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I posted this in Nutrition but thought I'd also ask here. Does anyone use an organic infant formula that they can recommend? I do plan to bf DD (due Nov) but when I return to work at 12 weeks I will not be able to pump. My plan is to pump and store as much as humanly possible while on leave but I know that at some point my planned reserve will run out. I have seen online Vermont Organics and Natures One. Does anyone have any experience with these or can you recommend one you like? I absolutely want organic. I am not opposed to goats milk if anyone has any info and there is a very strong family history of allergies with cows milk although DH and DS do both drink it (organic). ANY and ALL information will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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If it's absolutely necessary to supplement, I've heard good things about Baby's Only. It's marketed as a toddler formula (since breastmilk is recommended for infants.) But it does fulfill the recommendations for an infant formula.

Are you not covered under any breastfeeding/pumping in the workplace laws? I'd imagine it'll be hard to go from exclusively breastfeeding plus pumping extra to suddenly not being able to pump at work! If you work full time then you'll probably have to at least take some of the pressure off. Is there any way you could pump a little on your lunch at least? If you can pump before and after work plus a mini pumping during lunch you might be able to minimize or eliminate the need for formula... Baby would likely "reverse cycle" and nurse more at night to make up for eating less during the day. Not trying to step on toes if this is stuff you know already but it's sad to hear that a workplace stands in the way of a dedicated breastfeeding mother! There's a lot of BFing support here if you have questions though, or PM me.
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Are you a soldier? I have some resources for nursing soldier moms and pumping at work if that is why you cannot pump. I don't know anything about infant formula.
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My kids all had some supplementing here and there, for a few different reasons-- we mostly used the Similac organic when that happened. But I can't imagine not pumping at all, as early as 12 weeks-- it seems to me you'd be terribly engorged by the end of a work day. You may be running a very risk of plugged ducts and mastitis-- you'll need to at least take the pressure off. It's really hard to maintain supply without SOME pumping during a work day, even if it's just expressing a bit to relive the pressure.

I sure hope you find a solution. It's terrible that we aren't more supportive of nursing mothers, in this society. It's an awful bind to be in, to have to make the choice between supporting one's family by working, and providing breastmilk for one's baby.
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We have had to supplement a bit with our twins, and used the Safeway O Organics formula. It is reasonably priced, and does not upset the tummy of our reflux baby.
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So far as i've been able to find, all the organic formulas, w the exception of baby only contain corn syrup solids now. Unfortunately, my guy doesnt tolerate BO. I had to buy out the local HFS of their stock of pre-corn syrup earths best when they had it, and hope that it gets me to 18 mos. Being organic is no guarantee of it not being full of junk, so read your labels.

I would do my damnedest to pump at breaks/lunch, even if it meant in the bathroom or car.
Knitting Mama
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If you're in the US, and your post says you're in Maryland, then you should be covered by pumping laws. You need to raise hell if your employer is being a tool about it!!
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Complete federal and state breastfeeding and pumping laws here: If you'd like to disscus pumping logistics with a difficult employeer, how to encourage reverse cycling, etc. please post over on the bf'ing board. Also, look into "double pumping" to build a supply. Very helpful for milk production.

Sorry, I don't know anything about formula other than formula is more or less the same according to federal law. BO is the only type that doesn't get its sugar from corn syrup.
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We have to supplement and are using Earths Best organics. I like it - no issues with spitting up/poo/and DS is thriving in the 90th percentile.
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We are using Earths Best organic soy formula. It's great so far!
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I formula feed due to not being able to breastfeed after a reduction and I really wanted to use organic formula. We used Earth's Best for about 10 weeks and I was never happy with it, to be honest. The last straw was when Daniel's poop began to be solid, adult-like poop that would be difficult for him to get out. Formula fed poops are definitely harder than breastfed poops but they should still be pretty mushy. I tried everything, but it just wasn't working out and I was so sad. With Similac Organic it was even worse. I had to give him a suppository. Also it doesn't mix well. I haven't tried Vermont's Organic because we started using regular Enfamil and his body tolerated it much, much better. I have also heard very good things about Babies Only so I would start there, if I was you.

Just a word of formula warning, please avoid soy formulas unless your baby has a diagnosed milk allergy by your pediatrician. It can be tempting (at least it felt like it to me) to use a soy formula because there is less danger of growth hormones, but soy is really inferior to milk in terms of baby nutrition. The very first choice for babies should always be human milk, and after that cow-milk based formula.

There are some recipes for goatmilk based formulas on the web which is something you might want to look into if you're interested. I sincerely hope you're able to pump, but if you can't I really respect your choice to provide the best substitute possible.
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For what it's worth, I recently tried to switch my daughter to Baby's Only regular dairy formula. I had heard it had a bad track record for constipating babies, but I really wanted it to work well for us because I feel it is the "best" formula that you can buy. I regret trying it with every fiber of my being. I was trying to switch her by going 50/50 with her regular formula + Baby's Only. Thank GOD I didn't switch her cold turkey. Within three days, she was so constipated we almost took her to the E.R. It was a NIGHTMARE. My daughter has NEVER been sick, never been constipated, never had the runs, nothing, so I KNOW it was that formula. It was absolutely awful watching her scream in pain. I had no idea a rice based formula could wreak so much havoc on my little girl's system or I never, ever would have even tried it. That's what I get for messing with something that's not broke, huh?

Anyway ... that's just my biggest caution for you. Really think hard if you try the Baby's Only because it's unreal just how bad it can get.
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Wow, I had not heard about this happening to anyone! Good to know about!
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Work is an incredibly complicated situation. My position requires me to travel around our county and my hours of work change daily, and sometimes during the day as well. Many times I do not get any sort of break and lunch is catch as catch can. Many, many days I just shove something in while I'm working. I work in multiple different buildings and it is not unusual to work 7.5 hours straight without so much as a breather. I work in health care, in public health so you never know how busy it's going to be at any given time. The pace would be very similiar to working in an ER alone with no triage or waiting area, you just keep seeing patients as quickly as they present themselves. Believe me, I do not "choose" to work outside the home, I have absolutely no choice here, I have to work. I am fortunate that overall I do love my work but my day is very unscheduled and hectic and there is no set routine whatsoever for me.
All that aside, thank you to all mamas for your input. I am really struggling to find a balance between the breastmilk I know my DD needs and the best possible formula to follow that. I am feeling incredibly stressed and guilty and I really want to do what is best for my little girl.
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Thank you mamas for your kindness and your recommendations. I was nervous about posting at all because I didn't want to anger anyone that I was considering formula in the first place (well, techinically second place, but you know...)

JudiAU, I printed the Fact Sheet for Nursing Mothers and I plan to ask for a meeting with my supervisors while still on maternity leave. I think because the law is so new that no one at work has had to even think about this yet.

Frankly I would go to my car or a private bathroom if it means I can still pump at work but, I feel so much more prepared to fight for my rights.
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batlvr, I hope I didn't sound judgmental. I just want you to know that people have pumped in some pretty hard situations:

There was a woman who pumped through a deployment to Afghanistan.

I know you only want the best that is possible for your baby, that is all we all want. Don't give up--every ounce counts.
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Baby's Only is the best, most organic, most ethical, hands down. It is also not any more expensive than non-organic, and if you order by the case directly from Nature One, it is much less expensive. But it can cause constipation once you are exclusively FF, so I strongly recommend that you get a probiotic, as well. That seems to take care of the constipation. Baby's Only has their own probiotic, or you could try another specifically for babies.

I hope you are able to pump some, at least so that you can slowly wean, but don't feel badly about doing what you have to do.
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You say you go around the county- I know people who use a hands-free pumping bra and pump while they drive. Some find this to be a horribly unsafe concept some go with the gotta do whatcha gotta do attitude.
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
You say you go around the county- I know people who use a hands-free pumping bra and pump while they drive. Some find this to be a horribly unsafe concept some go with the gotta do whatcha gotta do attitude.
there is also a pump that fits in a bra, I think. It's a single electric, so you'd need two, and I'm sure it isn't discreet, but it'd work in the car, I'd bet.
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I used the lactose free baby's only and had no issues with constipation but he was also 9 months so he was having some solids by then.
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I just read that Dr. Mercola has a new infant formula available.

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Forum crashing as my babe is a toddler. Mama, I am a visiting nurse and I also went back to work at 3 months post partum. I pumped in my car as that is my office 95% of the time. I just parked in places a little out of the way and sat in the back seat (my back seat windows are tinted). You can be quite discreet pumping in the car and if you bring a little cooler your milk will be fine.

Time wise it took me about 15-20 minutes per session and in the beginning I pumped 2-3 times while at work. I made phone calls or did paperwork while I pumped.

I understand time is a factor for you but is this something you could try? Then maybe if it doesn't work you would have your backup plan.
And bring lots of drinks with you for the day! And snacks you can munch on while driving!
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Thanks to all of you wise mamas for your advice. I am going to make the effort to make this work. I think I was just thinking I'll nurse while I'm home and then I have to quit cold turkey when I go back but it's great to hear that you can continue to nurse/pump when you go back to work. and if the time comes that we need to use a formula I feel much more prepared and educated about that too. Many, many thanks!
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Originally Posted by batlvr View Post
Thanks to all of you wise mamas for your advice. I am going to make the effort to make this work. I think I was just thinking I'll nurse while I'm home and then I have to quit cold turkey when I go back but it's great to hear that you can continue to nurse/pump when you go back to work. and if the time comes that we need to use a formula I feel much more prepared and educated about that too. Many, many thanks!

come on over to the breastfeeding forum anytime! the mamas there love to share experiences and have loads of resources for working mamas, part time nursing, 'is this normal' etc, and they are very supportive.
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