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50 centimeters. Off the charts by a good margin. He's 29 1/2 inches tall (so TALL), and 21 pounds and a few ounces that my husband didn't write down (a little bigger than average). The doc's not worried--Dad has a giant noggin, and baby's meeting milestones (though he's probably on the slower end of the large-motor curve, which makes sense; he's so top-heavy, with relatively tiny feet) and not showing symptoms of any disorder. Also, growth's been pretty consistently at one centimeter per month and is starting to slow down; nothing weird there. (He didn't have a particularly big head at birth--it was around the 70th percentile at one month, 90th at 2 months but so was his height, and then off the charts at four months and beyond.) Toddler hats don't fit him--we need preschooler hats. "Constitutional macrocephaly" sounds scary, but it's just doctorese for "big head." Anyone else have a big-headed baby?

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Both my kids have large heads. I knit adult-sized hats for my 5-year-old, and DS is wearing a size 3 hat this summer (try to find a sunhat with a chin-strap in that size! doable but not easy). DD's head is beginning to look more proportioned to her body now, but it took a while, especially as she's at the bottom of the charts for height and weight - it's an interesting look. DS at least is big for his age all over.


I tell myself that they need huge skulls to accommodate all those brains. ;-)

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M's head is big, he is 7months wears 9-12 month clothes and 2t hats! Not sure where he is percentile wise, as my dr doesn't normally do percentiles. I asked if his head was big and he said, Oh yeah, but nothing to worry about! lol! He has shirts that don't fit over his head! :p 

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My 2yo has a big head.  But so does his dad (who had to have his head measured every month b/c the doc's thought he was hydrocephalic - at least I think thats the word).  He's 2 now, and this winter he had to wear a 4-7 size hat!  Everything else was WAY too small.  Oh well, he's a cutie anyway winky.gif

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This thread made me laugh out loud because YES!!!!  My son definitely has a huge head!  At six months we had to buy him 18 month hats and he definitely has shirts that won't fit over his head.  He's almost a year but can still fit in anything from 6-12 months, except his head.....  We have our 1 year check up coming up so we'll see if the doc says anything about it but doesn't seem concerned at this point.  I think his grandad has a big head so I'm not worried.  He's still a cutie, big head and all!  ;)

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My best friend's children have been blessed with her big noggin. They moved and the new doc was worried about her sons head size, enough she wanted him evaluated. She said no, it measured 95th percentile to off the charts from her first ultrasound on, LOL! He just has a big head!

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Another big-headed baby over here! We actually had his head ultrasounded (though the soft spot) when he was 5 months old because it was so big. They checked for extra fluid, a tumor, etc. Everything was fine - I have a big head too, and so do my brothers. So I guess he comes about it honestly, although I sometimes think he'll never learn to walk! 

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I saw this on the main page.  My children are no longer babies but they still have big heads.  As babies, their head sizes were off the charts.  My daughter had a CT scan because the doctors were worried about her head size (her twin brother's head was the same size but they were more worried that hers grew so fast).  The CT scan results were fine.

All the cute children's hats they were never able to wear.


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My big headed baby is no longer a baby at almost 15 but we have called him "olive on a toothpick" since he was a baby ;-). He plays ice hockey and at 6 years old started wearing an adult helmet and there are brands of shoulder pads he can't wear because they slip over your head and well - they can't if he wants to keep his ears. All my kids have pretty big heads, as does dh. When my oldest was in 4th grade ( so her brothers were in 2nd and pre k) they were using head size to learn graphing so we had to measure everyone's head. Mine was the smallest!
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DS is now almost 4 and still has a pretty big head. He still isn't super-coordinated and I despair of finding him cute hats but other that is fine. Just has a big head.


DD has a slightly small head.


Go figure.

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Here is a study on head circumference and feeding:


It's interesting smile.gif

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DD has always had at least a 75th percentile head circumfrance (except for the measurement taken right after she was born, she had squished down to 50th percentile.) at 23 months it looks pretty funny on her 5th percentile for length, below the chart for weight, body. her dad has about a 90th percentile head, even though he's pretty average otherwise. 

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