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sonicfrost's Avatar sonicfrost 01:48 PM 09-21-2010
What do you count as your baby's first word?

Is it a word that you say and he/she tries to mimic you by repeating it, but doesn't say it correctly?

Is it a word that you say and he/she does mimic you and repeats it perfectly?

Is it a word he/she says randomly in the babble and you recognize a word in there?

Is it a word he/she says when recognizing something? (you walk into the room and baby says "Mama!")

I'm very curious to see your answers!

LadyCatherine185's Avatar LadyCatherine185 02:01 PM 09-21-2010
I personally considered it a word when he said it and it meant something, not necessarily saying it correctly. My DS's first word was "mama" and he knew what it meant. If he said something while babbling, or repeating after me, but didn't know the meaning behind it I didn't really count it. JMO!
mamazee's Avatar mamazee 02:04 PM 09-21-2010
I consider it their first use of some specific word or attempt at a word to mean some specific thing and truly communicate. So "na-na" when wanting to nurse would count for me, but copying something wouldn't.
ErinYay's Avatar ErinYay 03:12 PM 09-21-2010
Any consistent sound used in context is a "word," imo.

For example, DD says "duck-duck-duck" while babbling, but doesn't say it re. ducks. We count "banana" as a word though, as she only says "a-nana" while eating bananas. (Nope, can't trick her into saying it by telling her avocado is banana., unfortunately!)
ann_of_loxley's Avatar ann_of_loxley 03:21 PM 09-21-2010
I always counted the first word as the word they say with meaning. I never count dada or mum because those really are just 'sounds' (they happen to be handy sounds but are really no different than baba and gaga lol) they are repeating.
tzs's Avatar tzs 10:33 PM 09-21-2010
mine repeats but really the only and first word was/is "dickie" which is the name of the dog. i kind of had a feeling it would be since i'm always yelling it. she also says "uh oh!" alot and in context but that's just a developmental thing that they do (like "mama...dada...") it's really cute though.
dh swears she was looking out the door at him doing yardwork and said "i see you" but i dunno. she talks in "sentences" alot that are easily interpreted into english however you want.
Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 12:04 AM 09-23-2010
Yep, word in context here.

DD's first word was "puppy!" while looking at the dogs. I guess I know where I stand in the pecking order .
Abraisme's Avatar Abraisme 01:30 PM 09-23-2010
I agree, it's the first word used in the proper context.

My DD's first word was hot at about 10mo. She pointed to my morning coffee and said, "hot".
Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 02:09 PM 09-23-2010
Originally Posted by sonicfrost View Post
Is it a word he/she says when recognizing something? (you walk into the room and baby says "Mama!")
This. My daughter had babbled "mamama" and "dadada" first, but her first word was when she pointed at the cat and said "CAT!"