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expat-mama's Avatar expat-mama 08:24 AM 01-19-2011

I keep reading how these amber teething necklaces work so well... really? I'm willing to try it I guess. DS is not teething yet, but it's gotta be soon so I'm getting prepared. Has anyone used a necklace and not noticed any difference?


I'm skeptical, but like I said, willing to try! What size (how many inches) is good for a baby? I know they say they are safe, but my son is super strong - anyone had a necklace break and amber all over the place?


Where is the best place to order from?

Knitting Mama 08:56 AM 01-19-2011

I think they do work, personally. Ours is from Inspired By Finn. You don't have to worry about amber everywhere if you order from IBF because the beads are individually knotted, so if it did break, the most you would lose would be one bead. The clasp is also a breakaway clasp, so chances are it would break there, anyway.

expat-mama's Avatar expat-mama 10:21 AM 01-19-2011

What was the length that you ordered?

mamabearsoblessed's Avatar mamabearsoblessed 10:27 AM 01-19-2011

ours are from Inspired by Finn also. I think the size are infant/toddler and child.

I believe they work for us. definitely. And soooo cute too :).

Beltane's Avatar Beltane 04:22 PM 01-19-2011

I purchased mine (one for DD and one for myself) from Inspired by Finn.  I got the smallest size for DD and then a 20 inch one for myself (I think).  :)

mrsjerrygarcia's Avatar mrsjerrygarcia 02:04 PM 01-20-2011

I also purchased from Inspired by Finn and I ordered a 14 inch one for DS. :) My son hasn't broken his yet and he has been teething and I always hear people groan and complain about how awful their child hurt while teething, but DS hasn't really had issues with it, at he just got his first tooth in and has been teething since 3 months (he's 8.5 months now!)

ellairiesmom's Avatar ellairiesmom 09:54 AM 01-21-2011

jumping in to ask a ? - do you take the necklace off at night?  i noticed it says on the site it should be taken off, but that is when i am looking for pain relief for dd2!!!!  

Knitting Mama 09:56 AM 01-21-2011

I don't. She sleeps in my arms, though, so I am not worried about her getting it caught on anything.

ellairiesmom's Avatar ellairiesmom 10:38 AM 01-21-2011

we do cosleep-sometimes she's right up on me but sometimes she's doing the froggied belly crouch thing in the middle of us.  she will be a year on 2/1.  think it's ok to leave one on her?  im thinking of ordering the ones that look less polished!

mrsjerrygarcia's Avatar mrsjerrygarcia 12:02 PM 01-22-2011

My son is 8 months old and I have had it on him since about 2 months and I have always let him sleep with it on. It's fine. :) we've never had any issues. Just be sure to take it off while giving a bath.

carmen358's Avatar carmen358 12:17 PM 01-22-2011

You can always put it on your baby's ankle while they sleep. We used to do that with DD's hazelwood necklace. We have since purchased an amber necklace (13") from inspired by finn and we do take it off at night even though she sleeps with us. To be honest, I'm still not sure if it is actually helping with teething pain. DD is almost 13 months old and has 12 teeth with her canines ready to come through too - she has a really hard time for about a week before they break through. It sure looks cute so we keep putting it on her! Maybe it would be even worse without it....not sure though :)


isras1's Avatar isras1 03:48 AM 01-23-2011

Inspired by Finn is where we ordered my DS necklace, I think the shortest strand, 14"? I took a piece of string and measured where I felt was a comfortable length, I am very happy with the quality of the necklace from IBF. What I did learn from researching amber necklaces, is that the paler and cloudier the bead/stone, the higher amount of succinic acid, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to it. When the bead is warmed against the skin, the warmth releases the acid, so I've read it works best when the beads are worn close to the site of trouble (good for arthritis too). We co-sleep too, so I feel comfortable keeping it on him at night. Does it work? I think so. I took it off for a morning bath and forgot to put it back on, I remember noticing how fussy he was during that day.  

expat-mama's Avatar expat-mama 11:53 PM 01-23-2011

Thanks for all the replies! And that's interesting about the light and cloudy amber having the highest amount of succinic acid- good to know, because I was going to order the dark stuff now I won't.