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I'm a first time mom, and have some questions about my little boy. He'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow. I live in a small, countryside town in South Korea. I can speak some Korean, but not well enough to communicate all my questions and understand the responses of the doctors. Also - the docs here kind of suck, and give really strange advice.

So here goes -

He's got a white coating over his tongue. I assume it's just from my milk, since he doesn't have spots elsewhere in his mouth, and it's an evenly distributed coating. - Should I do something about it?

We are doing bfing, and its going well. However, since last night Im suddenly getting shooting pains through one breast, and my nipple is sensitive. Nothing else has changed (latch wise) that I can see. Is this just normal soreness, or should I go to a doctor?

Is it OK to treat sore nipples with ice packs? Warm/moist packs hurt worse.

When he gets excited, he sucks air and wheezes like he can't breathe. He does it when he wants to eat, or when he's going to cry. Is this normal? He breathes fine when he's calm, sleeping, or latched on well.

He sneezes several times a day - usually 3-4 times a day. Is this something I should worry about?

I know babies are supposed to sleep on their backs, but he wont. He falls asleep breast feeding (cosleeping), which means he's partially on his side. Not completely - but not completely flat either. Is that really dangerous for him? I can't get him to lay flat or he wakes up again and wants to feed again.

He's 3 weeks old but his eyes are still a tiny bit yellowish. I had him checked at 4 days old, when his eyes started going a bit yellow. His blood test came back at 16.2, and it hasn't gotten any worse than that. He's very altert, eats a ton, and not at all lethartic. It just hasn't gone away. When should we expect it to be completely cleared up?


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Not sure about the rest, so I'll only post what I know.
I wouldn't worry about how he lays. James McKenna did a study on SIDs in a specific US city (don't remember which), and found that every single SIDs death was a baby who was formula fed. I'm not saying that it can't happen to breast fed babies, just repeating what I've read. I would not worry about your babe laying on his side (all three of mine did).

The white coating, on its own, would not necessarily indicate anything. However, pair that with the shooting pains, and I think you have the start of thrush. You can do a vinegar soak- soak each nipple in white distilled vinegar (put it in a cup or bowl and shove your nipple and areola in it). Maybe 5-10 minutes each side, a few times per day. Continue for a few days after you're symptom-free. Also practice good breast hygiene (keep your nipples dry, change pads frequently), and wash everything that has touched your breast with hot hot water, and/or treat it with vinegar. I know the vinegar soak sounds silly, but I just tried it a few days ago and it nipped my thrush in the bud. I've had thrush with both of my older children, and always resorted to nyastatin- happy that I didn't have to do that again!

Frequent sneezing is normal at that age. But I don't know about the rest (or if maybe the sneezing is a symptom of something else. If you're concerned I would check with his doc.

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That all sounds pretty normal to me..

I've never known anyone that treated sore nipples with ice packs per say, but I have known people who chilled Soothies (or similar pads) before applying, so I'm sure it's okay.

As for the jaudice, make sure he's getting plenty to eat (nursing) and that he's in some direct sunlight every day.

White tongue, side sleeping, sneezing, whezing, coughing, and strange breathing are all totally normal for a newborn.

I had a baby that would only sleep on his tummy. I decided that since I was always near him and co-sleeping that it would be fine. He slept on his tummy on me or a firm bed. It's all a personal choice really, I think it's okay to do what works best for your baby.

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Everything sounds pretty normal to me. My daughter had yellow eyes until she was about 5 weeks old, but no other signs of jaundice. At one point they got a little crusty and my ped. said it was nothing to worry about.

We also had a side/tummy sleeper. After about 3 months she started sleeping on her back.

We still have a white tounge sometimes! (at 5 months).

For your sore nipples, have you applied Lanolin to them after each time you nurse? It really helped for me. I had sore nipples and some shooting pains for the first couple of months. The Le Leche Leauge website has very accurate descriptions of things that could be going wrong while nursing. But it sounds pretty normal to me.


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SIDS happens. 

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Everything sounds pretty normal to me too. I have had shooting breast pains but did not have thrush. I worried it was the beginning of something but I was ok...just keep watching it & yes-LLL, KellyMoms & the Breastfeeding forum here have lots of good experts. So if anything else develops, check back in.

The sneezing...oh the sneezing...!!!! Totally normal!!!

I replied mostly because I wanted to mention something about the side Mom is an L&D nurse & they actually position the babies on their sides & use a tightly rolled up receiving blanket to "prop" them in the hospital so they don't roll over to their bellies completely. I found that with both my DDs, they did prefer that set up whenever they were laid down on their own. I also hate sleeping on my back & am a side sleeper so maybe it is genetic!

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I second treating (naturally) for thrush. You don't have to use straight vinegar, and you don't have to dip or soak. The two methods I have used are spritzing with a spray bottle, or washing with a washcloth dipped in a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 5-8 parts water. Straight vinegar, or even 1:5 may sting. It is best if you can do it after each time your lo nurses and also very helpful to let your nipples air dry if you can. I don't think ice packs will hurt anything if that's what feels good.

I think it is normal for the yellow eyes to linger for a while. My dd was jaundiced, and our doc told me (and I read numerous times) that it takes their little bodies a long time to move the stuff out. Plenty of milk and time in the sun are the best things for that.

My babies were back-sleepers, but I wouldn't hesitate to put a baby down to sleep on his or her side or even tummy as long as the baby was monitored and the sleeping surface was firm and free of extra blankets, pillows, toys, etc.
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I would get him check out for thrush-- I'd go super power with some prescription medicine for both mama and baby, but that's just me. I think the issue with SIDS is with tummy sleeping-- side is acceptable.

No experience with jaundice.

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Just wanted to add in something our ped told us about jaundice that really helped us. My son was jaundiced for the first 5 weeks or so of his life, and I am a worrier so I was always anxious about him. Our pediatrician had us press his skin on his tummy or back and arms just hard enough that when we let go you could see our fingermarks for a few seconds. Normally the marks where your fingers are will be white or pinkish, but if the jaundice is getting worse or is very bad the marks will be yellow like his eyes.

Hope that helps ease your anxiety about it at least. It helped me because I could check a couple times a day and see that it wasn't getting worse.

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all my babies had jaundice. they get it in eyes first and it moves to the toes then when it starts to clear up it goes from the toes up...the eyes are the last to clear up...

the sneezing is very normal for i think they told us the first few months of life...

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All sounds pretty normal to me too.

Do you eat kimchee (sp?) that should help with the yeast/thrush if that is what it is. But, I have had shooting pains like you described and sore nipples before without yeast.

Mama to three

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Just and be patient maybe in a month your baby will look healthy and nice.

Best you must do now is to take good care of him/her and do you best as a mother.
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Originally Posted by Nicole730 View Post
All sounds pretty normal to me too.

Do you eat kimchee (sp?) that should help with the yeast/thrush if that is what it is. But, I have had shooting pains like you described and sore nipples before without yeast.

Agree with Nicole,
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