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with dd i never burped her. i might have done it once or twice just for fun but she just didn't seem to need it. she never had trouble with gas (that i know of...she wasn't fussy at all) and never spit up. plus, half the time she would nurse to sleep so no burping there.


now i'm preggos with number 2 and all these questions are popping into my head knowing that #2 could be very different in so many ways?


so are there others of you out there who don't burp the baby? how do you know if they need it?????


i feel like a beginner again!

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I was a little lacking in newborn knowledge when I had Cecilia, and I thought that burping was only for bottle fed babies. I didn't think breastfed babies needed to burp at all. Well, after she ate, a lot of times Cecilia would do a thing where she'd sort of stick her tongue out over and over, almost like a cartoon picture of someone gagging. It took a while for me to realize that she needed to burp! She would also rub her face back and forth on me/the Boppy/the bed/whatever when she needed to burp.


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My first never needed burping, never spit up, never had any gassy-ness ect.  Baby #2 is constantly popping off the breast to look around and back on, she swallows a ton of air and totally needs to be burped.  She's also got some reflux along with it.  If your babe needs it you will be able to tell I promise!

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Originally Posted by Amanda_Reyasmom View Post

My first never needed burping, never spit up, never had any gassy-ness ect.    If your babe needs it you will be able to tell I promise!

Same here.  DS never needed to be burped.  I also do not eat any gluten (celiac), soy, limited grains which I believe was helpful.  I had soooo many people ask me about why we didn't do it.  I'd defend myself and just said he didn't need too.  Many "yeah right" looks on that one. 


Whooo hooo for you!  Makes life a tad easier!

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I think it depends on the baby/kid.  Out of all of mine I only had 1 that needed to be burped (he also had reflux and was gassy) so go figure.  Never had a problem with them at all and nursing either they were just 'effecient" and didnt need to be burped.

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woah, blow my mind!  i too thought burping was a bottle-fed thing, I've never burped my son after nursing!  Maybe this would help him sleep better?  He does fart a lot... ;)  I'll give it a shot!


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My DS needs help burping.  I think its because I have a fast letdown or something.  He doesn't specifically need "burped" but a light bouncing after eating helps him push it out when he needs to.  Weeks of back patting until I accidentally stumbled on burping via knee bounce.  I wish I would have figured it out earlier because it could have made things MUCH easier.

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good luck tzs.  I totally felt like a beginner again when dd2 came along (six years after dd1).  Somethings come back to you once the babe is in arms and then soemthings are very different because each babe is different.
dd1 was breastfed and I never burped her and I also didn't think breastfed babies needed to be burped.  In  fact, I remember being around another mom that aggressively patted her ds after breastfeeding him and thinking, that's weird that she burps him as she just breastfed him (but to each his own). But now with dd2, who is ebf, she needs at least a little air to come out after eating to feel comfortable and prevent spitup.  she doesn't spit up very much or often but it seems that the only time it happens is when I don't burp her.  As with pp, she gives me clues (the tongue thing or just a weak fussy sound) that she wants a burp.  I don't need to burp her when I am nursing her in bed at night but I also don't think she eats as much at night as she does during the day.

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Both my girls had/have to be burped.


I too have a fast letdown and somewhat distracted babies.  My first was a major happy spitter, and burped and spit up a ton.  My 10 week old needs to burp and sometimes needs some assistance to get it out, and does spit up, but not too much.


I too was told before I had children that breastfed babies do not need to be burped and do not generally spit up.  I think that information was spread by a nursing mother who didn't know what it was like to have spit up down the front of your nursing bra!

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Ds never needed to be burped. Generally if he had one in there just moving him from one position to another was enough to bring it up.

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