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Some people think that goat's milk is more digestible or closer to human milk than cow's milk - often the reason given is that the fats and proteins in goat's milk are easier to digest. Some people think that goat's milk is less allergenic than cow's milk.

I find this article somewhat poorly-written, but here is Dr. Sears on the topic: http://askdrsears.com/html/3/t032400.asp

I personally am not anti-animal milk, and consider dairy to be delicious.

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Originally Posted by mrscompgeek View Post
My LLL gave me a few choices and my Ped told me what she thinks is acceptable and said she left it up to me as obviously I am a great parent considering my daughter is in perfect health.
Personally, I'd choose your words more carefully (sensitively) next time, if I were you. Your child's perfect health has a lot more to do with good luck than your great parenting. If you had a sick kid, you'd likely agree.

Babies under one year old need a breastmilk substitute. Doctors say all kinds of things that don't make sense, no matter how much you like them. I like my GP, but he insists that a one month course of Sudafed wouldn't hurt my milk supply.
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Quick note about Almond milk.....

My son is 7 years old, with no known allergies. I let him have some almond milk in cereal, and he broke out in hives. I tried giving him a little more a few weeks later, to see if the hives did indeed come from the almond milk. Sure enough, he started getting itchy. I don't know what it is about the almond milk, because he can eat whole almonds just fine. But for a young baby, I would personally stay away from almond milk.

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I'm a little surprised at some the responses' tone, but I think what I'm gathering is that no one here would know much about what else to replace it with! Just an observation.

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I think this topic has been addressed and the OP has a lot of good information. I think we are starting to get into splitting hairs so I'm going to close this to more replies !

Thanks mamas!

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