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DD vomiting only at night, fine during the day -- is this normal?!

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Hi there, I have been posting a lot in the last few days so I apologize if I'm overdoing it! But pretty lost and need support.


DD is 11 months old, and for the last three nights she has been very sick to her stomach, and vomiting a couple times per night except last night (but she gagged a few times and couldn't stand to nurse for very long without turning over).


I thought it was the bug going around, and it may still be, but she is totally and 100% FINE during the day. Nurses without problem and no vomiting.


SO is there something I am eating at night that could be making her sick to her stomach? I just started taking calcium with magnesium, vitamin c and d again at night (which I used to all the time and we never had problems). When I crawl into bed she nurses just fine, and it's the second nursing sesh that I can tell something is wrong and she is uncomfortable.


It just seems like 48+ hours is a long time to have a stomach flu, and also the fact that she's only sick at night.


Any insight?

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I would try taking your vitamins in the morning and see if the same thing happens. Might help you narrow it down!

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October! We have the same problem in our house. Totally, 100% fine during the day... upset and barfing at night. I *think* that it is one of two things: over-eating/over-full or dairy/phlegm.


My LO tends to do it more often when he has had a big dinner and not too much time to digest it before he lays down for the night. He nurses to sleep, so it becomes a big dinner then a big tummy full of milk. It helps us to nurse him to sleep with the "emptier" boob, and to try to keep dinner as far away from bedtime as possible.


My mama-sense tells me that there might be something going on with the dairy too because we limited dairy for a while due to a terrible cold/cough/plague and the barfing stopped... then on day two of a full re-entry of dairy into his diet (cheese, mostly): barf-fest. (there have been other signals of this too... but that is the main one)


Also... Sometimes I can't tell if my LO gets pukey first then cries OR cries first then gets pukey. Sometimes it seems like if he gets even the slightest bit upset at night, he pukes. I can't tell which one is the cause. Certainly there have been nights that he has gotten upset without puking (though never the other way around). I wish I had a proven fix for this, because it totally blows. Sheesh, I am so tired of getting barfed on.

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Hi there just wanted to know if you got any answers from the dr.... As my lo is having the same symptoms are what you are saying...

Most night ds is great nursing for about ten minutes, Falls asleep and we put him into his crib. Sometimes with no problems. Other times he will wake up as we lay him down. He cries but fall asleep with in minutes. No coughing or puking... but in the morning or again during the night. there will be puke all over...

Will b going to dr in morning as DS has had other issues with his gage reflex when he was little...

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