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I keep reading that until 12 months, food is just for exploring. However, my son loves food! He can't get enough of it, and frequently eats more at meals than my 3 year old.


He still nurses a lot, and I usually nurse him before meals. He just loves food. We only give him organic whole foods, but I guess I worry that we give him too much. If we stop giving him food, he screams and bangs his fists until we give him more. When he is done, he stops eating (even if there is more food in front of him). When he is hungry, sometimes he crawls to me to nurse and sometimes he goes to the kitchen and bangs on the fridge.


When ds eats, he is very serious. No giggles, no playing. All of his attention is focused on food. Strangers have commented on it at restaurants.


I don't know if it matters, but ds is 10.5 months and almost 27 lbs. We do BLW, so some foods are easy to eat and others are not- but he trucks through all of them.


Do I let ds detrmine how much solids he eats? How do I know if he is getting too many? This is so different than my first, who took in about 75% of her calories from nursing until 18 months.

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I would say as long as you nurse first, you don't see a decrease in nursing, and you're offering your DS a healthy variety of foods - and it sounds like you are doing all of these things - then it's fine.  Let him eat!  He knows what he needs :)

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we're in the same boat - DS ate but really loved the boob and took in most from me.  DD absolutely LOVES to eat, will eat anything, will eat a lot.  I'm not worried about it.  She's doing fine.  I say let the boy eat!

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My DD LOVES eating too... at 8 months she eats 3 meals and snacks throughout the day... but she still nurses first and often. She just looooooves eating. 

As long as you are feeding him healthy food not exclusively food (also nursing and/or formula based on your situation) there's really no "right" amount of solid food. He will eat until he is full and then stop, at this age they haven't learned to keep eating after they are full.


If you are concerned about his weight... I wouldn't be. That sounds pretty good for a baby his age. Which is a good reason to believe he knows what is best for him (as long as you give him the healthy choices!)

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Last week we were in just your spot! E would eat and eat and eat. This week? New baby.. she is just not interested in food. Even her old favorites, she just doesn't feel like it.  I figure she knows how to eat, she knows that sitting in her high chair means food, and if she wants it she'll eat it.. if she doesn't.. oh well, try again next time.  If she wants more, she'll tell me.

I wouldn't worry about it, just keep doing healthy foods and you're good to go.

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Ainsley is obsessed with eating too (she's 10.5 months)......she just loves food and gets quite worked up about it. Everyone always laughs about how much she loves to eat. Some suppers she does eat as much as my 3 year old........she isn't near as picky either. I just offer her a bunch of healthy food and let her eat what she wants.

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I say there is real no rule on how much. It really is baby dependent. 


DD loves food. be it baby food and we spoon feed or she feeds herself. She sees food she wants food. She is 9  months and been eating solids of some sorts since about 5 months. When she is done eating she is done. She lets us know. 


Today she had 1/2  banana pancake for breakfast with some formula in a sippy cup. 

Lunch was some of my grilled cheese sandwhich. She wasn't really into eating at the moment wanted a small bite here and there. Outside of that she just wasn't into it. 

Supper she had 6 oz of Mixed Veggies. (last of the baby food so not buying anymore) and she was done after that. Otherwise I would ahve given her some food off my plate. 

Snack some water with a bit of apple juice in a sippy cup and some cheerios. 


All together for formula she has anywhere from 24-32 oz a day. 


I dont' push it and let her take the lead. And some days I suck at it and forget to give her 3 meals. I just am not all in a big hurry to have her eating 3 meals a day. 



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Each kid is so different!  My oldest child has always loved eating and can eat more than my husband and I at some meals, I swear!  He's nearly 6.  From the beginning, he loved to eat.  My second child started solids at 10/11 months old, and he only kind of likes to eat.  My third?  Didn't start solids until past a year and still rarely eats solids at nearly 16 months old. 


I'd say that if you're offering healthy foods, let him choose on his own.  Listen to his cues and just let him be.  With my oldest, once he's eaten and he's still asking for more, we will offer applesauce, a piece of fruit, some veggies, a glass of milk, something healthy in general.  And kids go through growth spurts too, where some days they will eat way more than you could imagine, then a few days later barely eat.  I think kids inherently know what they need, though.


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We are at the other end.... DD doesn't want to eat and we dont force it.  She is 9.5 months old and has had food maybe 10 times.  She is just not interested and we do BLW, so no spoons or purees.  I say, follow baby's lead. Sounds like he is thriving and giving milk first is good!

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My son is 9 months, and 18lbs.  He is a HUGE eater.  Here is a typical day for us.

Night time is approximately 10pm-8am.  During that time he nurses at least 3 times, most often 4-5+.

Wakes around 8am and we lay in bed with big sister and play and nurse.

Breakfast today was 1 whole banana, 1/2c yogurt, and a few blueberries or raspberries.



He had a handful of organic puffs for snack

Lunch - he had 4 large spinach and feta ravioli, one whole chicken tenderloin cut up, and a fresh homemade fruit popcicle


Snack - steamed carrots


Dinner - 1 whole piece homemade pizza (gluten free crust, chicken, turkey bacon, cheese, and spinach).



Snack - 1 whole peach

Nurse to sleep




He clearly eats a TON!  I can't believe he only weighs 18lbs.  My opinion is that if you are feeding GOOD, whole foods - no junk or "filler food" that it's perfectly acceptable! 

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