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My 8-month-old has never slept for longer than an hour or two at a time. During the day, he rarely naps more than 20-45 minutes two, maybe three, times. At night, he has maybe one two-hour block and than many blocks that are an hour or less. Sometimes he'll let me nurse him lying down, but sometimes he really only settles if I sit up and pull him cross cradle.

We co-sleep for the most part, occasionally putting him down for a nap or to start off the night in his crib, but the length of time he sleeps does not seem affected by where he is--except that I can occasionally get a 60-90 minute nap from him if he sleeps on the nursing pillow on my lap. He's a big boy, over 20 pounds, and he's eating some solids, though not a ton.

I've taken myself off soy and dairy and nuts and all traces of caffeine to see if maybe one or more of them are contributing to gas/indigestion/food sensitivity, but it's probably too soon to see a difference (except maybe from the caffeine--I'd really love to return to my morning decaf Americano!).

What am I missing? I have "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" somewhere around here and will be referring to that. My older son was horrible at falling asleep, but by now was waking only once or so a night, so I don't have any tricks for our current issues. My partner and I are both just barely hanging on and something needs to change!
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I don't have much advice because I am in the same place with my 8 month old. Unfortunately it seems like all 3 of my kids have struggled during this period and so I attribute it to teeth, milestones and separation anxiety. The only way I hang in there is by reminding myself that this, too, shall pass--my 4 and 2 year olds are walking proof of that. Dh and I trade off sleeping in on the weekends, and if it is really bad I occasionally take a nap when he gets home from work. I hope you find something that works for you guys and helps with the sleep issues!

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I know he's a big kid, but have you thought about trying a swaddle? Sometimes it can help in settling kids who wake frequently.

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