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Will "stork bites" go away? Not trying to be superficial...

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Yes I had a wonderful time with the actual births, there was a lot of hassle surrounding it that was just that, a hassle, but the birthing of babies part was smooth easy and completely joyful, no hassle could overshadow that!

Sorry for the thread hyjack. Back to our stork bites....
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My 3rd DD had stork bites that went away by age 2.  Then her sister (age 4 at the time) ran her over with her bike("She didn't move out of the way!"), and DD's stork bites returned with the giant goose egg that appeared.  They went away again a few months later.


I guess it depends on the bites/kid.

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My newborn has a storkbite on the right side of his nose (I will try to post a pic). I too have been worried about when it will go away, my ped said by age 1 but after reading PP's posts I see it may not :( 105_3617.JPG

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My 6 mo old was born with stork bite under her nose - totally faded now.  Can't see it at all.  

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I had no idea so many babies had stork bites on their eyelids!  DS has one on his left eyelid.  He is 6 mo and it has absolutely faded.  It is still there but I think I'm the only person who sees it unless he is throwing a fit.  Also has one on the back of his head but it is hidden now by his hair.  


Here is baby Ezra.  Only a few hours old here.  



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DD was born with stork bites. On one eye lid, sort of between the eye brows and in the neck. They've faded, and I don't think people actually notice them anymore unless they look for them, but they are still there. The one on the eye lid is actually gone, I just noticed. The one in the neck is really difficult to see even for us, as hair now grows out of that spot. Between the eyes it is more like some faded dots (so the bump on her forehead, and the bruise on her chin are a lot more noticable!

She just turned 3.

My midwife said they'd be gone within the first few months, the dr said within the first year. Oh well. It isn't like they bother her, and I'm not in the least worried anymore!
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Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics and experiences!  At the very least, it's nice to know it's so common, and not like my Cady has some sort of "weird birthmark."  Lol.


All of our babies are gorgeous; just have to throw that out there.  :-)  Here's a recent pic of my Cady, processed but without me "taking out" her bites via airbrushing or similar. 


I wouldn't trade this face for anything!



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See my bold below. My almost 5yo's are the most noticeable when she's worked up or crying--any time a person would be red-faced, so to speak. I truly forget how "marked" she was as an infant until I look back at her super-newborn pics.


 ETA: I deleted the huge photo files. Slowing my computer.

Originally Posted by ellemenope View Post

DD was peppered with stork bites when she was born.  The worst was on her right eyelid.  It was very purple.  Then she had a streak of them very similar to your DD's that went down her nose and above her lip.  There was even some blemish right under her lip.  She also had one the size of a nickle on the side of her head, covered by hair, and the traditional nape of the neck one.


She was also born with a small red blemish right next to her right ear that over the course of about a month grew to the size of a gumball (compound hemangioma).  This was our main concern.  We were just really thankful that the other marks did not grow like that one.


At 2.5, you would have no idea.  I will always notice, but I don't think anyone else does.  The stork bites might flare when she gets upset, but I am madly in love with each and every one of them, and they are nothing anyone would question.  I love how her nose is always a little bit rosier than the rest of her face.  The hemangioma is almost always covered by her hair now and is much duller, and will be surgically removed when we are ready for that.


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All those splotchy babies just look like babies to me, lol!  I don't think I've seen many babies without some red marks here and there.  To me, it's part of the squishy newness of a baby, and mark of how tiny they still are! 


My kids have all faded quite a bit, too.  I don't notice anyone's anymore...except the baby's.  She, actually, has way more than the others.  Her cord was wrapped tightly around her body twice, and where her cord was she has huge deep red/purple marks.  As she grows, it is taking up less of her, but as a newborn it covered probably 1/2 of her back.  I wonder if those will ever go away?



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Wow marks from the cord, never heard of that one!
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My daughter was born with stork bites.


She is a month old in this picture.


Here she is at 2.


you can still see them VERY LITTLE.


Here she is at 5.



She is 7 now and I can only see them when she has a fever or has been crying really hard.


I will admit my child has a little color and that might play into the fact that they are not visible but I dont really know.



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Little Miss had stork bites on the back of her neck and on her back... she was born sunny-side up, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.  In any case, they were so perfectly placed on her spine, and were hidden by her hair, I was actually sad to see them go.  They're nearly undetectable now, she's 13 months.

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Old thread but my mil, in her 70s, has one on the back of her neck, still visible and so does my husband, almost 40, and all 6 of our children. 

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Both of mine had stork bites. The oldest had a triangle V shape on her forehead that faded. It's my favorite part of her baby photos for some reason now. Just very babyish or something. The younger one had a dark one on the back of her neck. She's 3 and it's still there but barely. I don't ever notice it because of where it is.
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My DD had stork bites on her eyelids and forehead. They've faded a lot but you can still see them.

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