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I wouldn't want two in diapers, because I don't like changing diapers. I potty train my kids around 20 months and my kids are all at 3 or more years apart. 

More than that, though, I wouldn't want two kids who weren't sleeping through the night, two kids who couldn't dress themselves, two kids who needed to be carried, two kids who couldn't communicate well, etc. etc. etc. I find it takes me a lot of energy to parent a baby or toddler. The diapers are a part of that. Plus, my sister and I were 27 months apart and we hated each other as kids. My kids are all 3+ years apart and love each other to pieces.

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I have two in diapers, my boys are 20 mths apart.  My older son is in paper while my younger son is in cloth.  I would not plan on doing that again.  It can be tough.  There have been times where both boys have had poopie diaper blowouts at the same time as we are walking out the door.  As far as it pertaining to having two small children, that doesn't bother me as much.  Many people have told me they will be the best of friends and having them close makes it easier as they get older.

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I had to laugh a little at this....I have FOUR kids in diapers full-time.  My son turned 3 years old on the 11th of this month...then I delivered TWINS on the 13th.  My daughter will be 2 on the 12th of next month.  All my children were planned...other then the spontanous twins...that was just a wonderful happy surprise.  I have been changing diapers for 3 years...2 of those years was with 2 in diapers.  I Love every second of having my kiddos close together.  Funny though because anyone could end up with twins...then you would automaticly have two in diapers, two to care for at once...and I am sorry but having twins is way different then just having two closly spaced siblings.  oh and we don't cloth diaper and the cost really isn't that bad...I used to cloth diaper but for my sanity I had to quit.  That I think is the KEY to having closely spaced siblings...learning that you don't have to be supermom...sometimes you just got to do what works at the time even if it isn't ideal.  I even formula feed my twins because I knew I couldn't handle nursing the twins...I know on here that means I am a horriable mom but oh well...judge away. 

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Originally Posted by peainthepod View Post

Mine are 23 months apart. For me, it's not the diapering that's hard. It's the feeling like I'm constantly being pulled in several directions at once, and the crushing mommy guilt that ensues whenever I think about how much less one-on-one time with mama my babies are getting while I try to take care of everyone to the best of my ability.


Diapering two is a piece of cake compared to feeling like I'm spread too thin. I'm looking forward to when DS is a little more independent and can do things like fix himself a simple snack, or use the bathroom without my help, and when DD is willing to play on the floor instead of wanting to be constantly held or worn. For now, we're just surviving.


I guess I made this sound really grim and depressing--it isn't, not really! I love having my two and wouldn't change a thing. But I'm also an introvert and find the constant, unrelenting demands on my time really exhausting. Sometimes after DH comes home, I lock myself in the bathroom for a little while just to catch my breath. bag.gif

My two oldest are also 23 months apart and trust me when your oldest is more independent you will miss these crazy days. At least I do. Those first couple years are crazy, but it gets easier and it is sooo worth it. My boys are best friends. They always stick together and look out for each other. I wouldn't change that for anyting in the world. Now, I look back and I miss those days. I never thought I would, but I do.


If I had my way, I would have another one in about a year for my DD. So she isn't left out. But, alas my DH is done and unless we get a surprise our family is complete. 




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Thanks for this post-- I'm glad to hear adult stories of close in age kids. I will admit that having an extra 4-6 months would have made a *huge* difference to me. My son was still such a baby when my daughter came, (not really walking etc). Also, I could have made it to a year nursing etc. I have a lot of regrets due to the child spacing.


But one thing that I can see already! is that a wonderful sibling relationship is emerging. No jelousy and it's remarkable how you can tell he cares for her. it's truly amazing. 

Originally Posted by LadyCatherine185 View Post

My brother and I are 18 months apart. My mom said the first year was REALLY hard, but after that, the two of us were inseperable. The best of friends. We played together and wanted to be together all the time. Don't feel guilty, mama. You do the best you can to meet their needs and they won't remember the few minutes they had to wait to nurse, or crying because you were taking care of the other baby.. They will remember growing up with a sibling who they were close with and loved, and that is a wonderful gift you are giving them.


My two are 27 months apart, DS1 is almost 3 and DS2 is 7 months, and I already see a wonderful friendship forming. And, it has gotten a lot easier in the last few months already. Hang in there, mama. It will be worth it!



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My oldest was 14 months old when I had twins, so I had 3 in diapers for close to 2 1/2 years. The actual diapering wasn't a big deal. Most of the time I just did a round of diaper changes all at once, except of course when they were poopy. Even then, so often they did their business at about the same time so then I was changing at the same time also. 

But the above posters are right. Having them close together is a lot of work. But you adapt and find routines and eventually you look back and say that wasn't so bad. Now having two potty training at the same time wasn't fun. But once I got done potty training all of them, I wasn't sure I wanted to have any more and start all over with the whole diaper business. But we are and I'm super excited about it now. :)

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I'm going to have 2 kids in diapers. I'm pregnenet, and there will be 22 months diffrens.

But i dont think it is that bad. Or mabey i just look at the good thing in it. In 4 years i dont have to change diapers on any of them. So 2 diaper kids for a while and then faster not having kids with diapers....


Like if i got one baby, then 3 years after got nr. 2. Then i will have to change diapers on the first baby for 3 years then i get baby nr. 2 to change diapers on for 3 years - that is a total of 6 years with diaper changine....


But now i have baby 1 and chance diapers i 3 years, alredy after 22 months i will have baby 2 ther as well need changing diapers for 3 years. But that give me only 4 years and 10 months with kids ther needs to have diapers changed.....


So shorter time, you need to change diapers...


But sure it is hard with the extra attention part, og having 2 babyies, but that dosent have anything to do with the diapers...

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