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I have heard the following reasons:
Would violate Fire Codes (bare minimum space)
Legal liability issues/fears
The straps kept breaking off and they couldn't safely be used without all the parts (or were afraid to use them).
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Originally Posted by smpayne View Post
I have heard the following reasons:
Would violate Fire Codes (bare minimum space)
Legal liability issues/fears
The straps kept breaking off and they couldn't safely be used without all the parts (or were afraid to use them).

We belong to a social club that is super family friendly and they don't have high chairs anymore because as they broke, they were not replaced because of breakage, too much time to thoroughly clean them and constant complaints from parents about how and why the "wrong" type of chair was ruining their dining experience. (as told to me by a long-time waitress)

We frequented several small causal as well as upscale places that simply don't have the room to store highchairs.

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I just want to make a point that being an American mom does and should not assume that you are a "white" mom!

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The only time I assume that lack of high chairs = babies not welcome is when there are white tablecloths, wine lists and aspirations of Michelin stars involved.

I will admit that the little mom and pop restaurants around here are usually the ones that don't have high chairs. Generally we just make do the first time we visit if there's no high chair, and remember to bring a portable booster the next time

To skew Adaline'sMama's theory, the little Mom and Pop ethnic places around here are the ones that actually DO have high chairs and boosters. Maybe not a lot of them, but they have them.
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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post
Depends. Is it a new restaurant? Is this a place that had waitresses, or is it a pick your food up at the counter sort of place? It the establishment run by non-americans? I would probably eat there once, and tell someone that if they didnt get some highchairs soon, I wouldnt be back. Of course, if it was a well established restaurant/bar and grille, I would leave and then write a complaint letter to our local newspaper's editorial section.
How on earth would one be able to find out if the people running the business were non-Americans? I mean, usually if someone is going to go through the trouble of opening a business in a country, they usually are a citizen or in the process of becoming one. I would think that it's probably a necessity due to immigration laws, also.
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There's a fantastic restaurant nearby that doesn't have high chairs. It's a white-tablecloth place with heavy cutlery and fancy plates, and they do a FABULOUS breakfast that's cheaper than any other place around. Fresh ingredients, good coffee, good price--we go every weekend.

At first, the slightly snooty French owner would greet us (with DD in tow) with a frown, look around his mostly empty restaurant, and sigh. It looked like he was always wondering where to seat us. It was so annoying! So we'd suggest a place in a corner, out of the way, and put DD in her stroller while we ate. If she got fussy, as babies sometimes do, we'd pick her up or take her outside for a bit or whatever.

These days, the owner greets us with a smile and even looks at DD once in a while! Progress! Still no high chairs, but I think he's come to realize kids aren't so bad. And we still enjoy our meal. Plus it's way better that the crappy, expensive place with high chairs up the street that plays BOOMING DANCE MUSIC. At 9 in the morning! Yeesh.

ETA: We bought a travel high-chair, made of cloth, that's easy to carry and set up in a restaurant. Haven't used it to eat out yet but love it when visiting family.

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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post
Ive been to a few Mexican restaurants that didnt have highchairs, and I used to go with a friend to a Mediterrean restaurant that didnt have highchairs. I think most of their clientle were people of their same country that were working. For example, there were mostly men in the Mexican restaurant. It was only open for lunch. They were catering to a specific group of people within their culture, and children werent really there very often.

A lot of times certian ethnic restaurants arent really catering to the average white mom, so when we patronize their establishment, they arent always as prepared. I dont think it is intentional at all. Also, I think some places may not have the funds to buy highchairs might only get used once a week.
Oh, I didn't know we were talking about "average white moms".

At the risk of piling on, I'll just point out that there are some ugly assumptions going on in your post. You might want to rethink.

At any rate, I've not found what you're implying to be true.
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Sorry everyone, I mispoke. I dont assume that American's are white, it just came off that way. I apologize, I just sometimes feel like as the person who is usually not the minority I have to keep myself in check and not assume that every establishment is going to be catering to me. It has been my experience that a lot of the mom n pop restaurants I go to dont have highchairs because not a lot of kids come in there.

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As for the hole in the wall ethnic places--go early and go often. The food is better, cheaper, and once the wait staff know you they are thrilled to see your kids and when the place is slow they entertain the children for you. I really miss our local Lebanese place. The couple who ran it were in love with our daughter but they just got too old and wanted to retire. I'm thrilled they are off enjoying their retirement but I miss them a lot.

My advice may not be appropriate for you. That's ok. You are just fine how you are and I am the right kind of me.

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I go to one restaurant that doesn't have high chairs. I don't want to ask if it's on purpose or not, cause I don't want to stop going there. The food is really good. It's a non-Mexican Mexican restaurant, if that makes sense. Totally inauthentic tacos (i.e barbecue tacos) and the best turnip greens you've ever eaten.

It's in a converted gas station, and you order at the counter, then eat in an open air part of the restaurant. We go at lunch. Seems family friendly-ish, and we don't get tooo many dirty looks with our three. But, like I said, the food is really, really good. I wouldn't go to somewhere with food like Applebee's if there was no high chair.
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I would take it as just stating a fact, a lot of places don't have them but are otherwise family friendly. Some places it isn't practical to have them because of space issues or they don't want to have to clean them or whatever.

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