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elisheva's Avatar elisheva 11:21 PM 09-05-2010
My dd is 10 mo and recently I notice her twisting her head from side to side - sometimes to one side a few times. It's almost the movement I would make if I were trying to crack my neck only it seems involuntary (like a tic). She ends the twisting by looking up at the ceiling. It seems to happen most when she's tired. My GP isn't back in the office until Tues so I guess I'm looking for any experiences you mamas may have had with this? Reassurance? Reason to worry?

HappiLeigh's Avatar HappiLeigh 01:12 PM 09-06-2010
Are you sure it's involuntary? My 6 mo DS loves to shake his head, and he does it a lot when he's sleepy but doesn't want to fall asleep. I was worried about it the first day he learned to do it, but then I googled it and it seems like a pretty common behavior. He was doing it this morning, actually, during breakfast. He shakes it rapidly--it must give him some sort of baby thrill.

It sounds like maybe your DD's behavior is similar. Maybe others will weigh in...