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mamaLHK's Avatar mamaLHK 01:45 PM 05-21-2011

how do you all get your young ones to sleep?  i may be remembering wrong, but i thought i would just nurse my ds1 (now 7years old) to sleep.  my new ds2 (2 months old) seems to require a well-timed combination of walking him around with a bounce in my step and then at the right time quickly popping him on the breast while i continue to hold him and walk with a bounce in my step.  if i try either just the breast or just walking him around there is often screaming.  i was feeling totally incompetent until i discovered this 'formula' - now i'm mostly just tired (but with a lingering twinge of feeling incompetent).  anyone else out there have a challenge to get to sleep?  might this get easier with time?  thanks!

crayfishgirl's Avatar crayfishgirl 09:36 PM 05-21-2011

My son is 9 weeks and doesn't nurse to sleep like my DD did (that was my fail safe with her, and the only thing she wanted most of the time).  I was at a total loss with DS, and have sort of figured him out:  At night: swaddle, boob until he settles, then quickly onto my shoulder with a blanket on his head to shield his eyes, and bounce...all while playing white noise.  Daytime: in Moby and walk/bouncing or on exercise ball with white noise (although he doesn't seem t be sleeping as long this way anymore).


You're not jut takes a while to figure them out.  I think it get easier in that you know your baby better and what their little signals mean, but at the same time, I know that once I think I have it all together he's going to decide that he needs something different and figuring out what the heck it is starts all over again!  

mamaLHK's Avatar mamaLHK 12:05 PM 05-22-2011

thanks, cratfishgirl.  anyone else have something they can share?

~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 08:43 PM 05-22-2011
  1. full tummy
  2. swaddle, tight, if they think there is a chance they can get free they will drive themselves to a tizzy working at it
  3. pacifier, repeat to self "they're not evil"
  4. swing, with vibration, vibration is baby crack as my mom so smoothly phrased it


my twins have sleep wonderfully like this for all of their 5 months. i make sure they get lots of "me" time and i carry them around a lot, but i worked hard right from the start for sleep to be the time they were set down. if i hadn't the logistics of twins would have destroyed me