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mra's Avatar mra 05:28 PM 06-08-2011

Is there any reason why I shouldn't let the LO nap on the floor? Right now she is sound asleep on a blanket in the middle of her room. We were playing and reading on the floor, she started to look tired so I just nursed her right there and she passed out. Is the floor too hard? Is it bad for her back/joints or anything?


This might be a good place to let her nap since we don't use the crib, she doesn't nap in her swing anymore and she is starting to move and roll all over so the bed isn't really a safe place unless I'm in it with her or can watch the monitor closely.

marsipan's Avatar marsipan 06:11 PM 06-08-2011

i'd go with it if it meant a good nap! if she were uncomfy, she would probably wake up cranky.

whoami's Avatar whoami 10:20 PM 06-09-2011

Only reason I can think of is scorpians. I haven't even given a second thought to letting him sleep/play on the floor but now I'm paranoid after finding two last week.

new2this's Avatar new2this 11:06 PM 06-09-2011

The older DD got the more I realized with her that in order for her to have a good nap it has to be in her crib. Floor, couch/bed with me, car pretty much any place outside of her crib and she wakes up miss crab pants. Makes it really hard sometimes. For her they turn into cat naps and then she is is crabby but refusing to go to sleep. 


Now if she did okay with them then I don't see why not. 

SubliminalDarkness's Avatar SubliminalDarkness 12:13 AM 06-10-2011

Nope! When we moved DS1 into his own bed and room, he ended up on the floor most nights. I just let him be. I would slip something under his face so he wasn't sleeping with a face down into carpet, but that was all. 

mjaer08's Avatar mjaer08 10:09 AM 06-10-2011
I don't think sleeping on a hard surface would cause harm, unless the baby/child is doing it every single time it sleeps over a long period of time. I vote if they are sleeping good, let them be. Go take a nap too! Lol!
SeattleRain's Avatar SeattleRain 10:52 AM 06-10-2011

I don't think it's a big deal, but I would think about getting a pack and play or a cheap crib for times like thse where the baby wants to take a nap on her own. While it's not a big deal now while she's immobile, when she starts to crawl or walk, you're going to want some walls or something so that when baby wakes up she doesn't get into trouble. I also think it's just not that comfortable to sleep on the floor, so she may not get really good sleep or she might wake up stiff. I'd get a crib-like device. FWIW, my baby is a happy crib sleeper and I've never been sorry he sleeps in a crib.

mra's Avatar mra 08:51 PM 06-11-2011

Thanks! We do have the regular size co-sleeper that turns into a pack and play type crib. We also have a regular crib, we just need a new mattress for it. We were given one by family, but I didn't realize how old it was and that it probably isn't as firm as it should be or that it isn't good to use an old mattress so I need to get a new one. We co-sleep so I haven't bothered yet.


I was just wondering about the floor because she still nurses to sleep and I can lay there with her while she passes out. Sometimes I can get her down if she falls asleep in my arms, but often she wakes up when I try to put her down.

dejagerw's Avatar dejagerw 12:07 PM 06-12-2011

DS1 always napped on the floor. We took the pack n play mat out and put it on the floor. We later took the crib mattress out and put it on the floor. Now he's 2.5 and sleeps on a twin on the floor. It's the only way I could get him down for a nap... I had to lay with him. It was never a problem. Whenever he woke up, I knew about it. He wasn't the type to just wake up and go chew on an electrical cord or something. He woke up and cried for me to get him, even when he could come get me himself. I just kept the baby monitor on where he slept so I could hear him wake up.


DS2 naps on the floor now. He's not mobile yet.