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taffywelsh's Avatar taffywelsh 09:07 PM 10-08-2010
Hello all
What temperature, in terms of degrees Farenheit, is ideal for the room the baby sleeps in (in this case, also the parents' bedroom)?
It is getting to be colder, and the heater really heats things up, to like 80. That seems too hot to me, what do you think? What is too hot and too cold?

Tattooed Hand's Avatar Tattooed Hand 09:32 PM 10-08-2010
I think I've read that it should ideally be 68-72 degrees. We keep things cooler than that though and put her in a onsie and footed sleeper.
JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 09:37 PM 10-08-2010
We and our kids acclimate to being comfy between 62-65 in winter once heating is needed. Anything hotter and we all turn red and sweat and get short of breath, including the youngest.
Mama Mko's Avatar Mama Mko 09:46 PM 10-08-2010
I would say around 70 is perfect.
momto4plus4's Avatar momto4plus4 12:39 AM 10-09-2010
I think "they" typically say around 70 but mine is usually around 60-65 so I just dress ds warmer. It also depends on your baby. Dd1 was always cold (and tiny) so we had her in a onesie, sleeper & gown plus socks. Same with Ds2. The others didn't need so much layering as they didn't get cold so easily.
Abraisme's Avatar Abraisme 12:50 AM 10-09-2010
I think that 65-70 degrees is good for sleeping.