than your intuition. Lighten up. Use sunscreen.

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