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Jewels06's Avatar Jewels06 03:04 PM 09-01-2010
Well here we are into September! And I don't know about you all but I'm still waiting for the hot weather to start dying down - it's still too hot for me. I used to love Summer weather and now I can't wait for the Fall! Grandparents Day is coming up and I'm going to try and get some cards out to the Grandparents - just homemade ones with a picture of Luke on the front. It seems like such a small thing but to remember it and actually having the time has proved difficult - oh well I'm sure I'll find the time before then.

DH and I decided that we're going to start cloth diapering Luke. Are their any brands that you all would recommend? Anything I need to know about starting this late? Thanks! Hope everyone's doing well!

akind1's Avatar akind1 03:23 PM 09-01-2010
I stared CD'ing Gabe at 7 months. as far as brands and stuff go, alot depends on what you want out of it (ease, etc). DH's favorite so far are the FLIPs, we use the stay dry inserts. they are a one-size diaper with inserts (stay dry, organic, and disposable). It is $50 for a day pack (2 covers, 6 inserts) so for around $100--$150 you have enough for 2-3 days, which really isnt' bad. The fit is great, and they fasten with snaps, which I like, because Gabe has started playing with Velcro on the other sorts.

We also have some Grobaby which have snap in inserts. both Flip and Grobaby are really trim, and are pretty easy to use.

That said, I tend to use pre-folds and covers the most when I am doing most of the diapering. But we have an all in one and a couple pocket diapers for church and MIL to use, because they are the easiest to explain - just change the whole thing.

Gabe is crawling up a storm now, and is kind of plateau'd on weight - right at 18 lbs - the last couple of weeks, I think because of his newfound mobility.

We are still in the early planning stages for his b-day party. I really want to take him to his first football game this year, and we will do Boo at the Zoo for Halloween.

Like you, have had enough of this hot weather! bring on some cool, crisp days!

pics of babe in diaps:

will update with pics shortly
akind1's Avatar akind1 03:36 PM 09-01-2010
Happy Heiny's pocket
Bummis sww w/ prefold

these are all action shots.

also wanted to add: gDiaper's disposable inserts work great in FLIPs!
aerobrandi's Avatar aerobrandi 08:56 PM 09-01-2010
I've been wanting to try the flip diapers, why didn't they come out with those when I was pregnant? We use BumGenius 3.0 one size and love them although now that DS has figured out how to take them off I gotta say the snaps would probably work better. Actually, not only does he take them off, he then throws them out of his crib. We just have to make sure he has shorts or a onesie on at all times

DS is a little cruising fool! He is so close to walking, he'll hold on with one hand and bounce around. Also, separation anxiety has set in big time. I figured he'd be more attached to DH, since DH is staying home with him but oddly enough that's not the case. I mean he's very attached to DH but if he has the choice it's Momma. It warms my heart though, I was so paranoid he'd not be attached to me since I'm working.
aerobrandi's Avatar aerobrandi 08:58 PM 09-01-2010
Oh, as far as birthday party goes, I've already rented the place, and invited everyone, have the theme - giraffes, and am narrowing down cake designs I'm really into planning things though and I've been thinking about it since he turned six months old!
jess152's Avatar jess152 09:21 PM 09-01-2010
It's fun to see an update!

DS2 is cruising as well. He was a late crawler, but then went from crawling to cruising along furniture within a span of 10 days! Yikes.

His hair is really starting to come in nicely. Not sure what he weighs now, around 20-22lbs I guess. He's a real hambone and my back has been giving me some grief! He has a super giant booty! DS1 had the little boobs, but this guy carries extra junk in his trunk. I love it.

I've started trying him on fruits and veggies, homemade, just mashed up. He tries a bit here and there. Is not much at all for the rice cereal, but I've taken to adding a smidge of banana to it. He's still not thrilled by it.

I bring him to work with me, which is a challenge. DH and I own a restaurant (so I don't have to clear it with anyone, which is great) but our first boy was happy to spend time in the playpen surrounded by toys. Not so with this guy, he wants to be out cruising around. He's pretty grubby by the end of the day, but it's wonderful having him with us. eta: I do wear him as much as my back will allow. He loves it and it's great exposure for people to see babywearing!

I have baby fever BAAAAAAD! I haven't said anything to DH about it, as we'd firmly decided two kids was what we were going to have. Wellll, now I'm wanting another one so bad. I guess we have to DTD for that, lol.
akind1's Avatar akind1 12:47 AM 09-02-2010
Jess, I totally get the baby fever - thankfully we have just 1 and are agreed to have more, probably after DS turns 1.

Gabe was cruisin around the same time as crawlin I think.

I need to send my grobabies in to be converted to snaps. the velcro is too easily taken off by little fingers!

our theme will probably be pumpkins, that is his nickname and will be the flavor of the cake.
Jewels06's Avatar Jewels06 06:41 PM 09-02-2010
Thanks for the advice everyone. It just seems like there are so many kinds - I didn't know where to start but recommendations always help! Thanks for the pictures Katrina! Gabriel is so cute in his diapers! I see you practice BLW in your house, mmm... corn on the cob! I was all for starting BLW I got a bunch of veggies, steamed some set a couple in front of Luke to choose. I warned DH about the gagging and choking but even with a warning he was still unprepared and now we rarely give him anything out of his mesh feeder. He had a real bad reaction started gagging and vomited twice. I know they say it takes a couple times for them to get used to it but every time we've tried BLW we've had the same results and I think DH is getting ready to give up. I'd like to keep going but it's hard.

Anyways, on a happier note I think we're going to go with a football theme for Luke's birthday - both DH and I love football(separate teams but football nonetheless). I'm thinking that I'll make a big cake for everyone that looks like a football field and have each of our household teams represented. Ravens in one endzone and Cowboys in the other. And then separately I'll make a small football shaped cake for Luke to dig into. Anyone else letting their LO have their own cake? I know BLW said no sugar - do you think exploring a cake would be bad? DH is kind of set on it. Alright well I'm being summoned by the LO. Talk to you all later!
Xavismom's Avatar Xavismom 08:18 PM 09-02-2010

love the dipe photos, very cute!!

We use combo of rumparooz, and prefolds w wool covers. really like them

Xav had his 9 mo wbv on monday, 32 inches and 25 Ib. I honestly thought he was even heavier, but i guess not. cruisin around, and starting to tantrum when I wont let him go somewhere/have something We are also having an epic battle over twiddling while nursing, anyone else dealt with this? i'm at a loss...

He is hillarious though, his new thing is to try to 'feed' us his toys. He is so active and curious.

Heres our photo update, we had some taken for a Le Leche fundraiser last month:
ShwarmaQueen's Avatar ShwarmaQueen 08:52 PM 09-02-2010
DS gets fiestier by the day. Whew! He never. ever. ever. stops. moving! He took his first steps a week or so ago- and boy, I can only imagine the stunts he's planning in his overactive mind! We've had to move to a mattress which sits on the floor because I'm afraid he will go sailing off our King bed! He's busted his lip crawling 2x, and torn his labial frenulum. He's always got bumps and bruises due to his constant falling...he's in constant motion and has been high needs since birth!

He's still waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse but since he isn't eating many solids I'm sure he's just trying to get in enough calories to keep up with his output! He finally his 19 lbs and it looks like he might be up to 20 lbs at a year.

We are all just so in love with him even if he makes me crazy!!
akind1's Avatar akind1 10:11 AM 09-03-2010
Xavian is a cutie!

Gabe is still the lightweight at 18 lbs!

We do a combo of BLW and jars, really. He did get some corn in his mouth, but I fished it out, b/c he wasn't chewing really then, just gnawing. Once I get a high chair I will be doing more of the BLW. He still is 80-90% BF, as he maybe gets a total of 4 jars a week. and has just started really eating the finger food, he was just gnawing and sucking on it. Discovered he loves stir fry veggies! He likes miso soup also, and chicken. That would be scary, all the gagging and vomitting! don't blame you for holding off a bit.

We, I think, are doing a pumpkin theme for the b-day party.

I am actually hoping Gabe doesn't walk within the next month, he is hard enough to catch up to when he's crawling!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
aerobrandi's Avatar aerobrandi 01:12 PM 09-05-2010
We tried BLW weaning with the larger chunks of food but it just scared us too much. So as soon as he mastered the pincher grasp we started giving him small dices of avocados, bananas, tomatoes, cooked carrots, sweet poatoes etc and he does great with that. We've given him quinoa and just let him go nuts and he loves it (and does actually get some in his mouth!) We also gave him some salmon yesterday and it was perfect for him to handle picking up the flakes and eating them himself.

Here is our little man with the quinoa
Jewels06's Avatar Jewels06 02:03 PM 09-06-2010
Xavian is adorable! And those pictures are great! And yes we are having the same problem with nursing - Luke is always so distracted and on the move so it's hard to get him interested in nursing more than 3 times a day. I actually just posted a thread about dehydration b/c he hasn't had enough wet diapers and his stool is too hard. I guess if I can't get him to nurse more I'll have to offer him a little bit of water. On the dealing with the twiddling the best thing we do is I take him to our room and keep it quiet and darker and feed him in the rocking chair while rocking him, sometimes he falls asleep but when he doesn't he's at least still.

Wow Shwarma looks like you have an acrobat on your hands!! I knew once DS was born that the climbing and moving around was going to be a challenge. Both DH and I are pretty active - it's going to be even more fun when they're climbing trees or trying to jump off high places

Aerobrandi that picture is priceless! How cute is your LO! We have also transitioned from trying to do total BLW to feeding him small pieces so he can work on his pincer grasp which he has gotten much better at since. We also help sometimes when it's something we don't want him to take too big of a bite of. I just figure we'll get the idea of chewing things down and then let him have things on his own to figure out portion control. Well I hope everyone had or is having a good weekend. Everyone else is off celebrating labor day except for our family my DH unfortunately had to work today and it's going to be a long one so I'm off to get some things done around the house TTFN!
Mommy2Haley's Avatar Mommy2Haley 09:03 PM 09-06-2010
I keep forgetting to come back to MDC. I get too busy working two jobs and taking care of the girls.

Abigail is closing in on 10 months and had a HUGE lot of milestones this past month. She's gotten two teeth, learned to crawl, pull to standing, and cruise. Crazy.

She's only 15.5lbs but we had a rough road with food allergies for awhile there. It looks like things are better but I'm crazy when it comes to checking her stools for mucous/blood and watching her for reactions. It was LONG, tough road with the reactions!

I've got baby fever too but it's much too early. I dont' dare utter the words to DH for fear that he'll hide from me (not that I have any desire at all right now but I love babies and pregnancy).

Here's a picture from June.
akind1's Avatar akind1 10:32 AM 09-07-2010
so good to see the updates! the last couple days have been rough, as I think Gabe is trying to cut more than one tooth at once. He has been crying and fussing alot, which along with the teething, makes his nose run and have drainage, which tickles his throat. so he has just not been a happy boy most of the time, and he hasn't wanted to nurse much the last couple days, due to being out among lots of people, and just plain uncomfortable-ness. he makes up for it at home though, which is a bit of a relief.

He bit me really good last night, the first time he has ever done that intentionally (he has, once or twice before bit, but it was because he was in an awkward position for latching)

I think it won't be long before he is walking . . .hoping he waits a few more weeks!
KaliShanti's Avatar KaliShanti 12:36 AM 09-08-2010
Originally Posted by Jewels06 View Post

DH and I decided that we're going to start cloth diapering Luke. Are their any brands that you all would recommend? Anything I need to know about starting this late? Thanks! Hope everyone's doing well!
We love Flips with a prefold in it, Bummis Super Whisper wrap covers, ProRap covers, BumGenius One Size, Fuzzi Bunz One Size... be sure to get a diaper sprayer (I love the Bumgenius one) and a wet bag for your diaper bag. I love Leslie's Boutique ones.

Originally Posted by jess152 View Post

I have baby fever BAAAAAAD! I haven't said anything to DH about it, as we'd firmly decided two kids was what we were going to have. Wellll, now I'm wanting another one so bad. I guess we have to DTD for that, lol.
I do too! TTC our third! Well, my AF hasn't showed yet but ya know..

Originally Posted by Xavismom View Post
He is hillarious though, his new thing is to try to 'feed' us his toys. He is so active and curious.
Zion tries to do this too and thinks it's so funny when she gives us her paci!

aerobrandi: your babe in that picture with a quinoa is a doll!

Mommy2Haley: what a sweet picture!

Zi is cruising. She has 8 teeth. She is the sun-shiniest girl ever! Maybe suns will be her "theme" for her bday. Speaking of, what are on you "wishlist" if gifts for your babies bdays?
Jewels06's Avatar Jewels06 02:58 PM 10-05-2010
Hello ladies! I'm going to set up the October thread. You can find it under:
Novembabes 09 October thread - 1 more month until birthdays!

See ya over there!