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Back pain from babywearing and nighttime nursing....

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Anybody else having problems with this?  I'm happy to be carrying, wearing and lying down to nurse, but yikes!  It's hurting my back.  As he grows, it seems to be worsening.  I feel like I'm shrinking (from all the nursing) while he's getting enormous and hungrier, and it's harder to carry him!  My ds is 6.5 months old and weighs about 20 lbs.  He's not super happy to be sitting and playing by himself for long periods of time.  Does anybody have any exercises or other solutions?

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No answers but I want to sympathize! My seven month old, 19 lb son is the same. He likes to be in the front carry for his Ergo so he can see me, and he likes to nurse side lying, even in the day and my back is killing me. I try to do yoga stretches but I haven't really felt right since about 12 weeks pregnant! Ha! He is also reaching a stage where he doesn't want to play by himself much. He does like to unload his toybox though, so I've been hiding one new thing in there (like the spatula or something) every day and then he goes through it, and when he finds the new thing it buys some time. I also let him jump in his jumper for 10 minutes or so, and then sometimes he'll play with me sitting next to him, even if I'm reading or on the laptop. All these things together buy me maybe 40 minutes? When he is really demanding I try to listen to a book on tape on my ipod when I hand him toys so at least I've got something else to do.

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I get a really sore low back when I wear my DS for too long in the front- if I know we're doing an extended activity I wear him on my back, which is so much easier! I also use a sling in a hip carry if I'm just bopping around the house, that helps. I haven't figured out a solution to the side line nursing though, it still makes my shoulders tense. Well, actually, my favorite solution is to get a massage, heehee 


good luck! 

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I use the moby & have worn my lo for 3+ hours @a time & it hasn't worn me out too much... I think because it's just a big piece of fabric & feels pretty natural and I don’t really feel like I have to compensate for it by holding any strange position that's not natural to my customary position? I definitely would try to find a good chiropractor who is well-loved in your community though & get an adjustment & talk to them for any advice they might have too? I can tell you I get rotator cuff pain (around the shoulder ) if I try to prop myself up on my elbow while lying down to feed. I have to lay my head down for comfort if I lie down to bf. Good luck!joy.gif
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It was at about 7 months (& over 25lbs) that I HAD to switch ds to a back carry. Made a big difference for me & he was still content.

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Me too! With side lying I try to make sure my hips are in line with each other or jam a pillow under your low back and bottom. Yoga helps as does some core work .. I feel like all that pain is worse BC we lost our crunches though. I found twists and down dog helped...but on a big day my back still aches. Soon your lo will be crawling so your back will get a break!

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oh & I love my body pillow for bfing while laying down/napping... I put it behind me & between my knees and it helps prop me up some from the back so that I'm not laying down completely flat and am more accessible to lo. Then I have a regular pillow for my head of course. I can sleep for hours like this and i'm pretty finicky. Give it a shot! thumb.gif

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I have the same problem.  I found that magnesium pills really help as well as baths with epsom salt (also magnesium).  Good Luck!!

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I should try some pillows while nursing.  I know I definitely have lost some abdominal muscle tone since being pregnant.  The first few days after giving birth I felt like I couldn't sit up unsupported.  Now it's better, but maybe some ab work would help.  The magnesium is a good idea too.  I was taking it while pregnant, but I've stopped with the supplements now - just out of laziness since it no longer affects the baby.  But I know it's probably good to keep taking the old vitamins...


If it gets really bad, I will go to a chiropractor, though I admit that the idea of having my spine adjusted makes me more than a little nervous. 


I have the ergo and a ring sling.  I've been able to get my babe in a back carry a few times with my dp's help.  But I haven't been able to figure out how to do it alone without dropping him. 

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I also have a ring sling and an ergo. I will say that the ring sling does cause a bit of  strain and takes a bit more effort to have my son in. I find that the ergo is super easy and distributes the weight so much better. Are you having trouble putting the ergo on your back? It does take a bit of practice. Be sure to have the hooks scootched all the way up and do it at the foot of a bed or couch.  I found it helped to be on my knees by the couch! :0


The chiro sounds scary but really isn't!  I went for my first adjustment when I was pregnant and LOVED it!  It really helps with all of this breastfeeding.  Don't be scared.  It'll be ok and it will really help you. 


I find that it helps me put a pillow behind me when sidelying BFing.  One under my lower back gives great support.  Takes some shimmying around to find what works best for you at each stage. 


Best wishes!

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You may want to try carrying LO on your back.  My son was 20 lbs at 6 months too - i carry him in a woven wrap in front or in the ring sling if we are out, shopping etc...but in the house, to get some housework done...he HAS to be on my back.  I found a very slim, lightweight backpack frame sort of thing to carry him in.  Its so old, the name is worn off the thing!  But it keeps him amused and his hands out trouble.  If your back hurts after you nurse your baby lying down...why are you doing it?  I couldnt get comfortable side lying until baby was a bit bigger - so i propped myself up against the headboard and rested the baby on my knees.  I was able to put him down to sleep that way.  Now i enjoy side lying because that means i get to SLEEP! 


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